I pray that your love will keep on growing more and more, together with true knowledge and perfect judgement, so that you will be able to choose what is best.

Philippians 1 : 9 - 10


Our Ministers

Bless the one who ministers to us dear Lord. Teach and instruct him in Your will and ways, Lord, and guide and guard him day by day. He is Your chosen one to lead the people of this community, and we ask that You will be with him as he prepares the message to bring to us. Help him in all the duties that are his responsibility, and enable him to carry out what is required with strength and ability. We praise You Lord, for Your choice of the person to lead us. He is faithful to You in every way and teaches us of Your great love for all of mankind. Bless and guard him and his family, we pray!


We meet here Lord, to worship You and praise You through prayer and song, and to hear Your message preached. You have blessed us with this place where we gather together in Your Name. May all who attend here grow in their relationship with You through their learning and sharing of Your love and grace. Blessed Lord God, we honour You and thank You for this place of worship that You have established. Bless this church and all who enter her doors!

Church Leaders

Thank You for the men and women who have stepped forward in answer to some need. They are willing to learn so as to be able to instruct and help others grow in their relationship and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank You for the work they put into the area that they are responsible for. We thank You for Sunday School Teachers, those who help the youth, or lead Bible Study, or serve in administration, or run women’s or men’s groups. There are many areas where people can serve, Lord, and we thank You for everyone who has answered Your call to serve as leader, thank You!

South Africa

God, bless our land and people, we pray. All across our land we see violence, strikes, murders, and loss of life. Our hearts cry out to You, O Lord. Come and heal our land. Lead us Lord, to repent of all that is wrong and be willing to come to You and ask for Your hand of restoration for us. We need You Lord. Come in Your Glory and touch the hearts of us all in this land. May we be able to work together to find a solution to all the hatred and division that is taking place. We are Your people Lord, help us and heal us, we pray!

The Needy

We know of many, Lord, who are in need of Your helping, healing hand for their lives. Many are lying in hospital, very ill, yet living in the hope of Your healing touch. We name our loved ones before you now, Lord. Come and heal the broken bodies of Your children! Hear our cry rising up to You, O Lord. In Your mercy heal our loved ones we pray!



Monday 21 st May               Matthew 14 : 22 - 32

Jesus says, “Come”!        The circumstances in the middle of the night were totally different from the norm. Jesus came to the disciples, walking on the water! The wind and the waves were rising and the boat the disciples were in was tossed about. They saw the figure of Jesus coming towards them and they were amazed. Peter, impetuous as always, asks Jesus to order him to come to Him. While He was quite far from the boat Jesus says, “Come”! Peter boldly steps out of the boat to make his way to Jesus. He kept his eyes on the Lord, but was then distracted by the wind and the waves and his focus shifted from Jesus to his situation, and he began to sink. Jesus took hold of Peter and together they got into the boat. “Why did you doubt?” Jesus asks Peter. If we can keep our eyes on Jesus then we are safe, no matter the circumstances. Jesus bids us, “Come”. Have we enough faith to do so?

Tuesday 22 nd May               Ezekiel 33 : 10 - 20

Individual Responsibility!   We cannot claim that past behaviour is sufficient to save us now! We have to live in the moment just as God has instructed us to do. Today is the day to dedicate ourselves anew to the Lord. Today is the day we must turn from the past and begin to live fully as the Lord’s own. God requires purity of heart, soul, mind and strength. We need to live as He requires. We have been shown the right way – the Road to Holiness. Why are we not walking as God wants us to? We need to heed God’s instructions. Turn from following false gods and do as God requires. God will judge us by our behaviour. We need to live as He decrees. Live faithfully serving Him in all our living – not deviating from the path He has set before us. He will guide our footsteps. Trust in the Lord in all your living. He will show you the right way. Take responsibility for your deeds and actions.

Wednesday 23 rd May          John 17 : 25 - 26

God, our Father!   Jesus rightly said of God, “The world does not know You.” All across the world there are millions of people who have never heard of our God! Many worship strange gods. Others worship nothing. But those who know God and acknowledge Him as Lord of all are truly blessed. Jesus comes into our hearts and introduces us to our Father – God Almighty. There is no other who we should worship. Our Triune God—Father, Son and Holy Spirit is our beloved God. Day by day Jesus shows us more and more of the love that God, our Father, has for us. Jesus is in our hearts and through Him we know the love that God our Father has for us. God loves the world He created and everything and everybody. He pours out loving kindness on us. He welcomes us into His presence and blesses us abundantly. Share God with others, so that they too can grow to know Him. God is Almighty, worthy of all praise and adoration.

Thursday 24 th May             Colossians 3 : 1 - 2

Set your heart on heaven!   There is a saying, “He is so heavenly-minded that he is no earthly good”. Yet this verse in Colossians is saying the opposite, “Keep your minds fixed on this things in heaven, not on things here on earth”! God wants us to concentrate on the reward we will receive at the end of our faithful life as a Christ follower. Then we will be in heaven with our Lord, enjoying His presence forever. Those who concentrate on the things of the earth will not achieve what Christ has promised to those who are constantly faithful to Him. The world holds attractions, but the heavenly abode holds far more for us. Look to the future. It will be with our Lord forever. Our lives are dedicated to Jesus and that does not change when we leave this world. We are promised eternity with Jesus, in heaven. Rejoice in this glorious promise!

Friday 25 th May             Matthew 20 : 25 - 28

Be a servant! Jesus spoke very strongly about servanthood. He heard His disciples arguing about greatness and took the opportunity to enforce His teaching that no one is greater than the other. We are called to serve. This is to be done, no matter where we are; who we are with; even against our natural inclinations which is to want to be first. Jesus, our Lord, was willing to suffer and die for us all. He could have had legions of angels at His bidding, but that was not His way. He let Himself be the least of men, called a traitor, though He was without fault. He served all of mankind through the sacrifice of His life for us. If our Lord considered Himself a servant, who are we to think ourselves greater that Jesus? We aren’t! We are called to serve, always considering others before ourselves. We can do no less!

Saturday 26 th May           John 7 : 24

Standards! What standards do we live by? We learn standards at home as we grow up. Our parents have certain standards that they expect us to follow. There are also general standards of decency, kindness and respect. As a Christian there are other standards that we must follow – standards that are higher and more stringent than many others. These are the true standards that Jesus speaks of. “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength, and your neighbour as yourself!” Jesus tells us that this standard is the one above all others that we must follow. Jesus lived to this standard. Can we do the same? At time we might fail but we should all try to live up to this standard. Blessed is the Lord our God. May He guide us in the right way and to the true standards of living!

Sunday 27 th May                

We come together Lord God, to worship and praise You this day. We raise our voices in songs of worship and prayers of praise. We love You Lord, and rejoice that we can come together and spend time in worship and hearing Your Word spoken to us. You know the deepest needs of our hearts, and come in Your Glory to bless us and speak to us. We are thankful Lord, for Your presence with us this day, and for the joy we have in our hearts, and we sing and praise Your Holy name. You are our Lord and our God and we know no other that we would follow. Blessed is the Son of God Almighty, Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour, blessed Son of Heaven above. Blessed is Your Name, O Lord, we come in worship and linger in Your loving presence, longing to hear Your words of blessing and guidance to us. You are Holy, indeed, Lord, and we honour and praise Your holy Name. Thanks be to God Almighty and His Son, Jesus, our Lord and Saviour, and to the Holy Spirit. Praise to our God, now and forever more. Hallelieuia!


Breath Prayer

But the Jesus prayer is only one example. It is also possible to discover your own individual breath prayer. One evening some years ago I was out jogging, when a dozen or more breath prayers poured from my lips. These are a few of those prayers: “O Lord, baptize me with love”; “Teach me gentleness, Father”; “Jesus let me receive Your grace”: “Gracious Master, remove my fear”; “Reveal my sin, O Holy Spirit”; “Lord Jesus, help me to feel loved.”

Note the brevity of each of the prayers – seldom more than seven or eight syllables. Also note the sense of nearness and intimacy: God is addressed in a close personal way. See too how the person praying expresses dependence, docility, and trust – the opposite of self-reliance. Then notice that the prayers are all requests.

Breath prayer is discovered more than created. We are asking God to show us his will, his way, his truth for our present need.

Prayer – Finding the heart’s true home

Richard Foster



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