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PSALM 99 : 2 - 3

Don't worry about anything, but in all your prayers ask God for what you need, always asking Him with a thankful heart. Philippians 4 : 6
Our Ministers
We praise and thank You Lord for the man You have given us to lead this church in Your Name. Bless him each day, Lord, as he seeks to serve You in the best possible way. He is faithful and diligent, Lord, and we pray for him and for Your hand of guidance upon his life. Teach him Your will and way for his own life, but also for the church and people he leads. May he serve You will loving kindness and through a devoted prayer life. Lord God, bless and guard him and his family each day, and they seek to serve You as You desire.

We pray for our church and people, Lord. May Your hand guide us along the path You want us to walk. May Your Word be preached each week, and the message touch the hearts of the people. May many be encouraged to join in worship and praise, Lord, and join with the other activities that take place. We pray for each member, Lord, that they may be eager to hear from You and be willing to step out in faith to do whatever You have set before them. Bless our church and all her members, Lord, we pray!

Church Leaders
If we didn't have men and women willing to step forward and lead there would be many ministries that would not take place. We thank You for each one who leads and encourages others to join in service for You. Thank You for each person who gives up time and effort to be at church week by week and faithfully leads in their particular area of service. Bless all who join in serving You as they are called. Guide and help all those who lead in our local church dear Lord. Thank You!

South Africa
Thank You for the changes that have been made Lord, and we pray for our new President of South Africa that he might be faithful in carrying out the oath of office that he has sworn to uphold. May Your hand of blessing rest upon him, Lord, and guide him in the decisions that have to be taken. May corruption that had been so prevalent on the last few years be got rid of so that we can move forward in peace and justice. Thank You Lord, for keeping watch over our land and people.

The Needy
We bring our loved ones before you now, Lord, praying for Your hand of help and blessing to rest upon each one, and restore them to full health. Your loving presence comforts and heals, Lord, and we praise and thank You for Your loving care. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

Monday 26th February Matthew 17 : 1 - 7
The Voice of God! On the Mount of Transfiguration the disciples who were with Jesus heard the audible voice of God. This terrified them and they fell to the ground. But Jesus came to them and told them not to be afraid. If we look at this passage we discover that Jesus had gone up the mountain to spend time with God. Why were the disciples so scared of what they saw and heard? Was it the unknown? I am sure that later on they were amazed at the experience. We don't need to be afraid when we come to spend time before God, our Father, or Jesus, our Lord. We come in prayer, wanting to hear from them. As we grow closer to our Lord we will hear His voice. It may be audible, but also as a whisper in our minds and our hearts. We are always in the Presence of the Lord, if our hearts are set on Him. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

Tuesday 27 th February Habakkuk 2 : 2 - 4
A worthwhile message! As faithful followers of Jesus Christ we have a duty to do as He commanded, "Go to all peoples everywhere and make them My disciples. Teach them to obey My Commandments!" To be able to do this we must have a clear and worthwhile message in our hearts so that we are prepared and ready to speak when the opportunity arises. Can you tell someone else all about Jesus? Can you explain His way of living and His faithfulness to God Almighty? It is necessary to be clear in our own minds what we believe and what we want to share with others. We need to know the Bible and just where the verses are that we want to share with others. Be ready when God places someone across your path – someone who is searching for meaning in life. Jesus fulfils all of man's dreams and longing. Be prepared to share a worthwhile message about our Lord!

Wednesday 28 th February Psalm 93 : 1 - 5
God is Supreme! God is Almighty! He is Creator of Heaven and earth and all that is created is done by His Grace, Mercy and Love. He has given us the earth, with its bounteous provision for us to enjoy. He has given us the seas, full of provision of food for us. He has given us each other – to build relationships and to live in peace and harmony. God is and has been from the beginning the Lord Almighty, whom we worship, praise and serve to the best of our ability. He has given us much more than life on earth through His Son, Jesus Christ. God has given us life eternal when this life on earth is ended, that stretches to eternity in the presence of our God and our King. How blessed to be called sons and daughters of the Most High God, and to have His Son, Jesus, as our Brother. Praise to our God on High. Blessed is the Lord Almighty! Praise His name!

Thursday 1 st March Mark 7 : 21 - 23
How pure is your heart? We are all guilty of going against God's will for our lives. An idea pops into our hearts and we think on it and decide to try it out. But we don't realize that act can lead us into a life of sin. We are influenced by the people and things around us, and are tempted to try out things that are contrary to God's requirements. This can go on for a lifetime, but there will come a moment when we realize that those practises have to be given up. In humbleness and contrition we come before our Lord, seeking His will and righteousness for our life from now on. We come in remorse and regret, confessing our folly before God and accepting His forgiveness, and turning towards a life of light and righteousness. In Him we become new creatures, worthy of being called His own. God has purified our hearts, from now on we will walk in faith and trust. We belong to Christ!

Friday 2 nd March 1 John 4 : 7 - 12
God is Love! Our highest ambition should be for a heart of love equal to the loving heart of our Lord Jesus Christ. God is love and through His love for us, His children, we discover how to love others as He does. There are no half-measures. Our hearts are made to hold love in its purest, fullest form. If this is so then we cannot help loving others with the pure love of Christ. It is born in us, because when we gave our heart to Jesus He took it and changed it so that it would expand to receive all the love that He want us to have and use in service for Him. There are no half-measures in love. It is all or nothing. We cannot like on one person and say, "I love you with the love of the Lord" and then look at another and reject them. Love is made perfect in us just as it is perfect in Jesus, our Lord. Go out today and be loving and kind to everyone you meet. God will show you how, for He is Love!!

Saturday 3 rd March Romans 8 : 28 - 30
Set apart! We have been called by God to become like Jesus, His Son. Through this calling we are set apart from those who do not follow Christ and are brought into a loving relationship with God Himself. We can now call Him, 'Abba', Father, for He is our beloved Daddy. We are privileged to become like Jesus through character traits of loving kindness that begin to show in ourselves and day by day as we grow in our relationship with Him. We are gathered close to know Him even more deeply. We know the goodness of our Father God who cares for us so deeply. We become part of His family, bonded together for all eternity. God works for good in the lives of those who love Him and follow Jesus. His purpose is being worked out in our lives. Give thanks to God, our loving Father of all mankind, and to Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour!

Sunday 4 th March
All glory, praise and honour be unto God, our Father of all mankind. We raise His Name on high, bringing our prayers of adoration and worship to Him now. Blessed is our Lord, Jesus Christ, Son of God Almighty, who with the Holy Spirit, rules and reigns from heaven above. We are grateful O God, for Your loving kindness and Your care for all of Your creation. You keep us safe by watching over us and guiding us on the road of life that You have set out before us. May we live faithfully serving You to the best of our ability, rejoicing in Your guiding hand that is there for us each day. You are Holy, indeed, and we rejoice that we can come into Your presence and worship before Your throne of grace. We love You Lord, and thank You for Your help in every moment of our lives. Without Your watchful care we would be lost. Thank You for all of life and the multiple blessings that You pour out so generously. Praise Your Holy Name. Hallelieuia!

The Sacrament of the Word
Martin Luther says that the Church is found wherever the Word of God is preached in its truth and purity and the sacraments are administered according to the Word and institution of Christ.
I hope you understand that when I speak of the sacrament of the Word, I am referring to more than preaching, though I certainly mean to include preaching. The Word means several things at once: the living, speaking voice of God; Jesus, the divine Logos; Scripture, the Word of God written; and the speaking forth of the truth of God by human beings under the power and inspiration of the Spirit.

Prayer – Finding the heart's true home
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