PSALM 69 : 13

But I am still full of confidence, because I know whom I have trusted, and I am sure that He is able to keep safe until that Day what He has entrusted to me.
2 Timothy 1 : 12


Our Ministers
Lord, we are so grateful and thankful for the one You have sent here to be our minister/leader. Thank You for calling and equipping him with loving care, knowledge, and wisdom. He is able to care for the congregation and understands Your requirements for the running of the church. Thank You for the hours spent in study and preparation of the message to bring to Your people. Thank You too, Lord, for his diligence and hard work to bring Your message of love to the people of this community. Bless our leader, Lord, and his family too, as they seek to serve You where You have placed them!

Thank You Lord, for this fine group of people who gather together so regularly to worship and praise You, and to have fellowship with one another. You have told us to care for each other, and that as we do we bring honour to Your Name. Bless all the activities that take place in this community, to build up the church and to encourage people in their faith walk. May we all be able witnesses to the Love of the Lord, through sharing with others, and caring for those who are in need. Bless our church Lord, that we might bring You honour through our faithfulness.

Church Leaders
Lord, we pray for Your blessing to be upon all the men and women who lead a group in the church. You have called them with their particular talent to lead the youth, or Bible group, or Home study, or prayer and teaching. Thank You for each one who is eager to serve as You have called. Bless them Lord, as they look to You for confirmation that they are fully in Your will. Thank You for every man, woman or child in our community.

South Africa
We pray, Lord God, for Your blessing to rest upon Your people in South Africa. We are hopeful Lord, that the new President will do all he can, with Your help, to restore good governance to all politicians. We pray too for weather patterns to change and bring much needed rain to the parts of our land who are in the grip of a drought. We seek Your will for our land and people, Lord. Reveal it to us, we pray, and may we, in obedience to You, worship and honour and serve You with good intentions. God, bless South Africa, we pray!

The Needy
Lord, there are many loved ones that we know who are facing illness or other difficulties. We pray for Your loving touch upon each one we name, asking that You will bless, help and heal them. May Your Presence bring comfort to them in their time of trial. Thank You, Lord!

Monday 5 th March                1 John 4 : 7 - 21
A life of love!   Once we have met Jesus and begun to form a relationship with Him, we discover the depth of love that He has, no only for us alone, but for everyone. This discovery means a great deal of difference to our lives and we find that because of His love and the growth of our relationship with Him we begin to change. Our selfish nature softens and we find that we can reach out to help others without having to be asked. The love we feel grows exponentially in regard to the time and effort we put into our relationship with our Lord. We feel encouraged to do our best and our nature changes and becomes more loving, caring, kind and faithful. A life lived for Christ makes such a difference to the way we relate to others. We take on His nature and live out His command, “Love God and one another!” Let love for Christ be the key to the door of a loving, sacrificial life in God’s care!

Tuesday 6 th March           Galatians 4 : 6 - 7
God is our Father!   We call God, Father, and He is our loving father. But He is more! The Spirit of God stirs in us to come in prayer before our God. In this attitude of humble adoration we see our God and He is not distant from us. He calls us to come close to Him, to sit at His feet, and to know the comfort of His loving arms. In this moment He is more than God – He is ‘Abba”, our loving father, and we are in the closest relationship possible with Him. Truly He is our loving Father, wanting the very best for us, His sons and daughters. He fills us with love that overflows from us back to Him, and also to all people. We love You Lord of all; blessed Father, God Almighty. We thank You for calling us close through Jesus, Your Son, our beloved Saviour. Thank You, Lord for Your loving kindness. We worship You, O God Almighty, Father, Saviour and Spirit!

Wednesday 7 th March             Matthew 14 : 19
Support one another!  We are taught from a young age to be polite and courteous to others, but here we are told that we should bring peace and always do what can help to strengthen one another. As we come alongside a friend in need we will be an encouragement to them, eager to help in whatever way we can. Jesus was always supportive of others and knew instinctively what their need was. He gives us instructions as well so that we reach out to help others through the prompting of the Holy Spirit. This support may just being there if your friend wants to talk. At other times it may be a contribution of time, transport or other help. Be always kind and considerate to others, following the example of our Lord. Thanks be to our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, who has given us the perfect example of loving, caring, and friendship!!

Thursday  8 th March             Ephesians 2 : 1 - 10
Life!   Though we were dead in our transgressions we were not lost eternally. God in His mercy came to save us. He has shown us a far better way of living. We turn from our transgressions towards the God of love, who sets us free from sin and puts us firmly on the path of righteousness. We do not ask for this mercy; we do not deserve His grace, but God in His loving kindness brought us into life in His presence through Jesus Christ, His Son. God gave us His blessing of life eternal. We are changed forever through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus! He came to be our Lord; to show us the way back to God and to help us in our living to be faithful to the God of all. What a gift has been given to us! Once we were lost in sin and transgression, now we are free and are living a life dedicated in every way to God and His Son, Jesus. Give thanks to the God of all, who by His grace and mercy saved our souls for all eternity.

Friday 9 th March                  Galatians 4 : 19 - 20
Changed!   When we first meet Jesus He touches our hearts with His love. We long to get to know Him, and so begins our life-long walk on the Journey to Eternity. Along the way there are many challenges to meet. God wants us to change and become like His Son, Jesus Christ. Our lives are challenged for our human nature does not readily give up what it has be living and experiencing for so long. But God does not give up on us and slowly, but surely, our selfish nature changes as God pours His love into our lives. We give up our selfishness, our self-centredness, our anger, our jealousy, our possessiveness. We take on Christ’s gentleness, His faithfulness and His loving kindness. Day by day we change and grow in likeness of our Lord. God knows it takes time to change, but won’t give up on us till we are like Jesus in every way. Give thanks to God for His patience and His love!

Saturday 10 th March            Romans 3 : 21 - 24
All have sinned!  There is no one who is free from sin. From the moment of our birth sin is in us and there is no purity. Even a little child needs to be chastised because of some act of disobedience or anger. We grow up in sin. It is all around. We cannot claim to be free from sin when we display anger, disobedience and perversion. Only one person has ever been pure and holy, and that is Jesus Christ, Son of God Almighty. Only by accepting Jesus as our Lord and Saviour can we be set free from sin. Jesus took all our sin on His shoulders and bore it to the Cross, so that we can be saved. Our acceptance of Him as our Lord enables us to live with our sins totally forgiven. We are made acceptable to God, our Father, through Jesus’ sacrificial act. Give praise and thanks to Jesus for saving our souls. We are now accepted by God!!

Sunday 11 th March
Praise the Lord, O my soul, let all that is within me praise His Holy name! We come Lord, to worship and honour You through our prayers and love offerings. You are our Lord and Saviour and we desire no other but You. Father God, we give You thanks and praise for gifting us with Your Son, who grew to manhood, and died to save the souls of all who believe in Him. Thank You too for the blessing of the Holy Spirit, who teaches us about our great Triune God, and gives us understanding of Your will and way for our own lives. May we seek You, longing to be in Your presence, to worship and praise Your Holy name. Speak to our hearts, Lord, and tell us what You require of us. We are Yours, Lord, and desire to serve no other. Blessed is Your Name, O God. Holy are You and worthy of all our praise. We love You, Lord, Hallelieuia!


The Sacrament of the Word
E.M. Bounds declares, “The character of our praying will determine the character of our preaching. Light praying will make light preaching. Prayer makes preaching strong, gives it unction, and makes it stick.”
In this statement Bounds uses an old world that describes what we need so desperately today – unction. Unction is the mystery of spiritual anointing that comes upon preaching and distinguishes it from every other kind of communication. It is more than earnestness; it is more than fervor; it is more than rhetorical skill. Unction is the divine in preaching. It gives preaching its point, sharpness, and potency. It impregnates revealed truth with all the energies of God. It supports, soothes, cuts, confronts, and brings dry bones to life.

Prayer – Finding the heart’s true home
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