PSALM 40 : 10 - 11

To Him who sits on the throne and to the Lamb, be praise and honour, glory and might, for ever and ever!
Revelation 5 : 13


Our Ministers
Thank You, Lord, for the men and women You have chosen to be Your servants, those who bring Your message of love and hope to the congregations where they serve. You have called them into Your service, and they are faithful in all that they do in Your Name. Bless each one who serves You in this place, and guide them according to Your will and plan for their lives. Thank You for their faithfulness and their diligence in the work they do to bring Your Word to many others. Guide them through the movement of Your Holy Spirit, Lord, and bless and help them in their appointed work done through love for You and in Your Name!

You have established Your church here, Lord, and we thank You for the folk that are such a cherished part of this body. May we grow in our faith through the teaching and preaching that we encounter here, and go out from here to serve You in the wide world. You brought us all together through love for You and Your Son, Jesus, and we thank You for Your leading and guiding us day by day as Your own. Bless us, Lord, as we gather to worship You, and to share Your message of love with each other.

Church Leaders
Thank You for each person who has stepped forward to serve You where You want them to be. You have chosen them to lead in some area of the church, and we thank You for their eagerness and hard work that they bring to their service. Bless each ministry that is led by one who has answered ‘yes’ to Your call to serve. Thank You for every leader in the church, who desires to serve You to the best of their ability.

South Africa

Lord, we ask for Your blessing for our land, South Africa, and all the different people groups too. Guide and help us to build our land together as one who follows You and desires to spread Word of Your loving kindness to all people across South Africa. We pray for rain to fall in those areas affected by drought, and for the lands to be fertile and produce crops once more. We pray for our new President that he might serve You with honesty and justice, seeking what is best for our land and people. We pray too for each person across our land, that they may follow You, and serve where You require them to do so. God, bless South Africa, we pray, and take us forward as Your own people. Thank You, Lord!

The Needy
We pray for help and healing for all those who are in need this day, dear Lord. May Your helping, healing touch rest upon those we name before You, praying for restoration of health to them all. Thank You for Your abiding love and care.

Monday 12 th March James 4 : 13 - 15
Live fully each day! We can never know what tomorrow might bring. It may be a day of great joy, or a day of great sorrow. We might feel the joy of God’s presence, or we may not be able to encounter Him at all. Whatever is to come is in the Lord’s hands. We may plan and have our plans come to fulfilment, then we must thank our Lord for allowing this to happen. When things don’t go as we want them to we still need to give thanks. Maybe God has something better in store for us. Whatever our circumstances, praise the Lord and give Him thanks. He is in charge of the moments of our lives and brings joy into a situation, or allows a time of trial. Trust in our Lord and our God, no matter the circumstances of the day. He will keep His faithful children safe in His care. Give Him thanks and praise for every day, regardless! Bless the Lord! Praise His Holy Name. He truly is the Lord of all!

Tuesday 13 th March Ephesians 4 : 13 - 15
We are One! We are not Christians in isolation. We are part of the Body of Christ, a community of believers in the Lord, Jesus Christ, Son of God Almighty. We live to worship the Lord and to gather together to support one another and through teaching and serving grow in wisdom, knowledge and love for God and one another. Our faith and trust in our Lord grows exponentially to the fullness of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. Love is the foundation of our belief and our lives show that love by reaching out to bring the message of Christ’s love to many others, encouraging them in their faith walk to join in the family of believers. Together we work to extend the Body of Christ, worshipping and having fellowship together as well as witnessing to the great love of Jesus who died so that we might be saved – eternally. Give thanks to our Lord and our God for guiding us on the path to salvation. Blessed is the Name of our Lord!

Wednesday 14 th March Galatians 2 : 20
A life for a life! When we contemplate on the enormity of our Lord’s sacrifice, we are awed by the amount of love that was given. In the justice system we say, ‘A life for a life’, and if a person has taken the life of another they must pay with their own life. Yet Jesus was totally different. He was without sin and there was no reason for Him to lose His life, yet He willingly gave it up for the lives of many who were not yet born. Your life and mine have been saved through Jesus’ sacrifice. It is the greatest gift ever given to mankind. The love of our Lord for us motivated Him to be willing to lose His life for us. This is a gift from God to all of His Creation. Believe and be saved through the blood shed for us upon the Cross! Thanks and praise be unto Jesus, who died so that we might live!

Thursday 15 th March Psalm 119 : 49 - 56
God’s Promise! We have the assurance that God’s Promises to us will stand for ever. He has promised to take care of us and that brings us hope. He has promised to take care of us and we know that we can rely on Him at all times. We call on the Name of the Lord and He answers us and helps us in our problems. God knows all! He knows how weak and frail we are and how much we need His strong right arm to support us on our path. He has set out rules and laws for our benefit and if we follow them we know that all will be well. Blessed Lord God, thank You for taking care of us, for guiding us along the path of righteousness and watching over us at all times. We rejoice that You are our God and we are Your children. May You always guide us in our living and take us to safe pasture in Your loving care. Praise the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all His benefits!

Friday 16 th March Galatians 1 : 4
Freedom! In our busy lives we often don’t realize that we are in chains. These are the chains of busyness, of power and possessions, of lack of time, of material goods. They hold us tight and we cannot get free. But Jesus came into the world to save us from our captors. He came willingly, in obedience to God, our Father, to set us free from this evil age. He calls us to come and learn the lessons He brings to us. He shows us that our priorities are all wrong. By placing our attention on our Lord, the world and all its attractions fall away. Whatever is needed God will provide. Let go of the trappings of the world and follow our Saviour. He will fulfil our every longing. He will give us peace, love, joy, and kindness so that we can live lives that focus on the important not the selfish. Jesus came to set us free and in His company we are free, indeed. Give thanks to our Lord, Jesus Christ, our Saviour!

Saturday 17 th March Ephesians 5 : 21 - 33
Love in the family! Paul writes very strongly about love in the family. He stresses the importance of faithfulness and respect. He likens the love between husband and wife to the love He has for the church! Christ, as the head of the Church, was ready to give up His life for her. In the same way the love of the husband for his wife must be as pure and true as Christ’s. If love for one another in a family is as pure and true as the love of Christ for us all then there can be everlasting happiness. It is such a blessing to see the pure love of Christ evident in the husband and wife’s love for one another. God created us to be in a loving family, for in this atmosphere we grow in consideration for one another. Give thanks to our Lord who gave us the perfect example of love in a family. Praise God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit for their love to us!

Sunday 18 th March
Lord, there is none like You, and we come today to worship and praise Your Holy Name. You are our Lord and our God and we want no other to lead us but Yourself. Come, Lord, and guide us on our life’s path in service to the One True God of all. We worship and honour You, blessed Lord, and desire to be called, ‘Children of the most-high God.’ Blessed is Your Name, O Lord. You are Holy, indeed, and worthy of every word of praise that we can sing unto You. You guide us each day, Lord, on paths of righteousness, and we want to say we love You, blessed Lord, and desire to be Your own, totally and completely. Hallowed is Your Name, O Lord! Thank You for Your loving kindness and gentle loving care for every single person on earth. Thank You too, Lord, for saving our souls. You mean the world to us Lord, and we praise and thank You for all that You do out of love for the world You came to save. Blessed Jesus, praise Your Holy name. Hallelieuia!


The Sacrament of the Word
Prayer, much prayer, is the price of preaching unction; prayer, much prayer, is the one, sole condition of keeping this unction. Without unceasing prayer the unction never comes to the preacher. Without perseverance in prayer, the unction, like the manna over kept, breeds worms.
How do you and I help? By steady prayer for the preacher, to be sure. But there is something even more vital: holy listening. As the preacher approaches the sacred desk, we deliberately take on a spirit of teachability. As the sacrament of the Word is being administered, we are in an inward posture of kneeing, of receiving. We are all the time listening for the Kol Yahweh, the voice of the Lord. We listen with the mind, and we listen with the heart. All of the time we are examining our lives and breathing prayers of acceptance and application.

Prayer – Finding the heart’s true home
Richard Foster


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