PSALM 40 : 31

Listen! This is the hour to receive God’s favour; today is the day to be saved.
2 Corinthians 6 : 2b

Our Ministers
We pray for blessing for our minister, Lord. May Your favour rest upon Him and Your hand help him each day. You have called him into serving You in this place and community and have taught and guided him each day. Thank You for his dedication and faithfulness, as he cares for the flock You have placed under his leadership. May You help Him by Your Spirit as he prepares the message to bring to Your people, and as he takes care of the administration and concerns of the church. Watch out for him, Lord, and take care of his health and ability to cope with the stress that comes with long hours of service. Bless him and his family, Lord. Thank You!

Thank You for this place where we can come together to worship You in praise and song. You have established Your church in this place, and have brought men and women to join in fellowship and membership. As they come regularly may they grow closer to You Lord, and follow Your will and way for their lives as well as for service in the church. Bless all members Lord, as they gather week by week to honour You and go out to serve You in daily life.

Church Leaders
Bless all those who lead in any way in the church. They offer their services so willingly and we know that You use them to further Your Kingdom. Bless our leaders, no matter where they serve, and may others grow in their knowledge of Your great love through their loyal service. Thank You for calling faithful men and women to serve You here, and in the world, bringing news of Your love to many.

South Africa
Thank You Lord, for Your hand upon Your people in South Africa. May we serve You faithfully no matter where we are, seeking to build up our land. Bless those in Government positions and we pray that they will serve willingly and honestly for the betterment of the people of our land. We pray for Healthcare services Lord, that the hospitals and clinics may operate effectively and give the help that is needed to those who are ill. We thank You Lord for the rain that has fallen across our land and pray for those areas where drought is still prevalent.

The Needy
We call upon You, blessed Lord God, to care for those we name before You now. Many are facing serious illness or require operations, and we place them in Your loving care, asking that You will help and heal them all. Thank You for Your loving care for all people.

Monday 23 rd April Matthew 17 : 20 - 21
Have faith! How deep is your faith and trust in Jesus, Son of God? You have met Him, believed in Him and given your hear to Him, promising to follow His will and way for the rest of your life. Do you believe what He says, as stated in the Bible? If you do, then miracles happen; for anything you ask comes to be. Jesus tells us that we only need faith as small as a mustard seed for us to see mountains move. Are you faithful in thought, word and deed to our Lord? Are you generous and caring in your attitude to others? Are you ready to serve our Lord wherever He sends and to do whatever He asks of you? Faith and faithfulness is all important to God and His Son, Jesus, for He sends the Holy Spirit to help and encourage us in our faith walk. Be full of faith and trust in God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit!

Tuesday 24 th April 2 Corinthians 2 : 5 - 11
Forgive one another! If you have been made sad by something someone has said, or done, you should follow the instructions of the Lord. Forgive! Forgive! Forgive! Don’t hold hardness in your heart, but soften your attitude towards the one who has hurt you and forgive anyway. If you hold on to the hurt it begins to eat at you, and your heart becomes angry, and then the anger makes you lash out and the situation becomes worse. Learn to do as Jesus instructs. Forgive on another. If you hold on to un-forgiveness it can make you bitter and unwell. Learn to let go and give the hurt and pain to God. Ask Him for a loving and forgiving spirit, and go to that person and be deliberate in your forgiveness. As we forgive we are forgiven, and we are accepted into a loving relationship with our Lord once more. Be at peace with the world and let the love of Jesus reign in your heart!

Wednesday 25 th April Psalm 41 : 1 - 3
In sickness and in health! God knows very well what we are going through. Whether in sickness or in health He is always ready to help us in our time of need. There are many illnesses and diseases in our land and among our people. Day by day we receive requests for prayer for those who are facing difficulties in health. No matter what the age of the person is, they are in need of God’s healing touch. “We pray to You Lord, on behalf of our friends and family who are facing ill-health at this time. There are those with broken bones, or problems with breathing, of have flu, or abdominal pain. No matter what ails them Lord, we pray for Your healing to rest upon those we bring before You now. We know that You take care of all of Your people. We pray on their behalf “Please heal us!” Thank You Lord, that You hear every prayer!”

Thursday 26 th April Galatians 2 ; 20
Rejoice in the Lord! When you feel downcast due to circumstances, take joy in the Lord. Sing and rejoice before Him. He will lift your spirits and you will find that you truly are rejoicing in Him. We read this verse in Galatians and claim it for our own life, and through Christ’s grace and love our feelings change and we can truly say, “It is no longer I who live, but it is Christ who lives in me! I live by faith in the Son of God.” When we confess this wonderful verse as our own we find that the selfishness that was consuming us begins to lift and we truly feel like rejoicing in the Lord’s love. God’s grace is wonderful. His love encircles us and the downcast mind is lifted up. We can now sing to the Lord and rise from our time with Him in a better frame of mind, able to attend to the day. Praise the Lord for His loving encouragement. Rejoice in the Lord – always!

Friday 27 th April Zephaniah 2 : 3
Turn back to the Lord! A time is coming when the Lord will look upon the earth, see all that is happening and say, “Enough.” He will come with His power and might and destroy all the wickedness upon the earth. There will be fury from the heavens! We, the people of the earth, have gone against the will and way of the Lord God Almighty. We have abused others to gain power over their lands. We have destroyed the earth through our neglect and our fighting. The Lord is not pleased with us. He calls us again and again to turn back to pure and honest living and to give up waging war against others. He calls us to live in peace and harmony instead of anger and bitter argument. Who are we to defy the Lord God? He can destroy us in one moment. It is not too late. If we change our behaviour and turn back to God perhaps He will be merciful and not destroy us!

Saturday 28 th April 2 Corinthians 12 : 7 - 10
The Grace of God! There are many people who have faced serious illness, and wondered if the time of trial would ever end. In the midst of such trauma it is usual to fret about the time it takes to get through it and come out OK. We forget that God is in full control and can relive our circumstances at any moment. Often He does miraculous healings but at other time He doesn’t. He wants us to know that through the darkest night He is by our side and that His Grace will bring us through. Trust in the Lord our God, who will never allow more than we can handle. Give God thanks in the midst of trial, for He is faithful and true and will carry you through. When we are weak God’s power is strong and helping you in the most beneficial way. Give thanks to God for His consistency and loving kindness. His Grace is all we need!

Sunday 29 th April
We come to praise You, Lord, for You are our God, and we desire no other to lead us. You care for us so well, and we thank You for Your leading and blessing that You pour out so generously. Not one day goes past without our seeking Your presence, Lord, for we cannot live without Your loving care. Your hand of help and healing is always upon us, Lord, and we are grateful that You never turn away from us but are watching over us every moment of every day. It is an honour to come into Your presence, to seek You through Your Word, the Bible, and to listen for Your still small voice, whispering in the depth of our hearts. Your love sustains us Lord, and we rejoice that we are called Your own. Blessed God—Father, Son and Holy Spirit, thank You that You called us to be Your own. Day by day we grow deeper in love with You Lord, and want to do Your will. Praise You, Lord, and we thank You for all Your loving care. Hallelieuia!

Unceasing Prayer

Steady, faithful communion is in some ways easier than our normal way of praying. It is harder to pray inconsistently than consistently in the same way it is harder to play a good game of tennis when we only practice once in a while. Do we really think we can experience integration of heart, mind, and spirit with an erratic prayer life? Do we really believe we can, like Moses, “speak face to face” with God as someone would with a friend by our unpredictable prayers? No, we develop intimacy by regular association. We develop ease as well. Why ease? Because we are forming fixed habits of righteousness. In time these “holy habits” will do their work of integration so that praying becomes the easy thing, the natural thing, the spontaneous thing – the hard thing will be to refrain from prayer.

Prayer – Finding the heart’s true home
Richard Foster

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