PSALM 31 : 24

To have faith is to be sure of the things we hope for, to be certain of the things we cannot see.
Hebrews 11 : 1


Our Ministers
Lord God, we give You thanks and praise for the blessings You have placed upon the one who ministers to us in this community. You watch over him, take care of him and guide him each day along the path You desire him to walk. You teach him from Your Word, and lay the truths You want us to know on his eager heart. We pray for him Lord, asking that You reveal Your will and way each day, and help him stay true to the calling You have placed on his life. We thank You, Lord, for the one who ministers to us and prays for us. Bless and guide him and his family each day we pray, in Jesus’ name!

You have gathered us together, Lord, as Your people in this place. We are not apart, but are joined together with people all around the world, as part of the Body of Christ. As we gather to worship You, we pray that You will bless this community and guide us on the path You want us to walk. We join in worshipping You through Word and song, Lord, longing to raise Your Name high. Thank You for the love You have placed in each person’s heart – for one another and for You. Bless us Lord, as we seek to bring that love to others who are not yet believers or part of the Body of Christ.

Church Leaders
Lord we pray for our leaders, asking that Your hand of blessing rest upon each one and the task they have taken on. Guide and help them in the way You desire them to lead, and give them the inspiration for the task ahead. Thank You for those who are ready to teach young people about Jesus and encourage them in their faith walk. We are grateful for everyone who desires to serve You in this community. May Your Hand of blessing be upon them all. Thank You, Lord!

South Africa
We bring our land and people to You dear Lord. You have called us to serve You as best we can, and we thank You for everyone who has stepped forward into a leadership position, where they can help and guide others in the tasks that help South Africa. Bless and help the leaders of our land to serve the country to the best of their ability. We pray against crime and corruption, Lord, and that there may be change in the hearts of those leaders that they may return to honest ways. We pray for Your blessing and leading for us all. Thank You! God, bless South Africa, and all her people!

The Needy
There are many in need this day, dear Lord, and we name our loved ones before You now, pleading for Your helping, healing hand to rest upon each one. May Your loving presence bring them comfort in their time of need, thank You for Your love and healing touch.

Monday 31 st July Jeremiah 29 : 7
Pray for your city! God told the Israelites who were exiled in Babylon to work for the good of the cities where they were. What the king had meant for evil, God worked for good. The Israelites were established and multiplied. They did as God commanded. We too must follow the instructions of the Lord, “Work for the good of the cities where I have made you go as prisoners. Pray to Me on their behalf because if they are prosperous, you will be prosperous too!” Pray for the town/city that you live in. Pray for the well-being of the leaders, for those in business, for those who provide services, for the shop-keeper and those who repair the roads. Pray for the citizens of the town, that they might know and acknowledge the blessing of our God. Give thanks to God for everything that He takes care of!!!

Tuesday 1 st August John 4 : 11 - 15
Eternal life-giving water! We know how desperate our land has been in the past few years of drought. Our smaller dams have dried up and even the large dams that supply towns and industries have been under severe strain. We cannot live without water. We thank God for the life giving rains that come to fill our dams and give life to our dry and parched land. We too need life-giving water and we need only to go to our Lord Jesus Christ to receive that water. Accepting Jesus as our Lord and Saviour and determining to live each day as His own enables us to receive Him as an eternal spring of life and love in our hearts. Accepting Him as Lord of our lives changes us eternally. We want for nothing, for His provision of all that we need is more than sufficient. Praise the Lord of All, who gives us life-giving water through His Holy Spirit. Praise our loving, living, Lord!

Wednesday 2 nd August Revelation 3 : 20
Will you open the door? Jesus says, “Listen! I stand at the door and knock; if anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with them and they will eat with Me.” We have this invitation to open the door of our hearts and invite Jesus to come in! Will you do so? Our Lord is loving, kind and caring and desires a new life for all who come and accept His offer. The door is to new life – a life of love – a life of change – a life learning from the Holy Spirit what God wants us to know. A life to be lived in a close relationship with the Son of God. As we accept Jesus’ invitation we find new meaning for our lives. All anxieties gone! All troubles taken from our shoulders by Him! We face a glorious new tomorrow in His care. Give thanks for the knock at the door, that if answered will change us forever! Thank You, Lord!

Thursday 3 rd August John 17 : 4
Jesus’ work for God! This verse is so poignant. Jesus is offering up His life to His Father at the end of a tumultuous life. He had done what God required and was now ready for the final sacrifice. Jesus had begun His ministry a bare three years before. He had gone far and wide across Israel, telling people about the love of God and how He desired a closer relationship with His Creation. Jesus helped people; healed people; loved people and taught them about His Loving Father and the promise of Eternal Life. Jesus gave Himself fully to do the work that God required of Him and now in this last time of prayer He comes before His Father and says, “I have finished the work You gave Me to do!” God’s heart must have been so proud! His Son had faithfully completed the task given and the final work would soon be done. Praise and thanks to Jesus, Son of God Almighty, that He worked faithfully to complete His life’s work!

Friday 4 th August 1 Thessalonians 1 : 2 - 10
Faithful Servants! Paul was encouraged by the activity of the people of Thessalonica. They put their faith into practise; their love made them work hard and the hope they had in Jesus was firm. They became an example to all believers, and the evidence of their faith reached far and wide. They served God whole-heartedly and were true and loving believers. We are encouraged today through the faithful example of the Christians in Thessalonica. Can we stand strong and true in our faith and love and work for Jesus, our Lord? The times are different but the word God gives us is the same. Spread the love of Jesus far and wide and bring non-believers safely through to become followers of our Lord. We are called to love all manner of men with the love of the Lord. Let us go out boldly, speaking in Jesus’ Name

Saturday 5 the August Matthew 14 : 29
Jesus says, “Come!” Whether Jesus was speaking to Peter, or to us today, He tells us to ‘Come!’ Come close to Him to learn what He would have us know. Come close to hear His message of God’s love for mankind. Come with Him on the journey of life, trusting in His loving care. Come to Him in the challenges of life – the trials and hardships that have to be faced. Jesus tells us to come to Him in every aspect of our living. Share our joys, our sorrows, our work and our leisure. Include Him in everything you do. When Jesus calls ‘come’, be ready to step out to go to Him and walk where He walks. Life is an adventure and with Jesus by our side we can enjoy every moment. Jesus wants us all to respond to His call and come and follow wherever He goes. Trust yourself into His loving care!

Sunday 6 th August
All blessings, praise and honour be unto our Lord and our God. Holy is He and worthy of our praise. We lift Your Name High, O Lord, for all to bring You adoration and honour. Thank You for caring for us so wonderfully. Thank You for filling our hearts with love for You and for one another. May we grow more like Jesus in every way. We seek You Lord, desiring Your company and help and guidance for our lives. We want to please You Lord and grow in faithfulness. May we be eager to do Your bidding. Guide us by Your Holy Spirit, Lord, and teach us day by day to draw close and spend time in Your presence. We worship and honour You blessed God—Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and long to sing songs of praise to You. You fill us with longing Lord, for Your Word and Your will to be given to us. May our lives be dedicated to You in every part. Blessed is the Name of our Lord. Holy is He and worthy of all praise Hallelieuia to our Lord!


When you have come to the Lord this way, you will find that your spirit is at peace no matter what your condition. When you have learned to come to the Lord with this attitude, you will not be upset if the Lord withdraws Himself from you. The times of spiritual dryness will be the same as the times of spiritual abundance. You will treat them both the same. Why? Because you will have learned to love God just because you love Him, not because of His gifts, nor even for His precious presence.

Experiencing the depths of Jesus Christ
Jeanne Guyon

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