ISAIAH 51 : 15 - 16

God is able to give you more than you need, so that you will always have all you need for yourselves and more than enough for every good cause.
2 Corinthians 9 : 8


Our Ministers
Lord, You have been gracious is giving us one who loves You and serves You faithful day by day. You have called him to serve You in this place, and to teach and instruct the people about You and Your love. Bless him, Lord, and guide him according to Your will and way. Teach and instruct him in what You require him to pass on to the members of this community. Thank You for the lessons he brings to us week by week that helps us all to grow in knowledge of You. Thank You Lord God, for the love You have placed in the hearts of our minister and his family and for all the help they give so readily to the people of this congregation.

Lord, You have established Your church here, and we thank You for everyone who comes so faithfully to listen to the lessons, and to serve You where You have called them to. Bless us all Lord, and the activities that take place. Build Your family Lord and draw many more into the congregation. May we all be active in serving in this place, and encouraging others to join in the worship celebrations as we meet together in Your Name. We are Your own, Lord, called to be members of the Body of Christ wherever You have placed us.

Church Leaders
Thank You for everyone who desires to serve You in Your church, Lord. You have called many and gifted them so that the various ministries can be served. May the leaders be blessed by You, Lord, as they respond to the call to teach others about You, not only in Bible Study, but in the various other activities. May all who lead be blessed in what they do. They are responsible and diligent in their service. Thank You for each leader, Lord God!

South Africa
God, bless South Africa, and all her people, we pray. There are many areas that are facing drought conditions, and we pray for rain to fall and replenish the ground so that crops may grow and flourish. We pray for our leaders, Lord, those in positions of power in Government, and that they may follow Your will and way for their lives and for the running of the country. May Your guidance bring them to serve You with honesty and justice, doing the best for the people of our land. There are many Lord, who have so little, and are dependent upon others to feed and house them. God, bless us, we pray, and may we serve You faithfully!

The Needy
Lord, there are many that we know who are facing difficult conditions or illness. May Your loving touch be upon them and heal them, we pray. We trust in Your abiding love, mercy and grace to those in need this day. Thank You, Lord!

Monday 21 st August 1 John 4 : 7 - 21
Our Loving God! The Bible holds the truth of the story of God's love for the people He created. The message runs throughout both Old and New Testaments and is a witness to God's involvement in the lives of His creation. The greatest story ever told is about God and His involvement in the history of mankind. He revealed Himself to many, building a loving relationship with them and is still doing so today. His love for His creation means that He will never turn aside when we are in trouble, but He will do all He can to help us get through to a place of peace and trust once more. God loves every single person. He prays for us all by name and His plans are for our good. Let us embrace that love and love Him in return and love our fellowmen as He does. We are called by our loving God to care in all our living, thus honouring our Creator God. Praise His Holy Name!

Tuesday 22 nd August Habakkuk 3 : 19
Strength and safety! I am sure that if we knew just how many times the Lord has stepped in and saved us from disaster we would be amazed and awed. God watches over us every minute of our lives and protects us in ways we cannot imagine. We thank and praise Him for His wonderful loving care throughout our lives. He gives us strength when we feel weak and unable to cope with the difficulties that face us. He keeps us safe each day, watching out for us with as much attention as a mother cares for her new-born baby. Although we have obstacles to overcome on the path of life He will keep us safe, no matter how high and hard the mountain is to climb. We look to God Almighty for protection throughout our lives and know and trust in His abiding love. Thank You Lord, my God, for keeping us safe on the mountains and making us sure-footed on the difficult pathways. May Your Name be praised forever more!

Wednesday 23 rd August Psalm 139 : 14
Praise the Lord! This verse says, "I praise You because You are to be feared (revered); all You do is strange and wonderful. I know it with all my heart." We want to praise this God who is to be revered. We know it with every iota of our being, that all He does is strange and wonderful. Praise God from whom all blessings flow! Praise God the Creator of all things, who keeps all in its appointed place, who calls to people everywhere to come before Him in worship and love. God wants to pour out blessings each day. He cherishes all that He created, for He is a God of love who made plans for each one of our lives. Give thanks to God—Father, Son and Holy Spirit. He is in all, above all, cares for all and guides all. Praise His Holy name! He is Mighty, indeed!

Thursday 24 th August 1 John 2 : 1 - 6
Obedience! God has many commands and He expects us to obey them. Through our obedience we get to know Him. He is Almighty, Ruler of all the world and His plans and purposes keep all in its proper place and order. He has plans for our lives too and as we read and study His Word He reveals His truth to our seeking hearts. If God says, "Do this, or, Don't do that" and we ignore what He requires then we don't know Him as Lord of all! If we do know Him as our God and desire to worship and serve Him then we will desire to do what He requires. He tells us these things to guide us to live sinless lives, for sin is unacceptable to our God. If we live our lives in truth and love we live in obedience to our Creator. Then in our relationship with Him we can be assured that we will be with Him at the end of our earthly life.

Friday 25 th August John 17 : 5
The Glory of the Lord! We sing songs of praise to Jesus, our Lord. We worship Him; we raise Him high in adoration and love, but all of that is negligible before the Glory that He receives in Heaven. We can only imagine what the Glory in honour of Jesus, Son of God Almighty, was like! Crowds of angels and heavenly beings sing praise to our Lord. Shouts of acclamation fill the halls of heaven to bring praise to Jesus, Lord of heaven and earth. Now, after Jesus has come to earth and completed His work He longs for His heavenly home once more and the glory that waits for Him. He had one more task to complete. He had to go to the Cross and give up His life for all people – then He would be glorified once more as He took His rightful place in Heaven at the side of God, His Father. To God be the Glory, with Jesus and the Holy Spirit!

Saturday 26 th August Jeremiah 5 : 4 - 5
What God requires! Many people today are foolish and ignorant and don't know God or what He requires. This passage also speaks that those in power have rejected the Lord's authority and refuse to obey Him. We see in effect throughout the world that people in power do whatever they like to enrich their own lives and pay no heed to the Word of the Lord. They do not obey His requirements; in fact they don't try to understand or obey what God requires. Surely there are people who honour God; who could obey Him and do a good job of running the country? Let us pray for Godly people to be placed in positions of power where they can do good for our land. Those who are faithful to God will obey Him and follow His instructions, for the betterment of others. Let us seek the Lord and His will and way for our land!

Sunday 27 th August
All glory, praise and honour be unto our God. You are Lord of all, Majesty, and worthy of our praise and adoration. You guide our ways, O Lord, onto right paths, and help us to do Your will. Teach us to live faithful lives, Lord, listening to Your leadership in every way. We thank You for Your bounteous gifts and the blessings that You pour out upon our lives. We are Your own, Lord, and desire to grow in wisdom and knowledge of Your will. May we be faithful to You in thought, word and deed, taking the lessons we learn deep into our lives and doing our best in every way. Thank You for the blessing of the Holy Spirit, who fills us with awareness of Your closeness dear Jesus, and encourages us in our faith walk. Father God, Blessed Jesus and Holy Spirit, we worship and honour You and desire to do whatever You require. Teach us Your ways, O Lord. Blessed be Your Name. Hallelieuia!


You must await the return of your Beloved with patient love. Join with that love self-denial and humiliation! Even though the Lord has hidden Himself remain constantly before Him. There before Him, pour out your love upon Him passionately and yet, I would add, always peacefully.
Spend time with Him in worship and in respectful silence.

By waiting upon the Lord in this way, you will demonstrate to Him that it is He alone whom you are seeking. You see, you will be demonstrating that it is not the selfish enjoyment which you receive from being in His presence that causes you to love Him. You will be showing that it is no the pleasure which you experience, but your love that motivates you.

Experiencing the depths of Jesus Christ
Jeanne Guyon

e-mail – anngood@iafrica.com


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