PSALM 115 : 11

The sovereign Lord gives me strength. He makes me sure-footed as a deer, and keeps me safe on the mountains.
Habakkuk 3 : 19


Our Ministers
Lord, You have appointed men and women to serve You as ministers of the Word and Sacrament. Thank You for their faithfulness, and their loving hearts, so ready to help wherever they can. They work long hours Lord, to help those in need, as well as spending time in Your presence, seeking Your will for their own lives as well as for the church You have appointed them to serve. Bless each one, and their families Lord, as they seek Your way forward each day. Bless them as they serve as You have called them to. Thank You, Lord, for their faithfulness and diligence!

Thank You for Your church, Lord, and the fellowship and friendship amongst the people. Thank You for the place where we can gather, and for the message that is brought to us, week by week. You have established Your church Lord, and we thank You for everyone who comes, seeking to learn and grow in knowledge of Your Word and in relationship with other folk. Bless this community Lord, and help us as we witness each day of Your loving kindness and grace to all people. May the doors of Your church always be open to welcome whoever comes. May we meet with You, Lord, through the friendship of those who love and follow You!

Church Leaders
Lord, we pray for each one You have appointed as a leader in Your church. You have called them, appointed them and equipped them with the qualities that are needed in their service for You. May they serve You with faithful hearts, desiring to share love of You with many, encouraging others to grow in knowledge of Who You are and What You require of those who follow and love You. Bless those who lead in any way. You have called them into leadership Lord, may Your hand of love guide them each day, we pray!

South Africa
Bless our land, South Africa, and her people, we pray. May Your blessings rest upon us all, and help us to serve You with faithfulness and diligence in the tasks You have appointed us to do. We pray for the farmers all across our land, that they may grow crops to feed us. Bless the men and women in business, Lord that they may work to supply what is needed for us and the poor and needy. May the people of our country be faithful to Your will and way for South Africa. May we serve You well, Lord.

The Needy
We bring those in need to You this day, Lord, may Your hand of help and healing rest upon those we name, and that they may be restored to full health. You know each one, Lord, and we pray for their well-being. Thank You for Your loving care!

Monday 9 th October Philippians 1 : 20
What is your desire? Paul's great desire was that he would remain faithful to Jesus in all his living! He especially says, "My hope is that I shall never fail in my duty – that I shall bring honour to Christ!" He was totally dedicated to our Lord and was determined to stay faithful, no matter what circumstances he had to face. This is surely a noble calling, one that all who love Jesus Christ would desire to emulate. If God has called you to a special task for Him, then a prayer that you should bring is, "My deep desire and hope is that I shall never fail in my duty – that to which the Lord has called me!" There is no greater honour that our Lord can bestow on us than to call us to be faithful in the special task He has given us to do. Thank the Lord for the task and gift He has entrusted to our care!

Tuesday 10 th October Galatians 5 : 16 - 18
Be guided by the Spirit! Our human nature is quite wayward. We follow our natural inclinations which are in opposition to what God's will for us is. Before we met Jesus we followed the ways of the world, allowing our nature to lead us into all manner of things. But when we accepted Jesus as our Lord and Saviour our nature began to change. Day by day we grew to conform to what God required and His Spirit began to change us till we are perfectly in tune with out Lord's will. The Holy Spirit guides us in our thinking and our doing and if we heed His leading we will be walking the path of holiness that leads to the place of meeting. God—Father, Son and Holy Spirit is waiting there for us, to gather us to Himself. Let the Spirit guide you so that whatever God requires is followed. His love changes our nature to be like Jesus our Lord. Praise and thanks to God Almighty!

Wednesday 11 th October Galatians 4 : 6 - 7
Sons and daughters of God! God had a wonderful plan for our life even before we had been born. The days of our life have all been laid out and God has planned great things for us. The greatest gift to us is the meeting with Jesus Christ, God's Son, for by our relationship with Him we are brought into the family of God and called His sons and daughters. God is our Father! He is 'Abba' – blessed Father! God is so good. He is perfect in very way and His plans for our lives are perfect. He provides for our every need and loves, cherishes and cares for us in all circumstances of life. He wants the best for us and as we have faith and trust in His plans we find delight in our daily living. God—our Father, Jesus, our Lord, and Holy Spirit, our help and guide, are with us all the time, helping us to grow and fulfil the potential God has placed in us. Give thanks to our beloved Father – God Almighty!

Thursday 12 th October Galatians 1 : 1 - 5
Christ sets us free! We are all captive to the whims and ways of the leading people in our Government and our land. There are many rules and regulations in place and ordinary citizens are expected to obey them. But in the meantime the way these people behave is not good for our country and our lives. Paul spoke in Galatians of 'this evil age' and things seem no different today. Yet, we have a Saviour, One who gave Himself for us, so that we can come before God, our Father, pure and holy, and be accepted by Him. Our sins have been wiped away, through the faithfulness of the Lord and Saviour of mankind. As we accept Jesus as our Lord and believe in Him, so we are saved and joined in union with God, our Father and our Lord, Jesus. We are free! Christ has rescued us from the sins of the world, so that we can enjoy Eternity with Him. Rejoice in the saving grace and mercy of Jesus Christ!

Friday 13 th October Psalm 63 : 1 - 8
Longing for God! There are times in our lives when longing for God's presence overwhelms us and we come before Him with tears of unfulfilled longing. "God, my God, where are You?" we cry. "Let me see You in Your hiding place! Let me see You on Your Throne! You are God Almighty, Lord of all beings, my Lord and my God! Reveal Yourself to my seeking heart, I pray!" Then in the stillness before Him, with a seeking heart, God Himself touches our spirit, "I am near, beloved! I heard you cry and have come to comfort and bless you!" O God, my God, praise Your Holy Name. Your presence brings comfort to my aching soul. You come with love and it surrounds and enfolds me. I seek You often Lord, and You have come. Blessed is the Name of my Lord and my God. I thank You for Your presence and Your love!

Saturday 14 th October John 21 : 15 - 17
Do you love Me? Just as Jesus asked Peter this question, He asks us, "Do you love Me, more than ----? More than family; work; money; your home; holidays or sport? Do you make time for Me instead of watching TV, or chatting to friends? Do you set aside time to sit before Me, listening for My Word to you, or are you too busy to do so? Do you spend time actively using the gift I have given you, or do you neglect that in favour of some other pursuit? There are so many things that keep you busy, yet even so, I am eagerly waiting for you to come to Me in prayer, desiring to spend time in My presence. Come, child, set aside your busy life and spend time with the One who loves you best of all! Do you love Me enough to seek me?? "Jesus is calling!! Now is the time to respond, "Here I am Lord, I am seeking Your presence!"

Sunday 15 the October
We place our trust in You, O Lord, we are frail and feeble, and rely on You in all things. Show us Your will and way Lord, and help us to live as You desire. We love You Lord, and want to bring You our hearts of praise. We worship and honour You, and come with humble hearts to worship in Your presence. Blessed is Your Name, O Lord, our God. We lift our voices in worship of Who You are, and offer our lives before You. You call us to come near, and we approach Your Throne with awe and wonder. You are worthy of all our worship and praise. Blessed is Your name, O Lord, Most High. We love You and want to be in Your presence. You call us Lord, out of our busyness, to be still in Your presence. We rest there Lord, basking in the wonder of Your love, and we rise refreshed and ready to go out once more to live as Your own, bringing love into every encounter with others. Blessed is Your Name, O God! Holy are You and worthy of all our praise. Hallelieuia to our Lord and our God, now and forever more!

Stepping Stones

The Prayer of Adoration must be learned. It does not come automatically. Notice our own children! They do not need to be trained to ask for things. To get empirical verification for this, all we need is one trip with our children to a shopping mall or a supermarket. But to express thanks? That is a wholly different matter. What endless effort it takes to help our children cultivate a habit of gratitude,
The same thing is true for us. Thanksgiving, praise, adoration – these are seldom the first words in our minds . . . or on our lips. We need all the help we can get in order to move into deeper, fuller adoring.
Try to live one entire day in utter thanksgiving. Balance every complaint with ten gratitude's, every criticism with ten compliments. When we practice gratitude a time will come when we find ourselves saying not, "Please" but "Thank you."

Prayer – Finding the heart's true home
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