PSALM 104 : 33 - 34

”Listen!” says Jesus. “I am coming soon! Happy are those who obey the prophetic words in this book!”
Revelation 22 : 7

Our Ministers
We come Lord, with thankful hearts, for You have given us one who follows You closely and teaches us how to do the same. You have called him and instructed him in the task required for Your church. Bless him Lord, as he spends time before You seeking Your will and way for his own life as well as for the church and people of this congregation. Instruct Him Lord, through Your Holy Spirit of the tasks You require to be fulfilled. Thank You for the time spent in studying Your Word and preparation of the message to bring to Your people in this place. Guide him, guard him and care for him each day, Lord, we pray!

You have blessed us Lord God, as we gather together, to worship You and to praise Your Holy Name. You have given us this place where we come in Your Name, to have fellowship with others who believe, and to help all people to grow through the teachings and fellowship here. Thank You for the love that is shared amongst us as fellow believers, and for the eagerness, to live and grow as Your own. Bless Your church and people, Lord, we pray in Jesus Name!

Church Leaders
There are men and women who have stepped forward to serve You wherever there is a need. Thank You for each one who has willingly taken on the challenge as leader for some activity. You have called them and instructed them, and they have been obedient, desiring to help others grow in their faith and trust in You, Lord! Bless each one who has accepted the responsibility of teaching or instructing others in study of the Word or of life skills as a follower of Jesus Christ.

South Africa
Bless our land and people, Lord, and draw them closer to serve You. We pray for peace and harmony amongst workers who are striking for better working conditions. There are many areas where there are demonstrations that have turned violent and destructive. We pray for an end to that behaviour, and that peaceful discussions could take place to solve the issues that have been raised. Thank You for the rains that have fallen all over our land, and that the dams are full. You provide for our needs, Lord, and we give You thanks and praise for Your continuing loving care for us all!

The Needy
Lord, bless and heal those who are not well. There are many who are in need of Your healing care, and as we name them before You now, we pray for Your hand of blessing upon each one. Hear our prayer, O Lord, we pray, and help all those in need this day. Thank You, Lord!

Monday 14 th May Ephesians 6 : 15
Announce the Good News! As Christians we are called to spread the message of Jesus Christ far and wide. We must be ready to speak of our faith whenever we are given opportunity. The Good News must be spread around and it is our duty to tell others of God’s love for them. Once our hearts have been touched by the Lord we will find it difficult to keep quiet about His loving kindness. We know the truth – that Jesus came to earth to draw us back into a right relationship with God, our Father. Jesus gave His life so that we can be saved. How can we keep quiet about Him! His love has touched us and we have been changed. Speak of Christ and His love. Share His message with others, encouraging them to meet Him. Tell of the way He touched our hearts and how He wants all people to know of His great love for them. Tell others about our Lord and Saviour!

Tuesday 15 th May 1 Thessalonians 4 : 1 - 12
Live pleasing God! We always need to be conscious of the way we are living. Are we fully in the Lord’s care, living as He desires, or are we living just to please ourselves? God calls us to holy living, a life that conforms to what He requires of us – a life that honours Him no matter what we are doing. We need to live honest, upright lives, honourable in every way and kind to all we meet and interact with. We need to be like Jesus, our Lord and Saviour, who lived a pure and holy life. He was measured in His approach to others, kind and gentle in His speech and loving towards all. He lived as God required, faithful in thought, word and deed and He calls us to live life like that as well. Live with respect for all people and do all the good you can. Such a life will please God and His blessing will rest upon you. Give thanks to our God!

Wednesday 16 th May John 17 : 24 - 26
The Love of the Lord the Love of Jesus is ours. He tells God, our Father that He has made Him known to us and will continue to do so. God’s love is so great it flows over everyone. Jesus acknowledges this great love through these words, “I made You known to them and I will continue to do so, in order that the love You have for Me may be in them, and so that I may be in them!” God’s love for His Creation is Eternal. He loves us so much that He gave us Jesus and He was living, breathing proof of God’s love! Jesus touches our hearts and we cannot help but respond to that loving touch. He changes us from selfishness to selflessness, from lack of care to caring deeply for others. Jesus’ love changes us from the inside out. We know God’s love and we love others with His love. This is the greatest gift of all. The Love of God lives in our hearts through Jesus in us. No greater love have we ever experienced - than Jesus giving up His life for us!

Thursday 17 th May John 7 : 10 - 18
Teaching of the Lord! Jesus was a wonderful teacher. He gave credit for His teaching to God, His Father. He learnt at God’s knees what He should teach the people. He gave honour to God, saying that He taught under God’s authority. Knowledge of what Jesus taught came from God, our Father. Jesus was willing to learn from God and to pass this knowledge on to others. God gave Him the ability to teach, bringing the Word to the Jewish people. He knew instinctively what to teach. He knew God’s will and obeyed it. Still today we learn from Jesus as we read His message and come to Him seeking his will and way for our lives. We grow in knowledge and learn what Jesus teaches us. Give thanks to our Lord and Saviour, who wants us to learn the will and way of God Almighty for our lives. Praise God, our Lord and our Teacher!

Friday 18 th May Jeremiah 5 : 1 - 5
Where are the faithful ones? God is looking for the people who are faithful to Him. Can He find anyone? He is searching far and wide, but all He finds are people who follow their own desires. God is searching for people who live as He desires. He calls to them, wanting to bless them, but they don’t heed His call. People are too busy following their own will and way and do not heed God. Surely there must be some who seek the Lord and desire to belong to Him. Where are these people? God is seeking the faithful! He wants to gather them close to His loving heart and bless them abundantly. Turn to the Lord while He may be found. Turn away from worldly desires and come to the Lord to seek His will and way. God is waiting for us, right now! Won’t you heed His call! Come and worship the Lord of all. He is your Lord and God. Praise and bless the Lord, our Saviour and our God!

Saturday 19 th May John 17 : 13
The Joy of the Lord is my strength! There are times in life when there seems to be no joy! We drift from one day to another, going through the rote of daily tasks, but there is no happiness in what we are doing. Why does this happen? Have we been so concentrated on the busyness of our lives that we have neglected to spend time with the Lord? If so, we need to realize this, and turn once more to seek our Lord. We will find that quiet joy will fill us again. The presence of the Lord brings joy! With Jesus by our side and in our hearts we can face the world with confidence and joy. The sorrow we experienced disappears and we are able to move forward with Jesus once more with an enthusiasm for life. Jesus is our joy and strength. With Him in our life we can cope. Give thanks to our Lord – for the joy of the Lord is our strength!

Sunday 20 th May
On this day when we gather together for worship and praise of You, dear Lord, we come with thankfulness in our hearts, for you have brought us through the past week in safety. We look to You, Lord, for You are our help and saviour each day. We go out every morning with a prayer of thanks for keeping us safe throughout the night, and pray for a day in Your loving care, enabled to do a full day’s work. We give You praise Lord God, for Your provision each day, and for the health and strength to carry on. We look to You, O Lord, for comfort and guidance, for You are our Father, our Provider and Protector. May Your will be known to us Lord, and may we faithfully fulfil whatever You require us to do. It is an honour to be called a son or daughter of the Most High God, and we desire to bring You pleasure through our obedience to Your call upon our lives. Blessed is Your Name, O God. You are Holy, and we give You honour. Father God, blessed Jesus and Holy Spirit, may Your presence fill us and guide us each day to do Your will in our lives. Hallelieuia!

Breath Prayer

As Christians over the centuries have sought to follow the biblical injunction to “pray without ceasing,” they have developed two fundamental expressions of Unceasing Prayer. The one is more formal and liturgical; the other is more conversational and spontaneous. The first has its origin in the Eastern Christian hesychastic tradition and is usually called aspiratory prayer or breath prayer. The idea has its roots in the Psalms where a repeated phrase reminds us of an entire Psalm, for example, “O Lord, You have searched me and know me” (Psalm 139:1). As a result the concept arose of a short, simple prayer of petition that can be spoken in one breath, hence the name “breath prayer”. The most famous of the breath prayers is the Jesus Prayer: “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.”

Prayer – Finding the heart’s true home
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