PSALM 119 : 89 - 90

There is no division in the body, but all its different parts have the same concern for one another.
1 Corinthians 12 : 25

Our Ministers
We thank You for the one who brings Your message to us in this community, Lord. Thank You for his diligence and faithfulness. He studies and seeks Your message regularly so that he can bring Your Word to us. Bless him for all that he does to care for the members of this church and helps, counsels, visits and prays for them. Take care of him, Lord, and guide him in all areas of life. There is much to be done, and he applies himself so well. We thank You for Your loving care and guiding Word for his own life as well as for the family of this church. Bless him and his family we pray.

You have filled us with Your love, dear Lord, and have built this community to be as one before You. Thank You for each person who comes and worships amongst us, and joins in the activities that take place. We thank You for this place and for each person who is part of our family of believers. May we grow Lord, in activities that instruct, and help others to grow in their faith walk. May we be faithful witnesses to our Lord, Jesus Christ, and encourage others to get to know Him and follow Him in faith and trust. God, bless us, we pray, as we serve You within this community!

Church Leaders
Thank You for everyone who has offered themselves in service in the church. There are many activities that need people to organize and also help in the work to be done. We need Bible Study leaders, Lord, and we thank You for those who step forward to help. Bless the missions and ministries that there are and for all those who get involved, so that they can serve You to the best of their ability. Bless all our leaders who gather together to discuss and make decisions regarding the activities and missions of the church.

South Africa
God, bless our land South Africa and all her people. May there be peace in all areas of our land. May those who seek to sow confusion and anarchy be stopped, so that we can live in peace and harmony! We pray for the men and women who lead in National as well as Local government. May they know Your leading and be wise in the decisions they take. Bless us with rain across our land so that crops can be planted and grow to feed us. We pray for all those in need this day. May their faith and trust be in Your provision Lord, as You bless and care for all people in South Africa. Thank You, Lord!

The Needy
There are many who are in need of Your help and grace, Lord, for they face illness or other difficulties. May their faith and trust be in Your Hand of blessing, Lord, as they turn to You in their time of need. We pray for Your grace and mercy for us all. Thank You, Lord God!

Monday 16 th April Habakkuk 1 : 5
Trust the Lord! If ever you have a deep concern in your heart take it to the Lord in prayer. God knows all things. He knows the concerns of your heart and will bring the answer you hope for. He is in control of the earth and everyone. He knows what is happening, the good and the bad that happens everywhere. God truly wants the best for all of His Creation, but there are many who pay no heed to the Lord and carry on with their wayward and evil ways and desires. But those who truly desire to know the will of God, our Father, will hear from Him and be guided by Him. He will lay a desire on your heart and will bring your hopes to fulfilment. Do as the Lord instructs. Follow His will and way and all will go well with you. He surrounds His own with loving care and brings their longings to fulfilment. Trust in the Lord and His promises. Thank You Lord for Your favour. Praise Your Holy Name!

Tuesday 17 th April 1 John 2 : 12 - 14
The Written Word! The written word of God is special and precious to us. He wants us to read about His involvement in the lives of men and women through the ages. He writes the truth of His interaction with people, and gives instructions and reveals His will and way to us. The written word will stand for all time. The Bible has been translated into many, many languages so that people all over the world can read and understand the truths therein. It is a privilege to have a Bible in our home, to read often and to refer to it when we need some answers. Also men and women have written down the Word from God to them, and have put these words in books for others to read. Give thanks to our Lord and our God for writing His Word, not only on paper, but on our hearts, so that we will be able to read and know His will and way for our lives. Cherish the Word of God in books.

Wednesday 18 th April Psalm 95 : 1 - 7
Come, praise the Lord Come, let us worship the Lord our God. He created us for His delight and enjoys our worship and praise. We look to Him, desiring His presence and His touch of love. We come before Him to worship and honour Him, to bow before Him and rest in His Glorious Presence. As worship Him, seeking His touch and His Word to us we are aware of His greatness and the magnitude of His love. We are covered with the Spirit of the Lord, guided and helped along the road to Holiness through His teaching and instruction. God longs for our presence. He calls to us to come before Him, to rest a while and to hear His words of love and help to us. Worship the Lord while He may be found. Seek the Lord and lift your hands in worship. God is Mighty, indeed. Praise His Holy Name!

Thursday 19 th April 1 Peter 2 : 9 - 10
God’s chosen ones! We have been chosen by God to proclaim His greatness. We have experienced His touch of love on our lives and want others to know this love in the same way. We live as God has decreed and are living in the light of His glorious love. God has introduced Jesus, His Son, to us and He has become our Lord and Saviour. We are called God’s people, holy and righteous before Him, called to tell others of His beloved Son, Jesus Christ. God purposed for His Son to die for man’s sin – to prepare a place where we can meet God through His Son’s purity and goodness. God is full of love, mercy and grace, and desires that all of His Creation return to Him. This can only be achieved through the sinless life of Jesus Christ, who gave up His life so that we, who love and follow Him, can be assured that we will be with Him in Eternity. Praise God for Jesus Christ, His Son!

Friday 20 th April 1 Timothy 5 : 5
Attitudes! As Christians we should always have a loving and respectful attitude towards all people. We should be helpful towards younger people, encouraging them to grow in their faith and trust in our Lord Jesus Christ. We can offer advice when it is needed and be a help and guide when required. The elderly people of our community are special in that they have been serving our Lord for many years. Take care of them and minister to their needs. Our attitude should always be of help and encouragement. We should be helpers in the church. We do not have to be preachers to serve our Lord. There are many areas of work where we can get involved. Be ready to work and to pray on behalf of the church we attend, to encourage others in their faith walk and to support all Christians at all times. Be ready to step forward in the Name of Jesus and be loving and caring to all.

Saturday 21 st April James 3 : 13 - 18
Be wise! We are called ‘wise’ by our attitude and behaviour towards others. As we serve others as Christ showed us we live lives filled with humility and wisdom. We are gentle and friendly towards people, and we have compassion and willingness to serve with joy. Before we met Christ our attitude was very different. We were selfish and self-centred, prone to irritation and anger, and had very little patience. But the love of the Lord changed us totally and day by day we are growing to be like Jesus, our Lord. Do your very best to be a good ambassador for our Lord. Go out of your way to be friendly and inviting, encouraging others whenever you have opportunity. Your patience, tolerance and good temper show just how much God has changed you through your giving of yourself to Jesus, His Son. You have grown in wisdom and bring honour to the Lord through good behaviour!

Sunday 22 nd April
Lord, there is no one else we would turn to in our hour of need. You are God Almighty, worshipped, adored and honoured, for You are our Creator and our Lord. Blessed is the Name of our Almighty God. He is Holy indeed, and worthy of all our praise and adoration. We love You Lord, and desire to follow You implicitly. We need Your help, Lord, to keep us on the path of righteousness that You have set out before us. Guard our footsteps, Lord, lest they stub against the stones, and fall away from the pathway. We are Your own, and desire to bring You pleasure throughout our lives. Help us to be faithful above all else, and honour You through our living. Blessed God, we worship You. You are our God, our Lord, and Holy Spirit. Without Your hand of grace and love we would be unable to go forward. Help us to bring Your love to many others. We worship You Almighty God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We raise our hands in honour of You. We love You Lord. Blessed is the Name of our Lord and our God – Hallelieuia!

Unceasing Prayer

God does not expect you to dive immediately into the ocean of constant communion and swim from one continent to another. We move into this way through a process of practiced living that is both understandable and practical. And, while this “practice of the presence of God” is strenuous, everything else ceases to be so. We become increasingly focused, increasingly centered, increasingly synoptic. More and more we find ourselves going through the stresses and strains of daily activity with an ease and serenity that amazes us . . . especially us!

Prayer – Finding the heart’s true home
Richard Foster

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