PSALM 145 : 8 - 9

The Spirit searches everything, even the hidden depths of God's purposes. 1 Corinthians 2 : 10


Our Ministers
Lord God, may Your blessings rest upon those You have placed as ministers in this church and community. You have called them and anointed them as Your servants here. May Your Spirit guide and help them as they seek to bring Your message of love and hope to all people. Help them as they carry out all the duties of running Your church in this place, and enable them to hear Your word as they prepare Your message to bring. Strengthen them in the long hours of service and as they counsel and help all those in need. You have given them great responsibility Lord, and we pray for Your closeness each and every day.

You have called us to gather together in Your name, O Lord, and have established this church as the place we meet. We pray for all members of this congregation, Lord, and that they may know Your leading and closeness in the fellowship that there is. Thank You for all the activities that take place and for all who get involved and give of their time and talents to build up the church. May all people grow in their relationship with our Lord through the teaching and instruction that they receive. Lord, bless our church we pray!

Church Leaders
There are many capable men and women in the church who have stepped forward when asked. We thank you for their willingness to take the lead in so many different areas of service. Through their enthusiasm to serve You they have brought help and instruction to others. We thank you for their witness and ability to help in so many areas of ministry. Bless each leader, Lord, and strengthen them in their relationship with You. Bless their service, too, Lord, we pray.

South Africa
God, bless South Africa. We pray for our land and our people. We pray for our farmers, and business men all across our land. We pray for rain to fall in those areas where drought has taken its grip and where no farming is able to be done. We pray for the leaders of our land, and for there to be truth and honesty in all that they do. We pray for the poor and needy too Lord, that they may be provided with the necessities for living. There is much wrong Lord, in the politics of South Africa, and we pray for Your intervention to place honest and just men and women in leadership positions. God, we pray for Your blessing upon our land!

The Needy
Bless, help and heal those we bring before You now, Lord. There are many who are facing serious illness or difficulties. We pray for Your mercy and abiding love to touch each one we name before You. May Your healing touch restore each one to full health, we pray!

Monday 20 th November Ephesians 5 : 6 - 7
Discernment! We are warned to be careful of how we live and who we consort with. Many in the world want nothing to do with Christianity and speak fervently against it. Beware of such folk. The words they speak may be as sweet as honey, but once tasted become sour and unpalatable. Rather mix with people who love the Lord, for then you will live in the light of His goodness, righteousness and truth. Be wise in your behaviour for it is easy to be tempted away from the narrow way! The things of the world hold great attraction but we must discern how much of these worldly issues we believe and follow. Let Christ be the light to shine on all that we do and show us the way He wants us to live. He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Follow Him. Be faithful, even as He is faithful!

Tuesday 21 st November Philippians 1 : 6
God's call! There is a time in each of our lives when we have to acknowledge God's call. He calls us His own, and from that day on we discover, little by little, of His greatness, His goodness and His will for our lives. God wants the very best for us that is why He gave His Son for us. This ensures that once we have accepted Jesus as our Lord and Saviour He is ours forever, just as we are His forever. From this moment on God is busy changing us from our worldly position to being fully in His will and way. As we faithfully work with God to do His will, we grow to be more like His Son, Jesus Christ. Everything we do is for the furtherment of His Kingdom. Whatever task God has given you do it with love and enthusiasm. It advances the Kingdom. God will continue His good work in you to the Day of Christ Jesus. Praise God for His faith and trust in us!

Wednesday 22 nd November 1 John 2 : 26 - 29
True Teaching! Christ's followers know the truth that the Spirit of God teaches them all that God wants them to know. What He teaches is the truth, for God is Truth and there is nothing false in Him. Listen to what the Spirit is teaching and hold those truths in your heart. Live them out in your lives and encourage others as well. Ask God to reveal truth to your seeking heart and He will be sure to do so, slowly and surely till that truth takes root in your life. Read God's Word as He inspires you and ask Him to open your mind to understand the revelation He brings. As you read His Word day by day His truths become your truths and you grow in Christ's likeness more and more. In union with Christ and the teaching of the Holy Spirit you are becoming the person God intends you to be. Give thanks to our blessed God—Father, Son and Holy Spirit!

Thursday 23 rd November Numbers 6 : 24 - 27
Blessings! We all love receiving blessings! How many of us bless others when we greet them or part from them or pray for them? Often we add the words, 'God bless you' to the conversation we have, but have we thought of using the blessing in this passage for our loved ones. "May the Lord bless you and take care of you; may the Lord be kind and gracious to you; may the Lord look on you with favour and give you peace." And the Lord said, "If they pronounce My Name as a blessing upon the people of Israel, I will bless them." We know and have read that God wants to bless those who faithfully trust and follow Him, and it is great joy to pass that blessing along to those we love. We can go out in peace and joy knowing that our God is watching over us and blessing us throughout the day!

Friday 24 th November 1 Peter 4 : 12 - 16
Suffering! Life is not all plain sailing. Each day brings its own challenges and difficulties. God tells us not to be surprised when these things happen, but to bring the issue to Him and leave it there. It may be that strong words have been said and feelings hurt. It may be that something done has brought a major challenge to your life. Whatever you are experiencing at the moment will pass. Ask God to give you the ability to put it behind you and move on with life. God will not allow burdens beyond that which you can handle. He knows your strengths and weaknesses. All we can do in times of stress and suffering is to turn to our Lord and ask for His presence; His peace; and the ability to move forward in His loving care. Give it all to our loving Lord!

Saturday 25 th November Revelation 3 : 20 - 21
Don't give up! It is a very hard race we are competing in. We start well, but soon the cares and temptations of the world slow us down. We need to focus once more and continue to strive for our Lord. He waits at the end of the race to welcome us into His Kingdom. There we will receive the reward He has promised to those who win the victory. This is the incentive we need to carry on and not turn aside to other pursuits. Jesus never gave up. He had set His eyes on the prize of Heaven and went to the Cross on our behalf. We may not be called to make such a sacrifice but we are called to stay on course and run the race God has set out for us. The prize is worth the effort! Jesus is standing by, encouraging us in this race of life. Don't give up – run on to victory. Heaven waits for you to cross the finishing line!

Sunday 26 th November
All glory praise and honour be unto our God. We worship You, Lord, and bring You our heartfelt praise, for You are our loving Lord, who watches over us and takes care of us in every way. Thank You for your help and guidance every day, and for the loving way You meet us as we come seeking You in prayer and worship. Our hearts are full of love towards You, Father God, and we thank You for guiding and helping us each day. We desire to live as Your own, being obedient to Your will and way, and we ask for Your presence to be with us. We come to worship Your holy Name, O God, and to thank You for the help of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Blessed God—Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit, we adore You, worship You with our lives and want to serve You to the best of our ability. Blessed is the name of our God. Holy is He and worthy of all praise. Hallelieuia!

Resting in God

The Bible tells us that, after speaking all things into existence from ant to aardvark, and after breathing into the human species the breath of life, God rested. This 'resting of God' on the seventh day became the theological framework for the Sabbath regulation that summons us to rest in God.
No teaching flowing out of the Sabbath principle is more important that the centrality of our resting in God. Instead of striving to make this or that happen, we learn trust in a heavenly Father who loves to give. This does not promote inactivity, but is does promote dependent activity. No longer do we take things into our own hands. Rather, we place all things into divine hands and then act out of inner promptings.

Prayer – Finding the heart's true home
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