When, Lord, did we ever see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you a drink? When did we ever see you a stranger and welcome you in our homes?
Matthew 25 : 37 - 38

Our Ministers
Guide and help those who lead the church, Lord. Help them as they plan the activities for the year, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. You have Your plans Lord, for this church and Your people. We pray that You will help us to support Your appointed minister in all that has to be done. Thank You for his ability and diligence in carrying out what You have imparted to his heart. Bless and guide our leader as he seeks Your will and way for this year. Grant him wisdom in the decisions that have to be made, and may he be supported by all members of this community.

We begin this year in Your loving care, O Lord. May we seek Your help and guidance as we gather together in prayer, seeking Your word for the year ahead. You have called us to worship together and to serve You to the best of our ability.  We honour Your will, Lord, and give this church and community into Your hands, desiring to fulfil Your plans as You have shown them to us. Bless us Lord, as we gather as Your people in this place. Build Your church, Lord, as we seek to fulfil Your great commission of bringing Your Word to people everywhere. Thank You!

Church Leaders
Thank You for each person who has stepped up to serve You where they can. You have chosen them and given them tasks to do to build the church. May they serve You well in the leadership positions that they have taken on. May each leader be strong in their faith, seeking You often through prayer and meditation, and hearing Your word of leading and encouragement to them. Bless each man and woman who has stepped forward to lead where You require them to.

South Africa
God, bless our land and people, we pray. We are moving into a new year where many decisions have to be made regarding the governing of our land. May those in leadership positions be guided by You as they seek to do the best they can for our land and people. We pray too for rain for our land. There has been good rain in various parts, but some others are really struggling because of the drought. Send Your rain, Lord, we pray. Bless us all Lord in the decisions we make this year, as we seek to follow Your will and way for us as Your followers. Bless South Africa and her people, Lord, we pray. Thank You!
The Needy
In life we often face hardships due to ill health or other difficulties. We name our loved ones before You now, Lord, praying that You will help and heal those in such need. Bless us Lord as we come before You now, praying on behalf of others who are facing trials!

Monday  22 nd January                Jeremiah 14 : 19 - 22
Call out to the Lord!  Dear God, just as the people of Judah cried out to You on behalf of their land and people, we too cry out for Your presence and Your touch of love for the people of South Africa. We need You, blessed Lord, for our people are suffering all across our land. We need rain, dear Lord, to fill the dams once more. We need to be able to plant crops so that there will be sufficient food for our people. We need Your hand of judgement on those who rob, steal, and harm the innocent people. Lord, hear our prayers rise up before You. You are our Father and we seek Your face, Your protection and Your provision. Hear our cry as we come before You. Bless and help the people of our land who have suffered such loss. Restore us to our former glory. We look to You, O lord our God, for Your blessing this day. We praise You! We thank You! We bless You! You ar e our God, above all else!

Tuesday 23 rd January           Hebrews 6 : 10 - 12
Keep on keeping on!   It is of the utmost importance to God that we don’t give up our faith and trust in Jesus, our Lord and Saviour. We must keep on in the work that God has appointed us to do. We must not become lazy or slack off from our appointed work. What God has given us to do is a gift that brings blessings to others. If we stop working at the task God may remove it from us completely and give it to someone else. If God has instructed you, keep on till He tells you to stop. Work diligently for the Lord and He will reward your good efforts and you will grow in faith and trust in Him. Be diligent and hard working. Your toil is not in vain. God encourages you to keep on in every way to promote our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Live a life dedicated to Him in every way. Keep on striving to do the best you can in honour of our God!

Wednesday 24 th January             2 Corinthians 1 : 3 - 6
God’s Help!  Many times we are self-sufficient, but often we are in need of help. What do we do when such a time arises? Do we turn to the Lord, or try to battle on in our own strength? Give thanks to God that He is always near to help is in our time of need. Call out to Him. Plead with Him. Ask Him constantly for His help in your difficult situation. God is not deaf. He hears our cries and knows our need and will help us by giving us strength and patience to endure our troubles. God helps us and gives us the ability to help others too. There is a saying, ‘a trouble shared is a trouble halved.’ Share with God who knows just what you are going through and what is needed to help you get through this time of trouble. Give thanks and praise to God, from whom all help comes!

Thursday 25 th January             Ephesians 6 : 24
Undying love!  We are urged to love our Lord Jesus Christ with undying love! This love will direct our way for the whole of our lives. This love is a mirror of the love Jesus has for us all. He gave everything so that we can be assured of life in Eternity with Him after our life on earth is over. What sort of love is this? It is unselfish, generous, and all-embracing! It is holy, even as Jesus is holy and a mirror of the love of God. This love calls us to give up all selfish, self-centred ways and concentrate on living a love-filled life. Dedicate yourself to being the best you that you can be – gentle, loving and caring to all people. May the love you feel for our Lord be all-encompassing, passionate and loyal. We are called to love God and our neighbours. May our life’s work be one of love and loving kindness for one another, and undying love for our Lord!

Friday 26 th January                  John 17 : 6 -8
Jesus has made God known!  If we listen to a person tell us about their best friend, who they know very well, we can be sure that we will be able to know and recognize that friend from their description. Jesus has made God, our Father, known to us. Everything that God wants us to know about Himself He first revealed to Jesus, His Son. Looking at Jesus and listening to Him we can know what God is like, for Jesus is just like His Father. Whatever good traits Jesus shows are ones that God our Father has as well. The compassion, care, love, truth and generosity come from the Father through the Son to us. To know Christ is to know God Almighty. We grow in knowledge of God as we grow closer to Jesus, His Son. Praise God! Praise Jesus, that they have revealed themselves to our seeking hearts. Praise, glory and thanksgiving be unto our God!

Saturday 27 th January            1 Kings 8 : 23
Blessings through obedience!   When we live in whole-hearted obedience to God we are blessed abundantly. God does not withhold His love from us! He keeps the covenant with us, every promise He makes He fulfils. How can we be sure that we are living in total obedience? By seeking God and His way for our lives and then living as best we can to fulfil God’s desire for our lives. Our relationship with God is of the utmost importance. Do we cherish our time with Him? Do we know His will for us? Do we obey Him by living in harmony with all people and being as kind and caring as He is? Following the example of Jesus, with the help of the Holy Spirit, we can keep on the narrow path that is laid out before us. As we walk with Christ by our side we can be sure that we are living as God requires. Praise God from whom all blessings flor! Thank You, Lord!

Sunday 28 th January
Praise the Lord, O my soul! Bless His holy name! You have brought us through into a new year, Lord, and we ask for Your help and guidance each day in the coming time. We seek Your will and Your plans for our lives this year, and desire to hear Your words of wisdom to us. Be our companion each day we pray, sharing Your will to our hearts, and encouraging us to serve as You desire. May we walk a deeper walk with You and grow in our relationship with You, for You mean so much to us. Teach us Your plans, O Lord, and help us to stay the course that You have set our feet upon. We trust You blessed Lord God, and desire to please You through our faithfulness. Be our companion on the road this year, we pray. May we hear from You each day as we come in prayer to seek Your will and way. We are Yours Lord, hear our prayer, as we come before You in worship. Hallelieuia!


Sacramental Prayer
Sacramental prayer is incarnational prayer. God in His great wisdom has freely chosen to mediate His life to us through visible realities. This is a great mystery. God, who is pure Spirit utterly free of all created limitations, stoops to our weakness and reveals Himself to us through the visible and physical. The Eternal Son becomes an infant in a feeding trough. The bread and wine are invested with sacramental power. We bow under the wonder of it all.

Prayer – Finding the heart’s true home
Richard Foster


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