If you wander off the road to the right or to the left, you will hear His voice behind you saying, "Here is the road. Follow it." Isaiah 30 : 21


Our Ministers
Thank You, Lord, for the faithful men and women whom You have chosen to be leaders amongst us. Thank You for the many hours of study they have done, and the time spent in preparing a worthwhile message to bring to Your people. Thank You for their loving concern for those You have set under their care. Bless those who minister to this community and the time they spend in supporting and helping the people here. You have placed loving, caring hearts in the lives of these men and women, Lord, and we thank You for their faithfulness in serving You to the best of their ability. Bless those who minister amongst us, Lord!

Bless Your church, Lord, and all who worship here. You have called us together as one body in Your loving care, and we thank You for every single person who joins us in worship and fellowship. You have established us Lord, to be supportive and helpful in this place, and as we go out and about we pray that we may share Christ's love with all we meet. Bless us, Lord, as the Body of Christ here, as we seek to live as You require, seeking to tell others of Your great love for all people. May we share Jesus with all we meet, Lord, we pray. Guide us each day as Your own, Lord. Thank You for Your help and love!

Church Leaders
We pray for each leader, Lord that they may seek Your face and Your will for their lives, and the area that they lead. May they work diligently as that task, and encourage others in their faith journey. There are many areas and missions in the church structure, and we thank You for each person who has stepped forward in answer to Your call on their lives. Bless what they do Lord, and may those they lead grow in their relationship with You through their encouragement and support. Bless all who lead Lord and may they know Your loving hand and guidance in their own lives, we pray!

South Africa
We thank You for the rain that has fallen all over our land, Lord. We pray for the famers, that the crops planted may grow to fruition and so feed many in our land. We pray too Lord, for men and women in business, as they work for the betterment of all people. Bless the men and women in leadership positions that they may work diligently in that area. Help us Lord to support the poor and needy for there are many in difficult situations. God, bless us in this land!

The Needy
Thank You Lord for those in the medical profession who take such good care of those in need. We pray for help and healing for all those who are facing illness or other difficulty this day. They are Your own, Lord, and we place them in Your loving care. Thank You, Lord!

Monday 16 th October Isaiah 54 : 4 - 8
The Love of God! The love of God is very personal. He tells us that He will be like a husband to us. A husband who cares deeply for His wife – who protects, cares, loves and provides for her every need. He is ever present, watching over us with brooding love, ensuring that we are kept safe in His care. His love is comforting! He is never angry with us. He understands our loneliness, our sense of insecurity, our emotions in troubled times. He cherishes us, taking care of our every need. He looks after us when we are not well, nursing us back to full health. To Him it is joy to give us whatever we need. God is an awesome provider. His love is constant and true. He does not get impatient and angry but gently teaches us the right way to live. What a privilege to be known as a child of the One True God. Praise His Holy name. Thank You for loving us, Lord God!

Tuesday 17 th October Luke 11 : 33 - 36
Are you light? Light is extremely important to us. When have a power failure we scramble around to find candles and matches so that we can have light. Light and power enable us to live normal lives. But what of light and power in our own lives? If we live constantly in darkness of thought and action we will not be light for others to find their way. We need to be filled with the light of God, and that will enable us to be light (encouragement) to many others. We need to be law abiding, honest, generous and caring people, faithful in our thinking and our doing. What we hold dear in our hearts shines as light through our speech and actions. Loving God and loving mankind gives us a glow (light) that attracts others. Be a light to your little area, just as Jesus was Light to the World!

Wednesday 18 th October Psalm 91 : 1 - 16
God's Loving Care! This Psalm is a word from God that tells us of His loving care. No matter what we face in our earthly life He is always watching over us and taking great care of us. His protection covers us like a cloak that prevents bad weather from harming us. We have no need to fear, for God is ever near. When we travel He is with us in our motor car, watching out for us for the whole of our journey. Though at times we may fall ill, He will take care of us and deliver us from that sickness. We need to trust that God will do what He says He will. Put yourself into His loving care, moment by moment, day by day. Rely on His promise, for He speaks truth, for that is who He is. Call upon His Name, He will hear and answer you. Rely on God, He is ever faithful and true, He is our Protector!

Thursday 19 th October Revelation 4 : 1 - 5
Worship the Lord! The highest honour we can give our Lord is to come humbly before Him to worship Him and bring Him praise. As we read this passage from Revelation we are drawn into the very presence of God in His Heaven. In our hearts we can see the Throne Room of God and the awesome description of where He is on His Throne. Before our Lord we fall to our knees in humble adoration. The Majesty of His presence before us can scarcely be looked upon in its magnificence. Truly in the presence of the Lord we are transformed. Our heart, soul, mind and spirit rest before Him and sing our praise and adoration. Our God is in His Kingdom. He is on His Throne in all its Glory. He is constant and true and forever He will reign. Praise the Lord, O my soul. Praise His Holy name, our blessed God reigns!

Friday 20 th October James 5 : 16b
Pray! This verse says, "The prayer of a good person has a powerful effect!" All who love the Lord should pray. They will not be selfish prayers but powerful prayers, pleading before the King of Heaven on behalf of others. Don't just pray, "Bless them, Lord" and leave it at that. Pray with unceasing prayers on behalf of the one in need. Pray for healing of body, soul and spirit. Pray for a revelation of God's goodness to them. Pray and praise God for what He is doing in their lives and give thanks that God hears every prayer brought before Him. The more we pray, the more we are able to pray with great fervour and pleading before the Throne of God. There are many issues that we bring to our Lord. Be assured, He hears every one and His blessings fall like gentle rain upon us all. Thank You Lord, for hearing the payers of our hearts.

Saturday 21 st October 1 Peter 2 : 9 - 10
God's People! It is awesome to know that we have been chosen by God to be holy priests for Him. We are called to proclaim the wonderful acts of God. He called us out of the darkness into His wonderful light and enabled us to see His Glory. We are His forever! We are called the children of the Most High God, followers of God's Son, Jesus Christ, to live for all Eternity in His presence. God is full of loving kindness and is waiting with open arms to welcome us. He is full of joy over our faithfulness and rejoices over us. We belong to God Almighty, Father of all mankind, and to Jesus Christ, his Son, our Lord and Saviour. We too know the infilling presence of the Holy Spirit, who tends our souls and teaches us of the magnitude of God's love. We belong to God! We are His people, called by His Name to be His eternally. Praise God for the wonder of His love and His blessing! He is Lord of all – our Saviour and our King!

Sunday 22 nd October
We worship You, Almighty God that is what we want to do. We bring You praise, for You are our righteousness. Praise and glory, honour and power be unto our God. Blessed Lord—Father, Son and Holy Spirit, we worship You. We come before You now, to bring our prayers of adoration to You, and to tell You how much we desire to be in Your presence, and know Your touch upon our lives. You are our Creator, our Lord who we honour with our lives. May what we do and what we say be pleasing to You, Lord, as we seek to live as You require. Teach us to love all people like Jesus does. Teach us to follow Your will and way, Lord, and grow in honesty, trust and truth. We are Your own, Lord God, and need Your guidance for our lives. We don't want to stray from Your side. May we serve You to the very best of our ability, bringing honour and glory to Your beloved Name. Father God, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit, we worship and praise Your Name, now and always. Blessed is the Name of our Lord and our God. Hallelieuia!

Praising God

The easiest way to begin magnifying God is to use the Psalter. In nearly every Psalm we can find a passage that will aid us in praising God. "O magnify the Lord with me," says the Psalmist, "and let us exalt His Name together.: (Ps 34:3)
And so we do, allowing the words to become our own.
In time, the words will not only become our own, but will also lead us to our own words. We can begin by speaking for the words of indebtedness which in turn will lead us to acknowledgement, appreciation, gratitude, thanksgiving, praise and adoration,
Music is a marvelous aid in all this. Praise music abounds today that can ease even sad hearts into adoration. Joyfully we can join in with these songs even if we have little music talent. At home or in the car no one hears but God, and He is pleased.

Prayer – Finding the heart's true home
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