PSALM 66 : 1 - 2

Instead, we always speak as God want us to, because He has judged us worthy to be entrusted with the Good News. We do not try to please people, but to please God, who tests our motives! 1 Thessalonians 2 : 4


Our Ministers
Holy Lord, You have called Your faithful servant to be a leader in Your church. Thank You for his dedication to You, and his eagerness to draw others into a closer relationship with You. He spends many hours in preparing the message to bring to this congregation, and we thank You for his diligence and hard work. May Your blessings rest upon him and his family as they serve You, seeking to encourage the lonely and seek the lost and help all people in their faith walk with You. We pray for Your Spirit to move in his heart and encourage him when the days grow long and his energy begins to fade. You have chosen him, Lord, protect and guide him we pray and keep him safe in Your loving care!

You have established your church in this place, Lord God, and we thank You for the people who attend the services and desire to work where You have placed them. Thank You too for the lessons taught and the knowledge gained through Your faithful men and women who bring your message to us. Bless all the activities Lord, and may they always bring You honour. May we be encouraged by the love and fellowship we encounter here and be eager to witness to Christ's love wherever we are and whoever we meet. We belong to the Body of Christ, and give all honour to our Risen Lord!

Church Leaders
You, Lord, have given us men and women eager to serve You. There is much to be done in the local church, and many have stepped forward to lead in some particular group or mission. Thank You for instilling eagerness into these people, and for the way they help others in their faith walk. Bless all who teach, instruct, or serve in this place. Many have grown in wisdom and understanding through their input. Bless all leaders and guide them by Your Hand, Lord!

South Africa
We pray for our land and people, Lord. May we be kept safe by Your loving presence, and prosper as a nation under Your loving rule. We pray for faithfulness to You in all the citizens of this land and for those who live outside the law to be touched by Your love and so change their attitude and their living. Lord, we pray for words of love and support to take the place of hate and evil in the words from politicians. We are Your own, Lord, and pray for the safety of all the people of our land. God, bless South Africa and her people!

The Needy
There are many who are facing serious illness, Lord, and we pray for Your Grace and Mercy and healing touch to surround them. We name them before You now, thanking You for Your care of all of Your creation. Bless and help all those in need this day, we pray!

Monday 13 th November Psalm 51 : 1 - 19
Repentance! Day by day we come before our God to worship and praise Him. He watches over us and knows every detail of our lives. He sees what we do, regardless of our not bringing our thoughts and deeds before Him. He is a loving and forgiving God, yet so often we neglect our time with Him. We need to consider our behaviour in the light of His will for our lives. Are we always good, true and honest in our thoughts, words and deeds? Unfortunately we are not and need to come before our God in humble repentance, asking for His cleansing Spirit to wash us and forgive us our sinful condition. We cannot go on without considering our behaviour before our pure and holy God! Let us come before Him seeking His mercy and forgiveness! Ask for ability to reform our behaviour and live according to His will and way. God will surely guide us onto the right path. Give God thanks

Tuesday 14 th November Matthew 15 : 21 - 28
A Woman's Faith! The woman who came seeking Jesus was not a Jew. She had heard of Jesus and how He went about dong good and healing many who came to Him. She sought Him out for she was deeply concerned over the state of her daughter's health. At first it seems as though Jesus was reluctant to listen to and help the woman in her time of need. But she spoke again saying to Jesus, "Even dogs eat left-overs from their master's table." She was prepared to accept anything that Jesus had to offer and had faith to believe that whatever He said and did would help her daughter. She had great faith. We are like this woman, not of Jewish faith, but have seen the purity of Jesus and approach Him for help in our own situation. Jesus never disappoints! His loving care and compassion is available to anyone who comes to Him in need. Thank You, Jesus!!

Wednesday 15 th November John 21 : 5 - 6
Obey Christ's Instructions! The disciples had been fishing all night, yet had caught nothing. Then they were instructed to throw their nets on the other side of the boat. They caught a full shoal of fish. By obeying what the Lord told them to do they were able to gather a harvest for Him. So it is with our lives. If we listen to the call of the Lord and obey His instructions we will surely catch a great harvest for Him. Obey instinctively! Obey willingly! Obey whenever you are called to do so! God is faithful in every sphere of our lives and if we listen for His instructions and obey them implicitly we will gather a harvest for Him. Our faithful service will reap a great reward. Do as He instructs, without questioning, and see what great results are achieved. Give thanks for the Lord's instructions and our ability to hear and obey!

Thursday 16 th November Matthew 6 : 26
Trust in the Lord! We look out of the window and see the birds hopping around and gathering food. They have not planted or cultivated a crop, yet they are assured of always having enough to sustain life. God takes care of them. We fuss around, running here and there to purchase food for our families, and work frenetically to provide for them. Yet God says to us, "Why worry about food and drink! Why stress over provision for your family! Look to God, He created all and He knows what you need to live and survive!" Do you trust Him to take care of you, no matter what the circumstances are? Have faith and trust in your Father God! Ask specifically for what you need. He hears every request and desires the best for your life. We are worth more than the birds to our Lord. Put your faith and trust in God Almighty – our Provider!

Friday 17 th November Matthew 6 : 33
Our first concern! We fuss about so many things, worrying about work, family life, transport, friends and such. We get concerned when our finances don't seem to stretch far enough and month-end comes before pay day. We are worriers! Yet God tells us that He knows what we need and will provide. We do not have because we do not ask. Also our focus is not in the right area. We are told to be concerned with the Kingdom of God and with what He requires of us and He will provide all these other things. This doesn't seem too hard an instruction, but far too often our minds are captured by trivial events and wants instead of giving it all into His Hands. Many times we are told to stop worrying and learn to trust our Lord. May our faith grow as we yield our concerns into His hands and focus instead on His work and the Kingdom of God!

Saturday 18 th November 1 John 4 : 19 - 21
Do we love all people? There is a very clear command from our Lord. We have to love our brothers and sisters! If we love God then His love fills every iota of our being and we are consumed by that love. That being so how then can we hate or be critical of others? The love of Jesus Christ in us is a compassionate, caring, forgiving love, and we can do none other than extend these emotions towards all others. If we truly love our Lord, then we will desire to be like Him in every way. This means that we control our emotions; we contain our speech so that we do not utter condemning or unlovely words. We will be encouraging to all people, no matter their station in life, and will be soft spoken and generous in our words and our loving kindness to everyone. May the love of God fill us to such an extent that we have no other choice than to love one another!

Sunday 19 th November
We praise and worship You, O Lord, Most High and Glorious God! There is none other that we worship like this, for You are God Almighty and there is no one else who can take Your place. We seek You Lord, and have found You, knowing that You are a loving, caring Lord, who watches over us every minute of our existence. You take care of us Lord, in ways we could never imagine or expect. You save us from our own foolishness and place our feet back on the right path once more. Your blessings surround us, Lord, and we go out into each day knowing that You have prepared the path we must walk, and are watching over our every step. How wonderful to know that we are loved by the Creator of all things. You bless us Lord, beyond our wildest dreams. Praise the Name of our Lord and our God. Blessed is He and worthy of all the love and worship that we can bring. We kneel before You, Lord, in humble adoration. Praise the Name of Jesus, our Lord and Saviour! Praise God, from whom all blessing flow. Praise the Holy Spirit, our teacher and advisor. Blessed is our God Almighty. Hallelieuia!

The Prayer of Rest

If only we could slip over into that life free from strain and anxiety and hurry! If only we could know that steady peace of God where all strain is gone and Christ is already victor over the world! If only . . . But listen, my friend, I am here to tell you that this way of living can be ours. We can know this reality of rest, and trust, and serenity, and firmness of life-orientation. We can know as lived experience the words of Jean Sophia Pigott:
Jesus, I am resting, resting
In the joy of what Thou art;
I am finding out the greatness
Of Thy loving heart!
Today, this very moment, Jesus is inviting you, Jesus is inviting me, into His rest: "Take My yoke upon you, and learn from Me; for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls." (Matthew 11 : 29)

Prayer – Finding the heart's true home
Richard Foster


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