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Do your best to win full approval in God’s sight, as a worker who is not ashamed of his work, one who correctly teaches the message of God’s truth. 2 Timothy 2 : 15 LET US PRAY FOR

Our Ministers We pray for blessings for those You have appointed to run this church, Lord. Guide and help him day by day to do whatever is needed to maintain the church and to speak Your message of love and hope to this community. May Your hand of help be upon him, and lead him where You desire him to serve You. May Your Spirit guide his thinking as he waits upon You for inspiration for the message to bring. Help him in all that is required to support the members of the church as they come seeking help and counsel from him. Bless those who minister here, Lord, and their families too.

Church We gather, Lord, as Your people in this place, coming to worship and praise You and to hear the Word from You that is preached. We seek to grow to know You in a deep and loving relationship, and thank You that You have established us as Your people. Bless us in this community, Lord, as we seek to live as You desire, and to share Your loving kindness and wise counsel with others. Help us to be able witnesses to others, bringing news of Jesus and His love for all people to as many as possible. You have established us as Your church in this place, and we give You thanks and honour, Lord, our God.

Church Leaders Bless those who lead in any way in this church and community, Lord. You have chosen men and women to serve You where You have placed them. We thank You for their faithfulness and dedication to their tasks. Thank You for the youth and their leaders, the teachers at Sunday School, those who lead home groups, and the ones who serve as elders, or as leaders of committees. You have given them tasks to do, Lord, and we thank you for their diligence and dedication. Bless all who lead, Lord, and guide them in Your perfect will and way. Thank You for our leaders.

South Africa We pray for our land, South Africa, and her people, Lord. May Your hand of guidance and help be upon all who are in leadership, that they may serve with integrity, honesty and diligence. We pray for those in Government, that they may serve our country to the best of their ability. May You send rain from heaven upon all those areas where drought has caused such hardship, and restore the crops from our land. Lord, we ask for Your favour upon our land and people!

The Needy There are so many who are facing trials and difficulties Lord, as well as ill-health. We pray that You will touch each one we name before You and restore them to full health. May Your loving presence be a comfort to each one as they face the illness that besets them. Bless, help and heal our loved ones, we pray!

Monday 12 th February Revelation 3 : 14 - 22 Are you in earnest? It is no use being half-hearted in our following our Lord Jesus. He tells us that we are neither hot nor cold, and as such are no use to Him. We have to be earnest in our faith, trusting Jesus Christ with every iota of our lives. We cannot be ‘sometimes’ Christians. We cannot hide anything from our Lord. He sees into our hearts and how we feel about Him and how we behave in life. Do we bring honour to our God? Are we faithful and true, doing what God requires of us? Do we honour God through our behaviour and our witness? We cannot just be lukewarm and a sometimes follower. God has called us to be true followers of His Son, doing as He has commanded and living holy, loving lives. Give praise to the Lord our God. He is holy indeed and He gathers us to His side. Praise God, Jesus and Holy Spirit, our God Almighty!

Tuesday 13 th February Revelation 4 : 1 - 11 Worship! As we read this passage we join with John in worshipping our God, who lives for ever and ever. As we come into His presence we are filled with awe and wonder at the Glory of His Being. We cannot help but fall to our knees before the Lord of all. Our hearts overflow with praise for our King. Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God of Hosts. He lives for ever and ever and is worshipped by all of His Creation. Praise the Lord, O my soul – praise His Holy name. May our Lord and our God reign forever more. Blessed is He – the God of all beings and blessed is His Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. We praise Almighty God. We offer our hearts to Him in praise and thanksgiving. Holy is the Lord of hosts and wonderful to all His creation. Praise God from whom all blessings flow. Praise Him!!!

Wednesday 14 th February Acts 4 : 12 Salvation! There is only one who can save us – one alone, the Lord, Jesus Christ. He came to show us the way back to God, how to grow in our relationship with Him. God created us for a life of joy of relationships, first of all with Him, His Son and Holy Spirit. This relationship is of the utmost importance, for through it we learn of the love God has for each one, and grow in our love for Him. God sent His Son Jesus to the world to be its Saviour. He came first of all to the Jewish people and then later to all others. Only through faith and belief in Him can we come to Salvation. Only through the glory of His life for us all are we able to be rescued from sin and death, Through Jesus we are safe for all Eternity. Praise God for his gift of salvation through His Son, Jesus Christ!

Thursday 15 th February Proverbs 2 : 1 - 21 Heed the Lord! Listen to the Lord. Take note of what He tells you and grow in wisdom and understanding. God gives us insight and understanding so that we can walk on righteous paths. Be always just, right and fair, and mix with people who are honourable and full of integrity. Avoid those who live contrary to God’s will and way, for they can easily corrupt you. You don’t need trouble in your life – avoid those sort of people. Seek the Lord. Sit at His feet and learn from Him. Take deed of the warnings He gives. Don’t put yourself in a place of temptation, lest you fail and fall into sin. Trust the Lord. He will guide you on paths of righteousness. As you honour Him with your life He will be by your side, and set your feet on the path that He wants you to walk. Heed the Lord. He will help and guide you always!

Friday 16 th February Romans 8 : 29 - 30 Set apart! How wonderful to be chosen by God, to be set apart to become like His Son, to be part of the large family of God with Jesus as our elder brother. An additional blessing of being called by God is that He puts us right with Himself and shares His Glory. What a blessing He has given us. God wanted us so much to be like Jesus that through our acceptance of Jesus as our Lord and Saviour we have been made totally acceptable to God Almighty. What an honour we have been given. We praise and thank God for this amazing gift. As we seek to live lives that are acceptable to God we grow closer and closer to Jesus. He is Lord to us, more than a brother, but a Saviour. God is for us and by this acceptance by Him we are assured of life Eternal with Him in Heaven. Praise God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit for the gift of Eternal Life.

Saturday 17 th February Mark 5 : 35 - 43 Jesus heals! How easy it is to misread a situation. Jairus had come to Jesus to ask Him to heal his daughter. When Jesus went to the home where the little girl lay He was told that she had already died. Jesus assured the father, “Don’t be afraid, only believe!” He went into the house and sent all out except the girl’s mother, father and His three disciples, because others thought that she was dead. But Jesus took the girl by the hand and spoke to her, saying, “Little girl, I tell you to get up.” At once she stood up and walked around. She was fully healed. It is so easy to be swayed by the situation we observe. Jesus is just the opposite. He saw the girl, but said, “She is only sleeping.” She stood up when Jesus commanded her to do so. Don’t doubt but believe in the healing for whoever you are praying for. Jesus Heals!

Sunday 18 th February Blessings and honour, glory and praise be unto our Lord and our God. Holy is He and worthy of all the praise that we can bring to His throne. We worship You, Lord God, and praise You and thank You for Your loving kindness toward us. You care for us every moment of the day and we are thankful. We come to honour You Lord, through our worship and our prayers of gratitude. Thank You for all that You do to care for us and guide us in our daily lives. May we come regularly to sit at Your feet, to hear Your words of help and guidance to us, for our lives. You have tasked us with loving others as You love us, and we pray for Your love to fill our hearts and enable us to share Your love with many others. You have called us Your own, and we pray that Your will may be revealed to us and that we willingly follow what You require. We love You, Lord God, and lift Your Name High. Blessed is the Lord, our God and saviour. Hallelieuia!

Reflections The most complete prayer At the heart of all Christian prayer is the celebration of Holy Communion. Nearly every aspect of prayer is caught up in the Eucharistic feast: examination, repentance, petition, forgiveness, contemplation, thanksgiving, celebration and more. It most perfectly embodies the central core of prayer in that we are full participants in the action, but the grace that comes is all of God. All of the senses are employed. We see, we smell, we touch, we taste. We hear the words of institution, “This is my body . . . This is my blood.” In short, Eucharistic prayer is the most complete prayer we make this side of eternity. Prayer – Finding the heart’s true home Richard Foster PRAYER LETTER - ANN GOODFELLOW 011 608-3208 e-mail – anngood@iafrica.com 12/02/2018

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