PSALM 105 : 2 - 3

Anyone who is joined to Christ is a new being; the old is gone, the new has come.
2 Corinthians 5 : 17


Our Ministers
Lord, thank You for the blessing of abundant grace upon those You have given to lead the church in this community. Their faithfulness and diligence is obvious and such a gift to us. Thank You for their listening heart and for the time spent waiting in Your presence for the Word to bring to us. We pray for Your leading in every aspect of their lives, and thank You for their willingness to help in so many different areas of responsibility. We pray for Your help and guidance for them each day, Lord, so they can fulfil Your will for their lives and bring the Good News to many. God, bless these faithful servants and their families too, we pray!

Lord God, as we gather together as Your people in this place we thank You for Your presence and Your leading. May we as Your children be willing and able to reach out to tell others of Jesus, our Lord and Saviour. As we gather together we find the support and direction that we need to be able to speak to others. Bless us as we gather together to worship and honour You, Lord. We rejoice to know You as our Lord and our God, praising You and worshipping Your Holy Name. Thank You for joining us together as one people under God!

Church Leaders
We pray for every man or woman who has taken a stand as a leader in the church. There are so many different areas of ministry and You appoint someone to take charge, Lord. Thank You for their willingness and readiness to serve where You have sent them. Bless those who help and teach the young people, as well as teenagers. Also for those who lead Bible Study or Home groups, where people can gather together and share of their experiences of Your great love!

South Africa
Lord God, we pray for Your hand of blessing to reach out over South Africa and her people. There are many faithful believers Lord, who serve You to the best of their ability. We pray for the spread of Your Word across our land, drawing people together to live and learn about You. We pray for the many who are living in poverty, that there may be sufficient to share with them. We pray too for those across our land who grow up in difficult circumstances. May there be help when it is needed. God, bless our leaders that they may be honest, and faithful to the Oath of Office that they have promised to follow. We need good, honest leaders, Lord! We pray for Your blessing and leading for us all. Thank You!

The Needy
Lord God, bless and heal these needy people, we pray. There are many who are facing serious illness or difficult circumstances, and we pray for Your grace and mercy for them in their dire situation! May Your healing power be upon those who are in such need, dear Lord!

Monday 24 th July Psalm 139 : 1 - 18
God knows us so well! This Psalm is so comforting to the one who seeks God. He knows us each one, thoroughly and completely. He knows what we are thinking, what we say, and what we do. He knows our emotions and how we react to certain situations. He knows us so well and loves us completely. He will never turn away from us, no matter the circumstances of our lives. He guides our way, and even if we stray from the path He sets before us He does not desert us. He guides us gently back to that path that leads to Eternity. We may know deep human love in a good relationship, but nothing compares to the love that God has for each one of His Creation. Draw close to the Lord of all and let His wonderful love fill you and enable you to acknowledge Him as your Father, your Lord and Holy Spirit. Give thanks to the God of all!

Tuesday 25 th July John 5 : 17
Work! Jesus said, "My Father is always working, and I too must work!" Work is important in God's eyes. He works continually for the good of all people and Jesus does the same. We, too, are expected to work. An idle person is not worthy of honour, but one who works consistently as God directs is praised by the Lord. In this modern age people don't seem to get the balance right between work and rest. They put so much time into working to gain status and wealth, but neglect to care for the things God has prepared for them. Seek God's way for your life. Do the work that has been given but also allow time for rest as well. God will guide the one who seeks direction from Him and will help them to get the balance right. Give God the honour and thanks for a life that has balance!

Wednesday 26 th July Psalm 131
Trust in the Lord! Turn to the Lord in prayer. Seek His face. Ask Him for His Word for your life. Yield all to His loving hands and let His will be paramount for your life. Call upon the Name of the Lord and let Him be fully in control. Be eager to know what He has planned for you. Determine to be faithful to prayer, study and quiet times before the Lord of all. Be humble before Him, give Him honour and allow His Spirit to lead you on the path God has set out for you. This time will be a time of joy as the presence of the Lord will be close and He will lead you to victory. Honour the Lord. Give Him your life in every part to be His forever, He will honour your giving and will increase your reward. Praise the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all His benefits!

Thursday 27 th July Ephesians 6 : 10 - 14
Union with the Lord! In times of strife and difficulty we need to turn even more to the Lord. Seek Him, draw close to Him and claim His strength, His power and His protection. There is much in the world that seeks to draw us away from the side of Jesus and we need to fight with all that is in us to remain faithful in every way. The devil tries all he can to lure us away from the side of Jesus, using enticing tricks that tempt us. But God gives us His armour to protect us, His Truth, His Righteousness, His Peace and the Faith in Him that is strong in our hearts. In union with our Lord we can face the battle and come through victorious. Put your faith and trust in the Lord of all. He will not let you fall, for you are precious in His sight. Call upon the Name of The Lord, your protector and defender. Praise God—Father, Son and Holy Spirit, who watches and cares for us eternally!

Friday 28 th July Psalm 99 : 1 - 9
God is Supreme! Our God is Mighty! He is the God above all gods. He takes care of His people. He guides them on paths of righteousness. He lets them rest besides still waters. When they come before Him confessing their sins and wrong-living He is a just God and forgives them and restores them to Himself. God is a just God. He rules us with gentleness and fairness. He commands us to turn from our wrongdoing and to live a pure and holy life – giving honour to Him as our Lord and Saviour. God gives us so much for our welfare. He directs our footsteps. He forgives our sin and tells us to turn from our wicked ways and come back and serve Him with gratitude and honour. Praise God from whom all blessings flow. He is to be honoured and revered. God Is honourable, loving and forgiving, a blessing to all who love and serve Him. God is supreme – above all others!

Saturday 29 th July Ephesians 3 : 14 - 21
The Love of Christ! When we first met our Lord and accepted His invitation to follow Him, we had only partial knowledge about Him. Yet, day by day, as we study the Word of God, pray and join in Christian groups to worship, we grow to know Him in a much deeper way. We found out for ourselves about His wonderful kind, generous and caring love which is extended to everyone. We looked to Him to show us the way to live that would please God, His Father, and ours. We read how He loved all manner of people and helped many through His healing touch. Daily we grow to be like Him and through the teaching of the Holy Spirit are able to be loyal and faithful in our service for Him. To know His love is to be fulfilled in a way that was never possible previously. Jesus, our loving Lord, lives in our hearts and enables us to honour God by faithful, obedient behaviour.

Sunday 30 th July
Lord God, we honour and praise Your Holy name. We come to You with hearts full of love for You, and desire to rest in Your presence. You are gracious, loving and caring, and we thank You for watching over us with such care. May we rest in Your presence Lord, seeking Your voice and the message of love and hope that You bring. We know that we can trust in Your abiding love, and we rejoice that it is so. Teach us Your will, day by day, and help us to remain fully in Your care, If we stray Lord, seek us out and bring us back into Your presence once more. We worship You, Almighty God, and raise our hearts of love before You in praise and adoration of Who You are. You are God—blessed and Almighty, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. You are Lord of our lives, and we rejoice to be able to worship and honour You. Blessed is Your name, O Lord, Hallelieuia!


Why do you come to the Lord? Do you come to Him for the sweetness? Do you come to Him because it is enjoyable to be in the Lord's presence? Let me recommend a higher way.
As you come to the Lord to pray, bring a full heart of pure love, a love that is not seeking anything for itself. Bring a heart that is seeking nothing from the Lord, but desires only to please Him and to do His will.
Consider the servant. The servant takes good care of his master; but if he does it only to receive some reward, he is not worthy of any consideration whatsoever. So, dear Christian, as you come to your Lord to pray, do not come for spiritual enjoyment. Do not even come to experience your Lord.
Then what? Come just to please Him

Experiencing the depths of Jesus Christ
Jeanne Guyon

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