PSALM 119 : 33 -34

The Word was the source of life, and this life brought light to humanity. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has never put it out.      John 1 : 4 - 5


Our Ministers
We thank You, Lord, God, for choosing such faithful and honourable people to be in charge of this, Your church. You called them to a life of service, and have instilled in them dedication and delight in preaching Your Word. Thank You for these people and the example they are to us all. They faithfully follow Your will and way for their own lives and for the church they serve. May they know the delight of Your presence and help in their daily lives, and be willing to follow Your instructions of what to do and how to do it. Bless them and their families, too, we pray!

As we gather together in Your Name, Lord, in this church that You have established, may we give honour and praise to You in every way. You have drawn us together in loving fellowship and have poured out Your loving kindness upon this whole community. May we grow in knowledge of Your grace, mercy and love and share that knowledge eagerly with others. Thank You for the opportunity to come together on a regular basis to worship and honour You, and to learn from the message that is preached. Thank You for this church and people Lord. We belong to You, Lord, existing to give You honour and praise!

Church Leaders
We thank You, Lord, for all those who volunteered their services to help others grow in knowledge of You. You have called them into certain areas of leadership, Lord, and they have willingly accepted what You require of them. Thank You for all those who teach in Sunday School, Bible Study, in Worship and Prayer meetings. Thank You for the leadership in Men’s and Women’s meetings as well as visitation and administration. They serve You so well, Lord, and we are thankful for each one. Bless them Lord, in their service!

South Africa
We pray for South Africa, Lord, and for the changes that are required in so many different areas. We thank You for those men and women who joined in Prayer in Parliament, and pray that good may come from the combined action of many faithful Christians. We pray for yet more rain to fall in the drought areas of our land, that there may be sufficient water for the crops to grow. Bless the poor and needy Lord, and that they may have sufficient food and shelter in their lives. Lord, we pray for Your blessing upon us all in this land, and that Your Spirit will encourage us all as we live as Your own!

The Needy
We bring the needy to You this day, Lord, and many are facing serious illness and difficulty. May Your loving presence be with each one we name, and that they may be comforted and strengthened by Your loving help and healing touch.

Monday  4 th December                Hebrews 10 : 39 – 11 : 1
Faith saves us!  To have faith is to be sure of the things we hope for, to be certain of the things we cannot see. We have faith and hope in God, our Father, and in Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. Though we have not seen them with our eyes, we know their presence is always with us. We have committed our lives to follow Jesus, to obey His instructions and to seek to live in loving harmony with all people. We will not turn away from following Him, for then we would lose our salvation. Through our faith and trust in Him we are assured that we will forever belong to Him. Day by day as we grow in our relationship with our Triune God our faith grows and multiplies. We belong to our Lord, who called us to be His forever. By faith we are saved – eternally. By faith we can please God, for we believe that He exists and rewards those who seek Him to know Him. Blessed is the Lord God Almighty and His Son, Jesus, our Saviour!

Tuesday 5 th December           John 21 : 15
Take care of My sheep!   Jesus told Peter in no uncertain terms to take care of the people who were His followers. These words apply to our own lives too. We must be faithful to care for other Christians. We cannot discriminate between His people, favouring some over others. Jesus loves all His followers equally and wants us to do the same. We need to care for one another, helping them to grow in their relationship with our Lord through encouragement and teaching. Have worthwhile messages to bring. Seek God and ask what can be done to build His people up and encourage them in diligence and faithfulness. We each have been called by Jesus to care for one another. Build up the members of your church community through committed service and faithful love for one another. Jesus tells us, “Take care of My sheep.”

Wednesday 6 th December             John 12 : 19
The world is following Jesus!  Jesus popularity with ordinary men and women was great. Many groups of people gathered round Him wanting to see the miracles performed, or to hear the wise messages He brought. The people that followed Him had seen His gentle, kind and loving nature. They had heard the truths that He taught and seen His gentle behaviour towards children and people in need. The people who believed that He had come from God accepted Him and followed Him wherever He went. Jesus made an impact on all the people of that time. The Romans saw Him as a threat and sought to destroy Him and His followers but God’s plan was birthed there and has never died out. Great numbers are following Jesus as their Lord and Saviour and will continue to do so till He comes again to gather us with Him to heaven!

Thursday 7 th December             Matthew 13 : 21 - 28
Ask for mercy!  News of Jesus and the miracles that were taking place had spread far and wide. Although the woman who came to Jesus for help for her daughter was not Jewish Jesus helped her and answered her request. Jesus showed mercy. Many come seeking Jesus, people of different beliefs who have faith that Jesus can help them in their circumstances. We too come on behalf of others who are in need, people who are facing serious illness or other difficulties. We come pleading with our Lord to heal and help our friend and family, “Lord, in Your mercy, hear our prayers.” Jesus hears every prayer raised before Him and shows great mercy towards those in need. We praise and thank our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, for His gentleness, help and mercy to mankind. He died to save us. Praise His Holy Name!

Friday 8 th December                  1 John 1 : 7 - 10
Confess your sins!  As we come seeking our Lord, we are conscious of His purity and the utter filth of our lives. We desire to be like Jesus, pure in thought, word and deed, but we live lives that are contrary to the way He is. Come before the Lord with a contrite heart, one that cannot bear its sinful state any more. Confess the impurity of your life and the many times that you have lived contrary to the way God desires. Confess those sins that hold your thoughts and control your actions, and ask for help to be set free from the ties that bind you to them. As we pray before our Lord, longing to be at one with Him, He will cleanse us from all unrighteousness and restore us to our rightful place before our God. As purified souls we can rise from our time of prayer and proceed with life, safe in the care of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Come now before your God!

Saturday 9 th December            Psalm 23 : 1 - 6
God’s loving care!   As we read the words of this Psalm we are struck how God cares for us in every moment of our lives. He blesses us so abundantly that our heart stirs in gratitude for His provision. No matter what we have to face in life He is by our side, encouraging us not to give up but to persevere though the darkness. He is waiting for us, a light at the end of the tunnel, and we will step out into the blessings He has prepared for us. In His wonderful presence He has prepared a banquet table, covered with the most magnificent of foods and supplies. He welcomes us as honoured guests and invites us to come and sit close by His side. Truly God’s loving care covers us in every part of our life and we rejoice to give thanksgiving and praise to our Heavenly Father and Lord. In Him we find fullness of life. Praise God!

Sunday 10 th December
We come to honour You, O Lord Most High. You are our Lord and our God, and we worship and praise Your Holy Name. We thank You for loving and caring for us in such infinite detail. You know us so well, Lord, and take such wonderful care of us. We look to You Lord, to lead us day by day, and to teach us of Your will and way for our lives. We want to be Your own, Lord, and are willing to grow and learn of Your ways. Teach us by Your Spirit’s infilling power, Lord, that we might be one with You in our adoration and praise. We seek You Lord God, to know You, to love You and to serve You with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. Our hearts are full of love, Lord, for You have placed it there. From the moment of our meeting there has been no other of greater importance than You. You are Lord of our lives, and we honour You. Blessed Lord God—Father, Son and Holy Spirit, we worship You. Praise the Name of our Lord. Hallelieuia!

Activity of the Everlasting Trinity

But the best is yet to come. Hard as it may be for us to imagine, God is in everlasting communion with Himself through our stumbling, bumbling prayers. P.T. Forsyth writes, “When we speak to God it is really the God who lives in us speaking through us to Himself. . . The dialogue of grace is really the monologue of the divine nature in self-communing love.” How incredible! How beyond belief! “We pray, and yet it is not we who pray, but a Greater who prays in us.
And so we have the activity of the everlasting Trinity focused around our frail prayers. God the Spirit is interpreting our signs and groans before the throne of heaven. God the Son is interceding on our behalf before the throne of heaven. And God the Father, who sits upon the throne of heaven, is using our prayers to form a perfect soliloquy – God speaking to God.

Prayer – Finding the heart’s true home
Richard Foster


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