Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. Those who believe in Me will live, even though they die;

John 11 : 25


Our Ministers

We thank You, Lord, for the men and women whom You have called into full-time ministry. They live to serve as You desire, and willingly work long and hard to spread Your Word to as many people as possible. You have called them to read and study Your Word, and to spend time in Your presence, seeking Your will and way for their lives and for the community they lead. Bless each one, Lord God, and grant them the will and the talents to move forward as You call them. They serve You well, Lord, and encourage the people of this community to grow in knowledge of Your loving kindness and You will for all people.


We thank You Lord, for this place where we gather to worship and serve You. You have called us here to be part of this community, and to grow in knowledge of Your Word through the teachings and the message that is brought. Thank You for the love that You have placed in each heart, and the sharing and teaching that takes place here. May all our members grow to know You in a deeper way, and be encouraged to seek You through prayer and study. Bless this place Lord, where we gather to honour You!

Church Leaders

Lord, You have instilled a desire in men’s hearts to serve You in the local church. You have called both men and women to take up leadership positions, and help others grow in their knowledge of You. We thank You for those who lead the Prayer Meetings, the Bible studies, the Home groups, and the many other missions and organisations that exist in the Church. We thank You for each one who has answered Your call to them to serve as leaders in some way. Bless all who lead, Lord, and may those they teach grow to know You more

South Africa

God, bless our land and people we pray. May all those who love and serve You across our land desire to help others come to knowledge of Your greatness and Your love for all mankind. Thank You for the leaders in Government, both National and Local, and may they serve to the best of their ability. Protect them from corrupt practises, and may they all serve willingly and faithfully, wanting to bring the best to the people all across our land. We thank You for the rain that has fallen and relieved the drought in many areas. Bless all our people Lord God, and may we honour and place You first in our lives. God, bless South Africa and her people, we pray!

The Needy

There are so many who are facing illness or other difficulties, Lord. As we name them before You now we pray for Your hand of healing and blessing to touch each one and restore them to full health. Bless those we bring to You, Lord, we pray. Thank You for hearing our prayers, Lord God!

Monday 2 nd July               Romans 4 : 1 - 12

Don’t Judge!   We are not accountable for someone else’s behaviour or actions. We are only accountable for our own. If this is what God has stated, how then can we judge others? They have to answer to God, just as we have to stand before Him and give an account for our own lives. There are people who live very differently from the way we do – but how can we say that they are wrong in their behaviour? We may appear just as strange to them. God created all people and no matter where in the world they are, whatever way they dress, or the habits they follow, we have no right to judge them. God is our Judge! We belong to Him and have to live the way He wills. We are who we are – give thanks and praise to God that He created us to belong to Him. Give thanks for the life we live, it is God given and God breathed, a delight to Him!

Tuesday 3 rd July               Psalm 139 : 1 - 24

Reverence for God!   We can identify with the words that David wrote of God, “I praise You because You are to be feared (revered); all You do is strange and wonderful.” We worship our God—Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We have found out for ourselves how loving and kind He is and how He watches over us and cares for us. We have such a wonderful relationship with our God. We know His presence with us all the time. We know His guiding hand upon our lives and His help in time of need. We know His loving kindness and also His will and way and plans for our lives. We worship and honour our Lord and our God. Thoughts of Him fill our mind and direct our ways. In His loving care we find safety for each day and know His watchful care as we sleep each night. There is none as warm and loving as our God. He is to be praised each day and each night. Blessed is the name of our Lord and our God!

Wednesday 4 th July          1 Peter 4 : 2

Who controls you?   This question requires some deep thought. Who controls you? As a child your parents control your behaviour and speech, teaching you what is acceptable in your family and the world you live in. As a teenager you begin to want to make your own decisions, but find out there are limits that are set and that you have to comply with. Yet there is more. God tells us that we must live according to His will and not our desires. This means we need to grow to know what God requires from us and be willing to obey Him. His will for us is perfect in every way and as we do as He requires we will find the peace, joy and contentment that He has promised. Think on these things and submit your will into God’s hands. Let Him control you to be the best you can be!

Thursday 5 th July             1 John 4 : 17

Love is made perfect in us!   If we love God absolutely we will be like Jesus, who loved His Father and obeyed Him implicitly. As we come before God Almighty to bring our praise and adoration to Him, the angels in heaven join with our prayers with a heavenly chorus of adoration and hallelieuia’s. If our lives are the same as Christ’s love is made perfect in us. We can worship our God with heart, soul, mind and strength, knowing that God is pleased with our worship. We don’t have to gather in great crowds to worship God, but can come in our inner room and give honour to Him, through our loving, longing heart offered as a love gift to God Almighty. God is pleased with our offering and His presence surrounds us and floods our soul with peace and joy. Give thanks to God. Holy is He and worthy of all our praises. Praise and worship the God of all Creation, our Lord and Saviour – our all in all!

Friday 6 th July             1 Peter 2 : 11 - 17

Community! In this land there are certain rules and regulations that we must obey. These are set by the people in Parliament. God calls us to pray for these leaders, that they may do good in the positions they hold. Respect these men and women and pray for their souls, that they may know the leading of the Lord as they gather together in committees to make decisions regarding the laws of our land and the State of the nation. Pray for good sense to be shown and the discussions free from the jibes and cat-calls that have previously happened. We pray for peace and harmony as discussions take place. Bless all the leaders of our land, dear Lord, and guide them by Your perfect will. We pray for the good of South Africa, Lord, and all her citizens. Lead us according to Your will and way, precious Father. May Your will be done. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

Saturday 7 th July           1 Timothy 2 : 1 - 7

Pray for others! We are commanded to pray for all people – kings and those in authority, for God wants all people to be saved. We can be broad in our payers, for our country and leaders, but also narrow in our prayers for our families and loved ones. God wants everyone to be saved. In each of our families there are those who have not yet accepted our Lord as their Saviour. We also have friends who don’t yet believe. We are called by God to pray for them. It is an honour to pray like this. We come before You, Lord, for all people that we know who have not yet committed their lives to You. There are family members, close friends and neighbours who we bring to You this day. May they be given the opportunity to meet You, Jesus, to know Your love and to give their hearts to You? I pray that they may be saved, in Jesus Name.

Sunday 8 th July                

We praise You Lord, and come now to bless You and to worship before You. You are our Lord and our God and we want no other. Praise to the Lord of lords, and the King of kings. We lift Your name high, Lord, so that all people can see You and come before You in worship and praise. We adore You, and long for Your touch of love upon our lives. Guide us Lord, in the ways You want us to go. May we heed Your Word and live according to Your will and way. Blessed God—Father, Son and Holy Spirit, You are our God and we revere and honour You. You call us to be Your own, and as we respond You draw us close to learn of Your loving kindness and Your care and guidance for our lives. Thank You Lord that You draw us close to Your loving heart, and that changes us forever. Blessed is Your name, O Lord, You are Holy, indeed, and worthy of all our praise. We love You, Lord, with all the love You have placed in our hearts. May we serve You with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. Praise God, now and always. Hallelieuia!


The Practice of the Presence of God

“Life from the Center is a life of unhurried peace and power. It is simple. It is serene. It is amazing. It is triumphant. It is radiant. It takes no time, but it occupies all our time. And it make our life programs new and overcoming.

But can you live this way? Can I live this way? “No way!” we say. But wait, maybe it is more possible than we first imagine. To be sure, this life of unbroken fellowship is not automatic or effortless. This should not surprise us; anything worth anything always takes effort. Brother Lawrence admits that it took ten years before he fully entered into the practice of the presence of God.”

Prayer – Finding the heart’s true home

Richard Foster

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