So then, dear brothers and sisters, stand firm and steady. Keep busy always in your work for the Lord, since you know that nothing you do in the Lord’s service is ever useless.

1 Corinthians 15 : 58



Our Ministers

 Thank You, Lord, for the message that is brought to us by Your servant. You have appointed him to lead the church, and we thank You for his faithfulness and devotion. There are great responsibilities on his shoulders, and we give You thanks for keeping him strong and focused on the work You have given him to do. Continue to bless him and inspire him by Your Holy Spirit that he can continue to serve Your people with devotion. Thank You too Lord, for his family and their support of him in all that is under his responsibility. Guide and help him day by day, and bless his family too, we pray!


Thank You for this place of worship Lord. You have established Your church in this place, and continue to bless her, guide her, and enable her to spread word of Your Son to many. Thank You for the fellowship and love that is shared with all those who attend. Bless all the activities, Lord, and guide those who lead in Your will and way for this establishment. May we continue to spread word of the Gospel and of our Lord and Saviour to many who do not yet know You!

Church Leaders

You have raised up men and women to be leaders in the various missions that have been established. Thank You for each one who desires to serve You, using the talents You have given them. They serve You Lord, either teaching, or leading in many different areas of responsibility. Thank You for each one who has heard Your call and has responded positively. Bless all who lead Lord, and seek Your will and way for their area of service. Bless all our leaders, Lord!

South Africa

Thank You for our land and people Lord. There are so many good people who serve You with heart and soul, but there are many more who do not yet know and follow You. We pray for all citizens of our land, that they may know Your loving kindness in their lives, and begin to serve You in faithfulness and trust. We pray for Your blessings and guidance for our leaders, that they may do all to help the poor and needy of our land, and to serve with faithfulness and diligence. Bless those who are facing hardship across many areas of South Africa, and who rely on the grace and favour of Your people to help them in their time of need. God, bless South Africa, we pray and guide her leaders in Your will and way.

The Needy

There are so many who are in need Lord. We bring them to You, praying for Your help and healing power to touch them in this hour of need. May Your presence bring them comfort and strength to endure throughout this difficult time.

Monday 28 th May                Colossians 1 : 1 - 13

Give thanks!    Do we regularly give thanks to God for His loving care for us? Do we thank Him for the words of love, help and guidance? Do we look to Him for words of encouragement and thank Him for His grace and favour? Our loving Lord is always watching over us and guide us imperceptibly in the way He wants us to go. He sends others across our path who impart a word of knowledge to us. Others have discussions that help us make a change in our thinking and so be more in line with what the Lord requires. God reveals His will for us for us to grow into the likeness of His Son. He teaches and instructs us in the way to worship, to honour Him and to live a life that pleases Him. God’s touch is upon our lives each day, filling our hearts with love and joy. Rejoice over our Lord who cares for us with unending love, grace, mercy and hope. Give thanks to God!


Tuesday  29 th May               Ephesians 2 ; 20 - 22

Union with the Lord!   It is wonderful to think that God is using us as building blocks for a place where He lives through His Spirit. The foundation to this Holy Place was laid by the apostles and prophets upon the cornerstone which is Christ Himself. The foundation is firm and cannot be moved and the Church is growing day by day through the men and women who belong to Christ. The faithfulness of His followers enables them to be used by God to strengthen the walls – to make the Temple grow to be a beautiful place dedicated to the Lord Almighty. What a privilege to be counted as a foundation stone for the Church of Jesus Christ. Let us build a beautiful temple that will bring honour to His Name. In union with our Lord we are building a temple that will last for eternity. Praise the Lord God Almighty!


Wednesday 30 th May             John 13 : 12 - 15

Servants!   Jesus used an extreme measure to make His point about service. He told His disciples that He did not come to be served, but to serve! He enforced the lesson by performing a service that was usually done by the least slave. He took a towel and a basin of water and washed the disciples’ feet. In those days it was common practise for a slave to wash the feet of the traveller. Today we do this in remembrance of Christ’s example and it is an extremely humbling experience. We are reminded that we too must have servant hearts and be ready to serve others just as our Lord did. We need our hearts to change – to become humble. We need to be thoughtful of others and do whatever we can to help – no matter who, or what, or when. We are servants of God Almighty, instructed to go and do as His Son did – to be servants to all of mankind!


Thursday  31 st May             Revelation 7 : 9 - 17

God’s loving care!   We read in Revelation of the future that awaits us. Crowds of people passed through hardship, called the terrible persecution, and are safely in the presence of the Lord, the Lamb of God. In the presence of God all are protected from hunger, thirst and from scorching heat. Christ the Lamb of God will be their shepherd and will lead them to life giving water. God Himself will wipe the tears from their eyes. In the presence of God Almighty and the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ, we will be safe forever more. We will join with the heavenly host in worshipping our God with praise, honour, glory, wisdom, power and might. We will sing praises and hallelieuia’s to our Lord and our King. We will be safe forever more. In that blissful state we will be fulfilled and complete, for God has made it so! Praise God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit!


Friday 1 st June             1 John 4 : 7 - 21

God is Love!   As we read this passage we encounter the love that God has for us, His Creation. We were created in love, for God is love in every way and everything He made has been done through His love. In the light of this love and the experience of God’s touch of love on our lives how can we ever think of living beyond His love? It is not possible, for God is in control of everything and He touches it all with His love. We experience His loving kindness and His touch enfolds us. We respond with prayers of love, adoration and worship. God protects us with His love. He won’t let any harm come to us. God’s love is us enables us to love others as He does. He fills our hearts with desire for His presence, His guidance and His help. We want to serve our loving God with everything in us. He draws us closer to His side through His love. Praise God for His love for us and everything good that He gives to us. Blessed is the name of our God!


Saturday 2 nd June           Psalm 115 : 1 - 18

Blessings!  What do blessings mean to you? God wants to bless us in many ways. He blesses us as our Father, who watches over us and cares for us. He protects us each day, watching out for us and that is a blessing. God has given us family, sons and daughters for us to be blessed in the relationships we form. He gives us work to do, that satisfies us and that is such a blessing, for our busyness is a delight to Him. God gives us friends to share our journey of life – friends that love and support us in so many ways. God gives us a place where we can gather to worship him and fellowship with other believers, and is truly a wonderful blessing. The one blessing above others is that God loves us with unending love, seeking the best for us in all our living. Give thanks to our Lord who blesses us so magnificently. Praise the Lord, O my soul, and bless His Holy name!


Sunday 3 rd June                 

All glory, praise and honour be unto our Lord and our God. We worship You, blessed Lord, and raise Your Name High. There is none other who we would honour in this way, but only You, our beloved Lord, Jesus Christ. You called us to be Your own, and we responded gladly. We follow You, dear Lord, and want to know Your will and way every day of our lives. We come Lord, to bless Your Name, to praise You and to thank You for caring for us and leading us of this journey towards Eternity. You have touched our hearts, Lord, with Your love, and have challenged us to love like You do. May we fulfil Your will in our lives Lord, and teach others about You, so that they too may know You, love You and follow You faithfully. Blessed is the Name of our Lord and our God. Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit, we live to serve You and to bring You honour through our living as Your own. Praise and honour, glory and power be unto our God. Blessed is Your Name! Hallelieuia!



Breath Prayer

Here is one way you can discover a breath prayer for yourself. Find some uninterrupted time and a quiet place and sit in silence, being held in God’s loving presence. After a few moments allow God to call you by name: “Christy, Nathan, Joel, Tess, Carolynn, Peter, Paul, or Joy! Next, allow this question to surface: ”What do you want?” answer this question simply and directly. Maybe a single word will come to your conscious mind: “Peace, faith, strength”. Perhaps it will be a phrase: ”to understand Your truth”, “to feel Your love”. Next connect this phrase with the most comfortable way you have of speaking about God: “Blessed Saviour, Abba, Immanuel, Holy Father, Gracious Lord. Finally you will want to write out your breath prayer, staying within what is comfortable to say in one breath.

Prayer – Finding the heart’s true home

Richard Foster


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