PSALM 51 : 10 - 11

Now the time for faith is here, the Law is no longer in charge of us. Galatians 3 : 25

Our Ministers
We pray for our leaders, Lord, that they may be guided and helped as they seek to bring Your Word to the people in their care. You have placed them here, Lord, to teach and instruct us in Your will and way, and we pray that Your Spirit will help them to fulfil their duties. Bless them Lord, and they study and prepare the message to bring to the members of this congregation, and help them in the administration of this church that they lead. You have called them, Lord, and have equipped them to do Your will for this community. Strengthen them day by day, and bless them, we pray!

You have called us Lord, to be Your people in this place. Thank You that we can gather in fellowship and love to learn about You and Your will and way for us. You have established Your church Lord, and we pray for Your help and guidance as we yearn for Your presence and direction. May we be guided by You as we meet in fellowship and friendship longing to know more and more of Your great love and enabled to share that love with many others. May we give testimony to Your greatness and faithfulness, O Lord!

Church Leaders
You have called men and women to be leaders in the church to help and assist those You have put in charge. Bless each one You have called into a particular position and responsibility, Lord, and teach and instruct them to serve as You require. Thank You for their willingness to serve You and their faithfulness in carrying out the duties You have given to them. Bless all who lead in any of the missions of the church, Lord, and help them as they carry out the duties given to them in those positions!

South Africa
Thank You for Your help and guidance for the people of our land, South Africa. We look to You for help and guidance, Lord, as we seek answers to the many problems that occur here. May the government be diligent and honest in the carrying out of their duties towards the people of our land. We pray for rain, too, Lord, to fall upon those areas where drought has taken hold. Hear our prayers, Lord, on behalf of Your people in South Africa. Bless us and guide us as we seek to live as Your own. Thank You, Lord.

The Needy
We come to You Lord, asking for Your grace and mercy for all those in need this day. Many are facing trials and difficulties and need Your hand of help in their situation. Bless, help and heal those we bring to You, Lord, that they may be restored to full health once more. Thank You!

Monday 29 th January Psalm 100 : 1 - 5
Worship the Lord! Worship takes many forms, yet we must come to our God with love in our hearts. We pray to Him, we praise Him, we give Him thanks for His provision. We declare His holiness and we love Him as our Father. God is Holy indeed, and we offer ourselves in a life of purity to honour Him. He is so generous in His giving that all we can do is to humble ourselves before His Majesty and raise His Name High so that all can join in our praise and worship. God is Almighty, deserving praise for His generosity. His watchful care and His provision. He has made a covenant with His people – one that never will be broken. He protects us and His plans for us are good and honourable. Praise the Lord, O my soul. Come before Him with singing, with words of honour. He fulfils our desires. He watches over us from generation to generation. Holy is the Lord and worthy of all our praise!

Tuesday 30 th January Joel 2 : 12 - 17
Call to repentance! God is calling His people to repent of their ways. They do not follow the will and way of the Lord, but do just what their heart desires. But God sees how the people react – they don't heed the Lord of all. What must be done to please our God? Live a life of holiness. Trust in the Lord and follow His commandments. Fast and pray and give the Lord what He requires. Praise the Lord, even in the midst of trials. Pray regularly, seeking the Lord and His way for your life. Give Him thanksgiving for He has been generous to you, giving you blessing upon blessing. Lift your hands in worship. Shout out praises to your God. Sing songs of adoration and praise, for the Lord is a mighty God, worthy of all praise. Turn to the Lord our God, come humbly before Him. He is Lord, indeed, worthy of all our love and praise!

Wednesday 31 st January 2 Corinthians 5 : 14 - 21
Christ lives in me! We know the chorus, "it is no longer I that liveth, but Christ who liveth in me!" Through His death on the Cross, for all mankind, He is now able to be with everyone who desires to be a follower of Him. He died for us all so that we can live for Him and not for ourselves. We are now joined to Christ, who is with us always, changing us day by day to be more like Him. Through Christ we become friends with God Almighty, able to do what He requires of us. In our relationship with Jesus, our Lord, we are strengthened to serve as witnesses of His love to many others. We are called followers of Jesus Christ, and in union with Him we are equipped to do His work on earth. Praise God that we are considered worthy and righteous to bring the message to others. God now calls us His friends – through Christ. Thank You, Lord!

Thursday 1 st February John 17 : 17
Dedication! When we recognize a person as being dedicated we see one whose whole being and demeanour is focused on a particular person or incident. Jesus asked God our Father to dedicate His disciples to Himself by means of the truth. He goes on to say, "Your Word is Truth!" As we read God's Word – the Bible, and follow the life and works of Jesus then we truly see that He is Truth. All that Jesus spoke and did was truth in every way. He is the example we must follow. We belong to Jesus and He instructs us in the way to live. As we pray He fills us with His presence and guides us in the task He wants us to do. Jesus is totally involved in the lives of those who follow Him and love Him. Serve the Lord with truth and love in your heart and you will be obeying God's will and way for your life. Praise, thank and bless God, our Father, Jesus, our Lord and Holy Spirit, our Guide!

Friday 2 nd February Habakkuk 3 : 17 - 19
Where does your trust lie? Where do you place your trust? As children we trust our parents to look after us, protect us and provide for our needs. As teenagers we may make friends at school and share our experiences with them, trusting them with our desires and hopes. In adulthood we trust the boss of the place we work to give us good working conditions and a fair wage for work done. In our marriage we trust our partner to remain faithful to us, even as we are faithful to them. Throughout life we meet and discover many people we can trust, but the greatest and most loyal of persons is God Almighty and Jesus Christ our Lord. There is absolutely nothing that God would not do to keep us safe. God is absolutely trust worthy and showed it by giving His Son to us to show us the way back to Him. Trust in the Lord our God, He is faithful and totally trustworthy. His love surrounds us and keep us safe forever!

Saturday 3 rd February 1 Peter 3 : 3 - 4
Beautiful Women! God cherishes women. He created Eve from the rib of man. She was beautiful in every way. The beauty of women is found in their inner selves, the ageless beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, one that is set on serving God in the best way possible. Women are appreciated in the church by what they do. They offer their services in so many ways, and if they are not there, for whatever reason, it is noticeable. God puts women in a place of honour, blessing them in so many ways. He is thankful for their selfless labour to promote the kingdom of God. Jesus did not exclude women from His circle of friends, but truly appreciated them all. Women, know your worth to the King of Kings. Give thanks to God for the women who promote Jesus as Lord!

Sunday 4 th February
Praise and worship, glory and honour be unto our Lord. You are holy, indeed, Lord, and we honour You and want You to know how deeply You are loved. We lift You high, Lord, so that world may see Your glory, and join in worshipping You. Blessed is the Lord God Almighty. Holy is He and worthy of all praise and adoration. Not one day can go past without our seeking You, O Lord, and desiring to feel the wonder of Your presence and Your love touching our very souls. You call us to be Your own, and through our coming and spending time in Your presence we grow to know You, to love You, and to worship You in holiness and awe. You are our Lord and our God, and we desire no other but You. Help us day by day, O Lord, to honour You through our living as Your own. We would please You through our obedience to Your will and way. Thank You for Your loving care – every day in every way. Blessed is the name of our Most High God. We worship You, O Lord. Hallelieuia!


A new song in an ancient way
The Psalms have always been at one and the same time both hymn book and prayer book for the Church. The word Psalter originally referred to a musical instrument. The Hebrew title of the Psalms also means hymns. Psalm 72:20 describes all the preceding Psalms as "the prayers of David". The monastic communities that gather five times a day for prayers chant the Psalter, as do liturgical congregations who gather for vespers.
Not all Psalms are hymns or prayers, but the designation is still justified, for they all serve to glorify God, which is the goal of hymns, and to lead us into the will and way of God, which is the goal of prayer.

Prayer – Finding the heart's true home
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