God is to be trusted, the God who called you to have fellowship with His Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord.

1 Corinthians 1 : 9


Our Ministers

Lord, we thank You for the one You have sent here to run this church. You guide and help him day by day, and he relies on You wholeheartedly. We pray for him and his family as they work diligently in Your service, seeking to bring Your message of love and hope to as many as possible. We thank You too Lord, for the hard work and input into the running of this church, and the loving care given to all people. Bless our minister Lord, and be his close companion as he seeks to serve You as You desire. Lord, be Thou his help and guide each day, we pray!


We pray for Your leadership and guidance for this church Lord. We thank You for these premises and the input by the members here to run the various programs that help and teach the members. We thank You for the place to worship and praise You, Lord, and pray that people will grow in their faith and trust in Your loving care. Lord, we pray that many will find faith through the message preached within these walls, and support and encourage others in their daily lives. Thank You for this place where we gather to worship You!

Church Leaders

Thank You for the men and women You have given us, who are willing to take a leadership role here. Thank You for their faithfulness and diligence in taking on teaching young people through Bible Study. Thank You too for those who help in the administration of the church, to keep everything in order. Thank You for those who teach, who preach and who hold prayer meetings. There are many areas of service, Lord, and we are grateful for each one who has stepped forward in answer to Your call. Thank You for our leaders!

South Africa

We love our land and people Lord God and thank You for Your hand of blessing upon us. We pray for a sense of responsibility among those who strike and seek to disrupt and destroy, that they may rather seek to work together to build up our land. Lord, we know the hardship that many face, and pray that we all may learn to live in harmony and peace with one another. God, bless us all in South Africa, and may Your guidance and help be with those in leadership positions. We give You thanks for the rain that is filling the dams across our land. We pray for protection for our farmers, Lord, who often live in isolated areas and are vulnerable to those who would steal and destroy. Thank You!

The Needy

Lord, we look to You for help for those who are facing illness or other hardship this day. May Your hand of help and healing touch these we name before You. Your presence brings hope and healing into us Lord, and we give You thanks for Your loving care for all of Your Creation. Bless us Lord, we pray. Thank You.


Monday 9 th July               1 Thessalonians 2 : 4

God trusts us!   We are truly honoured by God for He has judged us worthy to spread the Good News to many. We love our Lord and as we meet with Him each day He imparts His message to us. This can be through His words spoken to our hearts, or from His Word, the Bible. But His word to us is always true and He encourages us to read, learn and study the Word to be able to bring it to others. God gives us the ability to speak of His loving kindness and to encourage others to grow in their relationship with Him. It is a wonderful gift to be able to tell others of God and His love for them, and to also speak of Jesus, our Lord and Saviour. God has entrusted us with the message of Good News. He gives us the ability to speak it, but also to live in loving kindness just like Jesus. Thank You Lord for trusting us with Your Word and encouraging us to speak it out!

Tuesday   10 th July               Jeremiah 44 : 5

God’s anger!   God became angry with His people because they refused to listen to Him and obey His instructions. He saw how the Jewish people would not listen or pay attention. They turned their backs on God and started following other gods. The threat that God made came true and the land that they went to lay in ruins. We need to be aware that God also punishes those who turn from Him and insist on following their own way. God requires obedience and faithfulness from His own people. We see, even today, people following other gods – like money, power and possessions. They refuse to listen to God’s Word. We, who follow Jesus Christ, must work hard to stay faithful to God Almighty. He is a loving, kind and caring God but what He says He will do – He does. He blesses but also punishes. Listen to what He wants from us and obey His instructions

Wednesday 11 th July             Job 31 : 4

God sees all!   There is no place we can go to, nothing that we do that God does not see. He is God of everything and everybody, and controls the whole world. What a mighty God we serve. When we think of His Majesty we are in awe. When we contemplate His Creation and all that is present we wonder about the greatness of our God. God knows each one of us by name. He guides our steps. He knows our thoughts. He rejoices when we come into His presence to worship Him and to offer Him praise and adoration. He guides us in all our living, in our work and in our play, in our relationships and in our daily toil. God is Almighty! He delights in His Creation and calls us to draw near to hear His words of truth and help to us. Great is our God, blessed be His Name, now and forever more!

Thursday 12 th July             Galatians 3 : 2 - 5

What does your faith mean to you?   Paul speaks forcibly to the Galatians. He remonstrates with them, saying, “Did all your experience mean nothing at all? You began by God’s Spirit, do you now want to finish by your own power?” How often does this apply to us today? We begin with such fire and fervour, yet, in a while, our fervour begins to fade and we miss a couple of Sunday services – then forget to pray for a few days. What happens to our faith? Why has it grown cold? Jesus gave His all for our lives, yet we are so wrapped up in our own that we have scarcely any time for Him. Make a change today. Resolve to become more faithful and regular in prayer, worship and attending church. God rejoices over the one who returns to the fold. Ensure that your faith is important to you. Strengthen it by faithful attendance and prayer!

Friday 13 th July             1 John 4 : 16 - 18

Life just like Christ’s!   Love changes us. Christ’s pure, unending love was shown in all that He thought, said and did. His nature was love and He extended that love to all people. God’s instruction is for us to grow in love to be just like Jesus. Our nature changes, day by day, as we grow in our relationship with our Lord. If we spend time with Jesus we are bound to take on the nature we see in Him and His teaching on love makes a huge impact on our lives. God is love and as we grow more like His Son we grow in loving kindness too. We become like the Lord we worship. Our nature has no more selfishness or inconsideration for others. We treat everyone with gentleness and kindness, just like our Lord. God is pleased with us as we grow to be like Jesus. His love is make perfect in us, so that we might have courage on Judgement Day. Let love be the key for your life!

Saturday 14 th July            Revelation 3 : 14 – 22 (17)  Are you rich, or poor? Many people think they are rich when they are living a lavish lifestyle, have sufficient money for a beautiful home, and extensive holidays. They think that they have everything they need. But God comes and confronts them. He tells them that their focus on their wealth has put them in a poor position. God does not like luke-warm people – those who are half-hearted in their worship of our God. He turns away from people like this when they don’t listen to His instructions and obey Him. God wants the focus to be on Himself, not on material possessions. He desire a loyal and faithful heart, one that is set on Him and His Son, Jesus Christ. Realize the importance of a relationship with God Almighty and change the focus from worldly possessions to the holiness of God and His Son. God in His mercy will gather you close to His side and guide your living in His will!

Sunday 15 th July                

Bless the Lord, all those who love and serve Him. He is God Almighty, creator of heaven and earth, and fully in charge of all that was, is and is to come. Blessed is His name, our Holy Father, Lord and Spirit. We worship You O loving Lord, offering ourselves in humble sacrifice before You. We come because we love You and desire to serve You as You require. Teach us Your will and way for our lives, and may we be eager to do all that You have asked us to. There is no other like You, O Lord, and we honour and praise Your Holy name. You have called us to come before You to worship and praise You and to sit at Your feet and listen to Your words of wisdom and teaching. You have called us to be like Jesus, your Son, our Lord and Saviour, and we desire to grow more in wisdom and knowledge and love – even like He is. Teach us Your ways, O Jesus, so that we may be faithful servants of our most High God. We are Yours, O Lord, seeking to grow to know You and to serve You all our days. Blessed is the Lord God Almighty and His Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. Blessed too is the Holy Spirit of God. Praise God, now and always. Hallelieuia!


Steps into Unceasing Prayer

We do not leap into the dizzy heights of constant communion with a single bound. It comes over a period of time in measured, practical steps.

The first step is that of outward discipline. This is how we gain proficiency at anything. The accomplished pianist, who today spryly runs her hands up and down the keyboard, once had to agonize over the simplest scales. The same is true for us.

So we begin in simple, conspicuous, even artificial ways. School teachers can use the ringing of the bell to remind them to lift their breath prayer into the arms of the Father. Those whose favourite colour is purple are reminded of God’s continuous loving presence each time they see the colour purple.

Prayer – Finding the heart’s true home

Richard Foster

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