PSALM 106 : 1 - 2

You know about Jesus of Nazareth and how God poured out on Him the Holy Spirit and power. He went everywhere, doing good and healing all who were under the power of the devil, for God was with Him. Acts 10 : 38
Our Ministers
Thank You, Lord, for the message of love and hope that was brought to us by Your minister. You have placed him here to lead us on the journey of discovery and learning, and have blessed him with wisdom and knowledge. Thank You for the hours of study and learning that he undertakes and the preparation of the message to bring to us week by week. Thank You for the many hours of service, caring for others and counselling those in need. You have chosen him and his family to serve us here, and we are grateful Lord. Thank You!

You have given us a place where we can gather together in Your Name, to sing songs of praise and worship, and to hear Your Word to us. You have established us Lord, to be able to build one another up, and go out in Your Name to bring the message of Jesus Christ to many others. Lord, You bless us and keep us safe in Your care as children of the Most High God. Thank You for loving us and enabling us to share the Good News with many.

Church Leaders
You appoint men and women as leaders Lord. We thank You for each one, who serves You so faithfully and diligently, desiring that others grow in knowledge of Your loving kindness. Thank You for the responsibility that they take on, and the enthusiasm they show for work for You. Guide and guard them each day Lord, as they serve You with joy!

South Africa
We bring our land South Africa to you, Lord, asking for Your help and guidance for our leaders and those in government. We see the difficulties that are being faced in our land, and cry out for Your hand of guidance and blessing to be upon those in authority. Lord, make their hearts pure, we pray, and that crime and corruption be eliminated. We need a pure and upright leadership Lord God, and may there be those who follow You closely and obey Your will and way of honest and righteous behaviour! We pray for rain for those areas of our land that are facing drought conditions Lord, especially for the farmers and animals. God bless South Africa, we pray!

The Needy
Blessed Lord, we pray for the people who are facing illness and need at this time. May Your loving presence surround them and encourage them as they face difficulty. Bless and heal Lord, we pray and show them how You love them through Your presence and help, we pray!

Monday 14 th August Jeremiah 30 : 21 - 22
Invited! How privileged we are to be invited to come into the Lord's presence. Who would dare to go if there was no invitation? God is gracious, loving and kind, and wants to bless His people. He has been calling for so long. Do you not hear Him, my people? Do you respond to His invitation? He calls us to come – to be His people, and He will be our God. How blessed to be called children of the most high God, who is the Creator of all things. Come to Him. Seek Him to worship and honour Him. Obey His commands for they are for our good welfare. Listen for His words – words that command – words that heal – words that inspire. God loves us with an unending love. He never stops calling. Won't you respond today and come and meet with your Lord. The invitation has been given! Accept the invitation from our God

Tuesday 15 th August Ephesians 2 : 1 - 10
God's Grace! We are truly blessed to be accepted by God as His own dear children. Before we came to know Jesus as our Lord and Saviour we were like the wind – blowing hot or cold, going this way, or that. But once we have met Jesus and accepted Him as our Lord we are changed forever. God in His grace and mercy accepted us as His sons and daughters, saved for all Eternity by the love of His Son, Jesus. God's love is a life changing force that takes us from a state of sin to a state of holiness through His grace and favour. No longer do we stand in condemnation because of our sinful condition. Jesus has changed our very nature by His Holy Spirit to be faithful, diligent, loyal and loving. Praise God for His grace and mercy so freely given to save us from a life separated from Him. Today, we rest in the love of God as His son and daughters, changed by His Grace!

Wednesday 16 th August Psalm 95 : 1 - 7
Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord, O my soul! Come before Him with thanksgiving and sing for joy unto Him. He calls us to Himself, saying "Come, come close to worship and praise." Make a joyful noise unto the Lord. Come with harps and lyres, trumpets and drums and make music in honour of our God. He is Almighty, God above all gods. He sets the stars in place. He makes the sun to shine and the rain to fall to wet the earth. He is the ruler over all the earth; the sea and the sky. He is the Lord of the day and of the night. He guards His own and directs their ways. There is none like our God – gracious, merciful, loving and caring for all of His Creation. Praise His Holy Name. Blessed is the name of our God. We worship Him, honour Him and praise Him with our lives. We lift our voices up in adoration of God Almighty, Maker of Heaven and Earth, and all the Universe!

Thursday 17 th August Isaiah 44 : 1 - 8
Our loving God! God, our God, is the One and Only God, ruler of the heavens and the earth; Creator of all things; Father of mankind; Saviour of the world and Holy Spirit, Teacher, Protector and Instructor of all people. We look to our God with honour and awe, for there is none other as awesome as He, high and holy and worthy of worship. He blesses the earth that He made and every human and creature upon it. He brings rain in season, the warmth of summer and the cold of winter. He sends the rain to bless the land and grow the crops. He watches over His people and protects them at all times, He pours out His Spirit upon all people, men, women and children that they might know Him and His love for all of His Creation. He knows us each one by name. He counts the hairs on our heads and calls us to acknowledge Him as our Lord and our God. We belong to God. We are favoured and blessed by the God of all beings. Praise His Holy Name, we exalt Him for He is holy, indeed!

Friday 18 th August Matthew 9 : 35 - 38
Jesus has pity for us! Jesus sees into the hearts of people and understands the stress that they face, the worry they experience and the helplessness of their lives. He longs for them to know the love of God and for them to become involved in caring for one another and working for God in gathering in the harvest of souls. Jesus wants us all to grow in our relationship with God, our Father, and become a responsible worker for Him. He went about teaching of the Kingdom of Heaven and how we all must strive to reach the place that has been prepared for us. Serve the Lord with gladness. Work hard in the harvest fields. There are many souls to be won for Christ. Be dedicated in every way to our Lord, and work steadily at the task He has given you. Give thanks to God that He is ever ready to welcome us into His family as His children.

Saturday 19 th August Isaiah 54 : 11 - 13
God – our Teacher! We are blessed with extra-ordinary people who teach and instruct us throughout life. From the beginning of our school years, right through to the completion of our studies we have been fortunate to have gifted people to teach us. God Himself teach us. He instructs us through His Word and reveals the truth through its pages. God speaks to our hearts as we come to Him in prayer and tells us what He requires of us. God is instrumental in teaching us in every part of our lives. He calls us to live as His own and enables us to change to become like Jesus His Son. He says, "I Myself will teach your people!" Give thanks to God for His willingness to teach us day by day!

Sunday 20 th August
We come to praise You, O Lord our God, for You alone are worthy of the highest praise. We worship You, we honour You, and want to tell You just what You mean to our seeking hearts. You are loving and kind in all of Your ways, O Lord, and we raise Your name high so that the world can come in awe and worship before You. Blessed is Your Name, O holy Lord of all. We love You Lord God, and come on bended knee to praise and adore Your Holiness. Your loving kindness fills our hearts to overflowing, and we give You thanks and praise for all that You do for us each day. You guide us on safe paths Lord, and draw us close into Your loving presence. Praise God from whom all blessings flow. Praise Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We worship, praise and honour You, now and always. We love You Lord! Hallelieuia!


The Lord Jesus is looking about everywhere for that Christian who will remain faithful and loving even when He has withdrawn Himself. If the Lord finds such a faithful soul, when He does return, He rewards the faithfulness of His child. He pours out upon that faithful one abundant goodness and tender caresses of love.
Here is something you must understand.
You will have times of spiritual dryness. It is part of the Lord's way.
But the fact you will have spiritual dry spells is not the issue. The important question is what you will do in a time of spiritual dryness? At this point you must learn something about your natural tendencies. It will be natural thing for you, during a dry season, to try to prove your love to the Lord. You will find that you will try to prove to the Lord your faithfulness toward Him; you will do this by exerting your strength. Unconsciously you will be hoping by such self-effort to persuade Him to return more quickly.

Experiencing the depths of Jesus Christ
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