I am telling you the truth: those who believe in Me will do even greater things, because I am going to the Father.

John 14 : 12


Our Ministers

We are blessed by the one who has been appointed to pastor/minister to this church and community. God has chosen the one who will care for and nurture His people, and teach them from the Word. We give thanks to God for him and his family and for the faithful dedication to the work God has given him to do. We give thanks for a life filled with love and kindness, and generosity of spirit and for the care for all members of this community. Thank You too Lord, for the time spent before You in preparation of the message You desire him to bring to Your people. We pray for his well-being, Lord, and strength for the daily tasks!


Bless us Lord God, as we gather together as Your people in this place. You have established this church and we give You honour and thanks. We also thank You for every person who comes through these doors and joins in worship and praise, and hears the message that is given. We pray for growth in their faith life and a closer walk with You that they may grow in their relationship with You. Bless this place and all the people who attend here. Thank You, Lord, for our community.

Church Leaders

People have responded to the call to lead in many of the ministries that need to take place. We thank you for each one and praise You that you have equipped them with the talents and willingness to do what is required. There are many areas where faithfulness is required, and we bless each one who has stepped up to lead in that area. Thank You for those who lead Bible Study, or Home Groups, or Sunday School, or women’s meetings or any of the other gatherings. Bless all their activities Lord, as they work to promote You each day!

South Africa

God bless our land and people in South Africa, we pray. We need Your guidance, Lord, when violence affects many innocent people. We pray for peace across our land, and that the perpetrators of this violence may be apprehended and brought to justice. Lord, watch over those in leadership and help them establish peace across our land. We pray for many innocent people who are caught up in the trouble that is all around. God, bless us and help us work together in harmony for the betterment of life for all the people of South Africa.

The Needy

We bring our loved ones to You Lord God, asking for help and healing for them in this time of need. Your loving care supports and helps each one, and we give You thanks and praise for Your watchful care for all people!


Monday 25 th June               James 4 : 13 - 17

Include the Lord in your plans!   We are warned to include the Lord in all our plans. Only He knows what tomorrow will bring. We plan so many things – move to a new country or new job, or holiday. But we forget to include the Lord in those plans. God knows all things and what is right and good for us, and also what will not be good for us. Seek His advice! We don’t know what tomorrow holds, but we can be sure that God is in control. He has plans for us that we don’t know, but if we seek Him, and rely on His word to us, that will please Him. His plans were made before even one day began. God is the God of order. All that He does is fulfilled in the heavenly realm before even one day has been fulfilled on earth. God doesn’t make mistakes. Trust Him in all your living and include Him in your plans. Be thankful for His help to make the right plans!

Tuesday 26 th June               Psalm 54 : 1 - 7

Protection!   Day by day we are aware of the dangers all around. We have to have protection for our homes; we need to be watchful on the roads; we need to be observant in busy shopping areas and not be careless about our possessions. Every day we hear of crime and violence and it would be very easy to live in a state of fear and lock ourselves away. But we have God on our side, who cares for us and protects us from harm by evil men. He is our helper. We come to Him every day seeking His will and way and ask for His loving care to surround us every moment. We trust in our faithful God and can go out confident that He goes before us to protect us and to ensure that no harm will come our way. Thank You Lord, for Your hand of loving protection upon all who love and serve You. We give praise to our loving, caring, protecting God!

Wednesday 27 th June          John 15 : 18 - 26

Persecution!   In the world today we see many incidences of persecution of Christians. Those of other faiths set out to hurt, kill and destroy those who follow Christ. We are horrified at the atrocities what are being done to Christ followers, but Christ Himself foretold it. v20 “If the people persecuted Me, they will persecute you too!’ We can expect this to happen in all the world. We need to be faithful followers of our Lord Jesus Christ and regardless of the hardship that we face we must keep our faith and trust in our Lord. Jesus will send His Spirit to be with us, to strengthen us and also to protect us from harm. Stay faithful no matter what persecution is happening. Give thanks to the Lord for His constant presence with those who love Him and follow Him. Praise God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, now and always!

Thursday 28 th June             Proverbs 3 : 1 - 6

God’s teaching!   There is much to be learnt through reading God’s Word, the Bible. Every time we open His Book and read a passage we are imparted knowledge that will enhance our way of living as God’s servant. God Himself says, “My teaching will give you a long and prosperous life.” This should be enough to encourage us to read His Word. How wise are the sayings in God’s Word! We can learn much from reading, marking, learning and remembering them, for they bring wisdom to our hearts and minds. Trust in the Lord with all your heart, remember Him in everything you do and He will show you the right way. We all deserve to be in right-standing with the Lord of all. Honour Him. Obey His will and way. Learn from Him and follow His instructions. God takes great care of us and we can do nothing better than to obey Him, love Him and honour Him. Praise God Almighty. He is our blessing and our Lord and Saviour!

Friday 29 th June             Revelation 2 : 4

Has Your love for Christ grown cold? We go along, day by day, thinking that all is well with our relationship with our Lord. We attend church, go to prayer meetings, serve on committees and generally live a dedicated Christian life. But this verse in Revelation is like a slap in the face to us. We need to stop a moment and examine what it is saying to us personally. Do I love Jesus as much as when I first met Him or, has my love been diluted by too much busyness in worldly things? Do I spend dedicated time in God’s presence, reading His Word, the Bible, praying earnestly to Him and sitting quietly and listening for His word to me? Do I

seek Him often, to give Him thanks for His blessings and His generous care of me? Do I follow His will and way with dedication? Lord, help me come back to the place of my first love – at Your feet! I pray this, in Jesus’ Name!

Saturday 30 th June          Ezekiel 33 : 1 - 9

Do as God instructs! God is very clear in His instructions about obedience. We must do exactly as we are told. Here God warns the watchman that if he fails to pass on the warning he will be held responsible for whatever punishment is meted out. God is quite stern in His instructions. He appointed people to be watchmen for Israel, to warn them of the consequences of their behaviour. It is the same with us today. If God has given us a task and we are lax in carrying out His instructions there are consequences. We must go forward with whatever task God has given us to do, for the results from that task have influence. If we are called to pray – then we must do so. If we are called to speak God’s Word then we need to study, read and prepare the message God wants us to bring. Whatever God has called you to do work at it faithfully till God says it is time to stop. Do as God instructs. It brings joy to our Lord and our God!

Sunday 1 st July                

Praise the Lord, O my soul, and let all that is within me praise His Holy Name. We love You, Lord God, and give You thanks and praise for Your loving kindness and watchful care of us. You know all that we do, and how we long for a closer walk with You. We come Lord, seeking You in our quiet time, wanting to praise You and to hear Your word to us this day. Still our hearts and minds Lord, that we might come close to You and know Your loving kindness and Your whispered message of love. We come Lord, because of the love that is in our hearts for You, and the thankfulness we feel for all that You do for us. Your watchful care keeps us safe Lord, and You encourage us to come and seek You often, for You have a message of love for each one of us. You know us by name, O Lord, and call us to draw close to hear Your Word for this day. Thank You for guiding and helping us in our life here on earth, and may we know the depth of Your love filling our being with reverence and love for You. Blessed Lord, hallowed be Thy Name. We worship and praise You, now and always. We love You, Lord God—Father, Son and Holy Spirit! Hallelieuia!


The Practice of the Presence of God

The many diary notations of Frank Laubach are radiant with the Shekinah of God. The sense of cooperation with God in little things is what astonishes me, for I never have felt it this way before. . . My part is to live this hour in continuous inner conversation with God and in perfect responsiveness to His will. To make this hour gloriously rich. This seems to be all I need think about.

Several years later he prays, “God, this attempt to keep my will bent towards Your will is integrating me. Here in this Calcutta station, I feel new power such as I have not had for many years.”

Prayer – Finding the heart’s true home

Richard Foster

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