PSALM 111 : 10

God is to be trusted, the God who called you to have fellowship with His Son Jesus Christ, our Lord.

1 Corinthians 1 : 9


Our Ministers
We thank You Lord for all the hard working men and women who have answered Your call to serve You throughout their lives. You have called them to lead this church, and to teach and instruct its members in Your will and way. They bring love into all that they do, and rely on Your help and guidance each day. Bless them as they prepare the message from Your Word to bring to the members of this congregation, and inspire them with Your Holy Spirit as they speak that message. Be near Lord as they work so diligently with all the responsibilities that comes with leading in the Church of Jesus Christ. Bless all who serve in this way, dear Lord!

Lord God, bless our church and community in this place. You have encouraged us to join in many of the ministries that are available, and through the work that is done many others are reached for Christ. Bless us Lord, as we seek to bring the Good News to people, encouraging them to join in the fellowship and worship with us. Guide us Lord, to be a shining light for You in the world that will beckon others to come close to learn about Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour!

Church Leaders
Thank You Lord, for the people who have volunteered their services in so many ways in the Church. They take on the duties that have been given with enthusiasm and love, desiring to bring wisdom and knowledge to others through their service. Bless those involved with the young people, plus Bible Study, Prayer, Women's meetings, and Men's gatherings. There are many area of ministry, Lord, and we give praise for each person who has stepped forward to lead and serve God in this way.

South Africa
Lord, bless our land and people, we pray. May we come to You and be counted as faithful servants of the Most High. May we each be true to the calling You have placed on us, being willing to serve others for the better good. We pray for the leaders of our land, wherever they may serve, but pray that they may serve with honesty and justice, according to Your will and way. Bless our people Lord, all across South Africa, especially in the drought stricken areas. Send down Your rain upon the parched earth Lord, that crops may be planted and come to full growth. God, bless us, we pray, in Jesus' Name!

The Needy
Lord, we bring many of our loved ones to You now, pleading for Your hand of help and healing to rest upon them in the difficult time they are facing. There is such illness Lord, such as cancer and dangerous diseases. In Your mercy come and comfort these folk and restore their health, we pray!

Monday 18 th September Colossians 3 : 5 - 17
How God wants us to live! The ways of the world and not the ways that a Christian should be following. Jesus has set us the example to follow. He wants us to be faithful to God and to grow to be like Him in thought, word and deed. Paul spells it out so well in v12. "You must clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience." To a worldly person these traits don't come easily, but the one who follows Jesus Christ is found imitating His nature and by the power of the Holy Spirit a new nature is formed. Christ's love lives in your heart and His peace guides you in the decisions you make. Truly you are a changed person and are now living and becoming the person God envisioned when He created you. Give thanks to God Almighty for the opportunity to change and become like Jesus, His Son, giving praise and honour to Him through the life you now live as His own!

Tuesday 19 th September Philippians 4 : 13
Christ is my strength! Through the life, death, resurrection and ascension of Christ, we are able to be presence with the Lord all the time. Time and space have no hold on Him. He can be with us this moment, but also with others at the same time. What a blessing to know that we can call upon the Name of the Lord and He hears and answers us and comes to our aid. We battle on our own and need the strength and power that Jesus gives. Without Him we cannot succeed. Lean on the Lord! Let his power be our strength. Day by day we need His help and guidance and He willingly gives it to us. Give thanks for the grace, mercy, help and strength of our Lord, Jesu Christ. He is our help in time of trouble and I gladly pronounce, "I have the strength to face all conditions, by the power that Christ gives me."!!

Wednesday 20 th September Matthew 10 : 20 - 23
Hold on to the end! Throughout the world we see the terrible persecution of Christian believers by non-believers. They face difficulties that we cannot imagine, yet Christ foretold this. He tells us, "Hold out to the end."! Hold fast to your faith and trust in our Lord, Jesus Christ. If you should be persecuted and die still believing in our Lord, then you are assured of a place in heaven with Him. Till then keep on keeping on! Be faithful and true to the Lord and carry on with the task He has given you. Great will be your reward for faithfulness and perseverance. Though family members or friends mock and persecute you do not give up your faith and trust in Jesus Christ. God did not call us to a life of ease, but to one where we stand fast and pronounce the Name of the Lord with honour and glory. Praise to our Lord, the Almighty, the King of Creation, and His Son, Jesus Christ!

Thursday 21 st September Hebrews 11 : 6
Have faith that God exists! We have to have faith that God exists. If we doubt at all we will never receive the rewards that he promises to His believers. When you first heard of Jesus as God's Son, you were stirred to believe. As you continued to seek our Lord, to read God's Word, the Bible, the truth of Jesus became more apparent. God became real to your seeking heart and faith and trust began to grow. Daily you sought the Lord and He graciously revealed Himself to you. Faith grew and the knowledge that God exists as a Triune God rested in your heart. God—Father, Son and Holy Spirit spoke to your heart and mind and you responded. The relationship of becoming sons and daughters of the Almighty God grew day by day. Worship rose in your heart and you honoured God through praise, adoration and reverence. Praise God who is, who was, and who is to come. His Name is Holy! He is God Almighty!

Friday 22 nd September Romans 8 : 12 - 17
Live as God requires! Our human nature leads us on a path that is opposite to what God requires. We go down a road that leads to separation from God when we follow our own impulses. Yet, the love of God, which is ours through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour, intervenes in our lives and leads us on a different path. The Road of Holiness is the path that He wants us to take. As we obey Him and walk where He leads He will be our constant companion. His Spirit lifts our spirits out of selfishness and self-centredness. His Spirit joins with ours to worship God as our Father Jesus as our beloved Lord and saviour. If we live as God's children we will keep the blessings He pours out on His own, and we will possess what Christ has received from God. We share in Christ's life and suffering and we will also share His Glory.

Saturday 23 rd September Galatians 5 : 22 - 23
What fruit do you have? God has been gracious in giving us Fruits of the Spirit as we grow in our relationship with Jesus Christ. We may not have full measure of all of the fruits that are listed, but surely have a measure of each one. As we look at each of these can you recognize the ones where there is a need for a greater infilling of that fruit? Each Christian is birthed in love. Out of love comes joy. God fills us with His peace, so that we can face all situations with patience and calmness. Are you always kind and good? Faith and faithfulness are cherished by our Lord. He was humble and walked in humility – can we do the same? Self-control is possibly the most difficult to have as fully as Jesus had. Search your hearts and seek a full measure of these fruits, so that you can walk a life that pleases God in every way!

Sunday 24 th September
All praise and honour be unto our God! We come Lord, to praise You and tell you that we love and honour You. You mean so much to our seeking hearts, and as You reach out and touch us we rejoice over Your closeness and Your love. Day by day we seek You, desiring to grow closer to You and to know You in a deeper, more profound way. You are mysterious Lord, and often misunderstood. Help to know Your will and way for each of our lives, and be ready to serve where You have called us. May the work of our hands be to You a delight, Lord, for it done for love of You. Bless us Lord, day by day, and protect us from evil and sin. We are Your own, Blessed God—Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and we worship and adore You in all our living. Blessed is the Name of out God. Holy is He, and worthy of all our praise. Hallelieuia!


Prayer is the human response to the perpetual outpouring of love by which God lays siege to every soul. When our reply to God is most direct of all, it is called adoration. Adoration is the spontaneous yearning of the heart to worship, honor, magnify and bless God.
In one sense adoration is not a special form of prayer, for all true prayer is saturated with it. It is the air in which prayer breathers, the sea in which prayer swims. In another sense though, it is distinct from other kinds of prayer, for in adoration we enter the rarefied air of selfless devotion. We ask for nothing but to cherish Him. We seek nothing but His exaltation. We focus on nothing but His goodness. "In the prayer of adoration we love God for Himself, for His very being, for His radiant joy."

Prayer – Finding the heart's true home
Richard Foster


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