My prayer is that our friendship with you as believers will bring about a deeper understanding of every blessing which we have in our life in union with Christ.

Philemon v 6


Our Ministers

You have appointed a special person to lead this church, Lord. May Your hand of blessing be upon him every moment, so that he can remain strong in his faith and trust in You and Your loving kindness. Guide and help him each day, as he serves the people You have placed in this community. May he know You closeness as he searches the Word that You desire him to bring to us. Watch over him as he deals with all the issues and busyness of each day, and may his reliance on Your help be absolute. Bless him and his family Lord, and increase the Body of the Church that he leads. Thank You!


You have blessed us as Your community of believers in this place, O Lord. We give You thanks for everyone who comes to seek You and remain to join in this community. You have established this church and we pray that we may faithfully support all the work and missions that take place here. Bless us as Your people Lord, that we may grow in our relationship with You as well as in our fellowship with other believers, You have brought us together in this place, and we pray that we may witness effectively to all people who come through these doors to join in praise and worship of You, Lord God!

Church Leaders

You raise up men and women to be leaders Lord, and we thank You for each one who has accepted the position. Help them Lord in all their responsibilities, and eagerness to draw people closer to Your side, as well as teaching young people about Your loving kindness. There are many duties Lord, and we pray for efficient, and effective leadership in our church and community. Bless all those who lead, Lord, we pray!

South Africa

God, bless our land South Africa, and all her people. We pray for many more of our people to gather together in Your name, and be willing to serve You to the best of their ability. We pray especially for those in leadership positions – in Government, both national and local, that they may obey the oath of office that they agreed to and be honest in all their dealings. Bless all our leaders Lord, and challenge them in those areas which are not in line with Your requirements for leaders. We pray for all our people, and for peace and harmony across our land. God, bless us, we pray, as we seek to live together under One God, Lord Almighty. Thank You!

he Needy

We know so many Lord, who are in need of Your grace, love and healing power. May Your touch of love restore each one we name to full health and well-being. Your presence brings comfort in the midst of trials Lord. Thank You for Your care for all of us, blessed Lord!


Monday 4 th June               Psalm 139 : 1 - 24

God knows all!   There is nothing that can be hidden from God. Our deepest thoughts, those that we would never share with anyone – He knows! Our highest unselfish actions that we do out of sight of family and friends – He sees! He knows our thoughts – what captures our mind – the pure and honourable as well as the dark and shameful ones. Nothing can be hid from Him. To know this challenges us to live a highly moral and honest life that will please our God. And so we cry out to Him, “Examine me, O God, and know my mind; test me and discover my thoughts. Find out if there is any evil in me and guide me in the everlasting way!” As we open our hearts and minds before God He will show us if there is anything that needs to be repented of; or turned away from. God requires an honest and truthful way of living that will bring Him honour at all times. God knows all and watches over His children with total love!

Tuesday 5 th June               Genesis 7 : 1 - 24

The Flood!   When we think of all the adverse weather that is being experienced across the world we cannot help but think of the great flood that God sent as punishment to the world. There have been a great deal of storms, hurricanes, typhoons in many places, and people have felt the destructive power of water. In Noah’s time God sent the rain as punishment for the wickedness of man. Today seems no different. Evil spreads its wings across the world and millions turn their backs on God and continue in their wicked ways. As Christians we need to beg God’s forgiveness for being so wayward. We need to be faithful to our Lord and our God and pray fervently that people will change and turn to follow Christ, and listen and obey what He tells us to do. We pray for our world and all people, that God will pity us and bless us and never again bring total destruction to our planet. Praise God Almighty for His Grace and Favour!

Wednesday 6 th June          Isaiah 54 : 4 - 8

The Comfort of God’s Love!   There are times in life when things happen to shake our confidence. The issues are totally out of our control and we feel despondent and unable to cope. Then God tells us to read these verses and we realize that He knows and understands our feelings, and comes to comfort us. God wants us restored to wholeness, that place where we will not dwell on the things that hurt us, but instead put our faith and trust in our Almighty loving and caring God. When God says He will be like a husband to us, He means it. He is loving, kind and caring and wants the best for us. He tells us, “I will show you My love for ever!” God’s love brings comfort, restoration to the broken soul. His love will never end. Thank You Lord for Your loving kindness!

Thursday 7 th June             John 21 : 15 - 17

Our ongoing love story!   Many times in our lives Jesus asks us, “Do you love Me?” We answer, “Yes, Lord, You know that I love You.” Over time we might feel that the question and answer is too repetitive, but Jesus has a reason for asking us again and again. Our love for Him needs to grow more and more as our life goes on. We need to fall in love with Jesus time after time till thoughts of Him fill our being. Then, in truth, we can tell Him of our love – “Lord, I love You more than anything – more than life itself. All I desire is found in You!” Love like this will never fade but will consume us for the rest of our lives. We love our Lord and worship, praise and honour Him with our whole being. Blessed is the Lord God Almighty. He is worthy of praise and adoration. He is all in all to me. Praise the Name of Jesus, my Lord and Saviour!

Friday 8 th June             Psalm 95 : 1 - 7

Come and worship! As we read these verses from this Psalm let the words rise up in you in adoration of our Lord and our God. Praise Him, for He is Mighty and wonderful in every way. Come into His presence with thanksgiving in your hearts and raise songs of praise with joy. Bow down before Him and offer yourself to Him in loving attention. Kneels before the God of all. Thank Him for His Grace and Favour, His loving kindness and for His presence with us. He is all in all to us and He gave us the greatest gift of love when He gave us His Son, Jesus Christ. Praise God for the Holy Spirit, ever present in our lives, teaching and guiding us in God’s will for us. Our whole life should be one of praise and thanksgiving, making a joyful noise unto the Lord. Praise God from whom all blessings flow. Praise Him, morning, noon and night! Worship the Lord!

Saturday 9 th June           1 Corinthians 14 : 9 - 12

A clear message! When the disciples spoke to the crowd on the day of Pentecost they spoke in many languages, as the Holy Spirit enabled them. The people in the crowd were amazed to hear the message in languages they understood. The Holy Spirit gave the disciples this ability to reach many, many people. This was not the speaking in tongues as we understand it today, but known languages, so that the message could be clearly understood. In the church today many speak in tongues, but not all people understand the message. It is better to speak in known languages as the message of God’s love and grace is brought to the people. A clear message is understood and as preachers tell of Christ and His love for all people many will hear and desire to know Christ in their lives. A clearly understood message is needed, so that all people can hear and know the truth of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour!

Sunday 10 th June                

Praise the Lord, O my soul, let all that is within me praise His Holy Name. We thank You Lord God, for Your loving kindness toward us and Your watchful care for us every minute of our lives. We are honoured to call You our Lord and our God, and we offer our prayers of adoration and love to You right now. You have blessed us abundantly and guide us each moment of our lives. Thank You for Your help in the difficult moments of our lives, and Your support through the wonder of Your presence when we have reached the end of our tether and turn seeking You as the only solace we need. You are our Lord, and we lift You high, blessed Father, wonderful Jesus and holy Spirit. Without You we could not survive, and with Your loving presence, help and guidance we can know a wonderful existence. Blessed are You, O Lord, and we thank You for the way You help and guide us each day. We praise You, we worship You, we fall to our knees before You. Loving Lord, honour be to Your Holy Name. Hallelieuia!


Breath Prayer

Over the next few days allow God to adjust your breath prayer ever so slightly. You may have written down, “Help me to understand Your truth, Lord.” But after a day or two of prayer, you realize that what you really need is not so much understanding of God’s truth as to live God’s truth. Hence you begin praying, “Help me to live Your truth, Lord.”

Begin praying your breath prayer as often as possible. Allow God to plant it deep into the depths of your spirit. Do not rush or change prayers too quickly. Sometimes – not always, but sometimes – we reach a point beyond this prayer where we are stilled within and without. Christ is before us. Christ is behind us. Christ surrounds us and is through us. This is a point where we let go of our labour and be with God.

Prayer – Finding the heart’s true home

Richard Foster

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