PSALM 145 : 1 - 2

I pray that your love will keep on growing more and more, together with true knowledge and perfect judgement, so that you will be able to choose what is best.
Philippians 1 : 9 - 10


Our Ministers
Thank You, Lord, for those You have appointed to lead the church in this place. You have chosen them and taught them what You require them to be and to do, in Your Name. Guide them in their appointed tasks, and grant them loving hearts in all their dealings with the people of the congregation. Bless them as they seek to serve You as You desire, helping people to grow in knowledge of Your great love for all mankind. May Your Holy Spirit be their companion, guiding and helping them as they seek to do Your will and follow Your way throughout their lives. Bless those who lead and their families too, we pray!

You have called us together to be Your family in this place, O Lord. Thank You for the love that is shared amongst us and the loving care that is shown to all members of this church. Bless us as we join together to worship and praise You, and to hear the message that is brought to us, to encourage us to grow in our relationship with You. Blessed Lord, You have established this church and community to be Yours and for Your message and Your love to be shared with as many people as we can. Strengthen Your church as we serve You here, bringing word of Your love to many people.

Church Leaders
In this community there are many areas of service, and we give You thanks for those who have stepped forward to lead in some way. Thank You for the faithfulness of the men and women who look after the young people who attend week by week, as well as those who lead in the Women’s and Men’s meetings. Thank You for those who preach as Lay leaders, as well as those who are involved in teaching the Youth meetings. Bless each one who has been appointed to a position of authority, and for the faithfulness and diligence that they show in the work they do for the Kingdom!

South Africa
God Almighty, bless our land and people. You know just what is needed for this land to be known as Your own, and we pray for Your intervention in those areas where crime and corruption are prevalent. Lord, we look to You to save our land, and to restore the government to one who follow Your Christian principles in executing their duties. May Your guiding hand be upon those who lead in National and Local Government. Bless us too, Lord, with rain in drought areas.

The Needy
Thank You for Your loving care and kindness for those in need, Lord. We bring our loved ones before You, asking for Your healing power to rest upon them and restore them to full health. Bless and help all those in need this day, we pray!

Monday  5 th February                Habakkuk 1 : 5
Keep watch!  God tells us to keep watching for what He is doing. He never stops in His goodness and for His plans to succeed. His hand is upon all those who trust in His Son, Jesus Christ, and He has promised marvellous things. Trust the Lord with your problems and you will be astonished at the way He intervenes and solves it. We can take all our concerns and worries to our God and He understands and will help us in the situation. We can also trust Him for our future concerns too – for He knows all things and can put in place things that we have no concept of. Watch and wait and see the marvellous things God is doing in your life – in your church and in your land. He goes before us each day and provides whatever we need. Give thanks to our good, good God who cares for us every moment. Praise Him for His blessings and His love!

Tuesday 6 th February           Hebrews 6 : 9 - 11
God is not unfair!   As we work for the Lord, to promote His cause and to bring the Word to others, God is watching over us. He sees what we do; what our attitude of love towards others is like; and how we are continuing the work He has given us to do. God is not unfair! He will not forget what you do and are still doing to promote the cause of Jesus Christ, His Son. He commends us for our faithfulness and is pleased that we do not get lax in our work for the Kingdom. We have a great reward waiting for us at the end of this life – one that is certainly worth striving for. Keep on keeping on doing the work that God has prepared for you. Work steadily for the Lord, with love in your hearts for everyone He sends across your path. His choice of work for you is perfectly suited for you. Rejoice in God’s interest in your work for Him. Give Him thanks and praise!

Wednesday 7 th February             John 17 : 9 - 12
Safe in God’s care!  It is so encouraging to know that Jesus, in His prayer to God Almighty, asks our Father to keep us safe by the Power of His Name. There are times in life when occurrences come to us and shake our ability. Then we turn to our Lord, knowing that He has the Power over all things and will not let harm come upon us. Jesus protects His disciples, you and me, from evil that would invade us and throw us off balance. Trust in our Lord! Put your hand in His and ask Him to help you through the minefield of attack. We can trust in our faithful Lord, for He cares for us through all of life’s incidences. When trouble comes your way turn to Jesus and pray until calmness comes to your heart. God takes care of His own. Give thanks to Him in the midst of difficulty. He is always near!

Thursday 8 th February             Ephesians  3 : 1 - 13
God’s plans!  In the beginning God revealed Himself to the Jewish people, who He called His own. His Word was kept hidden from other nations for ages, but there came a time when His secret plan was put into place. This was intended for all people, whether Jew or Gentile, to learn of His great wisdom. All people would be acceptable to God Almighty, and His plan would come into effect through Jesus Christ, His Son. The life, death and resurrection of Jesus became the means all men were to be acceptable to God. Through our belief in Jesus, as God’s Son, and our acceptance of Him as our Lord and Saviour, we have the privilege to enter into the Presence of God Almighty, who accepts us with love, grace and mercy. Through faith we become part of God’s plans. They are fulfilled through Christ!

Friday 9 th February                  Psalm 23 : 1 - 6
Praise the Lord!   Praise the Lord, my soul. Raise His Name high, so that others can join in praising Him. He is worthy of our thankfulness and our praise, for He takes care of us throughout life. There are easy days when His glory shines on all we do, yet there are other days when trouble strikes and we cannot connect to Him. Call on His Name! Plead with Him! He is the Lord of all. Surely He will hear our cry. He brings comfort to our anxious hearts, for His love for us is without end. He guides us day by day, wanting to encourage us in living as His own. He blesses us without end, for His love for us, His children, is full and true. Believe in His love. Let Him guide you along pathways of life that lead to the Promised Land. Beloved, He will meet us at the Gates of Heaven. Praise the Lord, O my soul! Bless Him now and forever more!!

Saturday 10 th February            Jeremiah 22 : 21
Listen to the Lord!   Do you heed the words of the Lord? He speaks to His people in times of prosperity as well as in times of lack. God tells you to be faithful to Him, but your prosperity takes you away from His side. Heed what God tells you to do. He knows all and has plans for your well-being, but you do not heed what He is saying. Going your own way is not wise. Consult the Lord and take note of what He requires. Be true to Him in thought, word and deed, and follow His instructions. God guides the willing heart. When trouble comes your way you turn and pray to the Lord, desiring to hear from Him. In good times give thanks to the Lord for His provision. He is Lord of all, through thick and thin. Praise God for His plans for our good. He is always faithful, so put your trust in the Lord in good times as well as bad. Praise our God who provides for us in all circumstances.

Sunday 11 th February
Worship and honour, glory and praise be unto our Lord and our God. Blessed are You, O Lord, and lifted high so that all mankind can worship You. You are so great and good and we come to offer our praises of love and adoration. Without You watching over us and taking care of us day by day we would not exist. We honour You and thank You for walking by our side through all of life, and showering us with so many blessings. You are Lord Almighty, and we honour You. You are our God and we want to worship no other. Thanks be to God Almighty, Father of Heaven, and His Son, Jesus, our Lord and Saviour. Thanks be to the Holy Spirit, our teacher and guide, who helps us to know and understand just what God requires from us. It is joy to serve You, Lord, and to know that You have our lives safely in Your loving care – for all Eternity. We praise and love You, Lord, and give ourselves into Your service with willing hearts. Use us to Your Glory, Lord, blessed is Your name. Hallelieuia!


A new song in an ancient way
One simple suggestion as you sing various Psalms: sing prayerfully, that is, filled with prayer. Allow the words to quiet you, settle you, and deepen you. This is not hard to do, for the structure of many Psalms is geared to this end.
The Selah, which often occurs in the middle of a Psalm is meant to signal a meditative interlude. If you are creating a tune for a Psalm, you will want actually to put a music interlude here so people can ruminate briefly on what they are singing. Martin Luther says the Selah calls for a “quiet and restful soul, which can grasp and hold to that which the Holy Spirit there presents and offers.”

Prayer – Finding the heart’s true home
Richard Foster


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