Every test that you have experienced is the kind that normally comes to people. But God keeps His promise, and He will not allow you to be tested beyond your power to remain firm;       1 Corinthians 10 : 13


Our Ministers

We praise and thank You Lord, for the one You have sent here to be our leader. You have gifted him with love for all people, and constantly encourage him by Your Spirit to bring Your Word to the people of this community. We ask for Your blessing and help for all the responsibilities that fall on his shoulders, that he may be strong and capable in all that needs to be done. Bless him in his quiet times and guide him by Your Holy Spirit in all his living. Thank you for him and his family too, as they serve where You have placed them. Bless the work of their hands Lord, in service for Your Kingdom.


You have gathered people together in this place, to worship and praise You and to learn more of the Christian life through the teaching that is given. We thank You for these premises and for all the people who have become members here. Bless each one, Lord, as they attend faithfully week by week, and also join in the teaching and studies that are given. May Your Word take root in the hearts of Your people, and there be eagerness to bring Your love to many others. Bless this church and premises Lord, as we seek to serve you in faith and trust. Thank You for these people and this place, Lord!

Church Leaders

Bless all the men and women who have volunteered their service for use in the church. There are many areas where the talents are used to great advantage, and we thank You for the willingness of each leader to step forward to serve where You require them to be. Bless each one who answers to Your call, and spends time and talent to encourage others to join the church and give of their talents in Your service.

South Africa

Lord, we thank You for our land and people. You have established us in this land, and we pray that we may serve our country to the best of our ability. May we encourage others to serve wherever they may be of help – especially in leadership roles. We pray for the Government and also those in local structures, that they may do their best to build up the services that are needed in so many areas, especially in the squatter camps. Bless our people, Lord that we might work in harmony to build up structures that will enhance the land, and help those who have little. God, bless South Africa, we pray.

The Needy

There are many people who are in need, Lord, and we bring those we know before You now, pleading for Your grace and healing touch to rest upon them and restore them to full health. Be near those in difficulty Lord, and assist them in their troubled times. God, bless and help all those we name before You. Thank You, Lord!

 Monday16th July               Philippians 2 : 7 - 11

Free will!   God has given us a wonderful gift in giving us ‘free will.’ But with this comes great responsibility as well. We may be able to do many things that attract us, but we need to be wise in our selection. With free will we may have to face trials and difficulties, but it will be our choice to face them with bravery. Jesus showed His strong character by choosing to give up His life for our salvation. Of His own free will He gave up His place in heaven to come to earth to guide us back into a loving relationship with God Almighty. As followers of Jesus we need to have the same character to always do what is right. We choose to follow Him! We choose to live honest, loving lives like He did. This is free will – that we are not threatened to live in this way but that through God’s love in us chose freely to live as followers of Jesus Christ, God’s Son!

Tuesday 17th July               Revelation 4 : 1 - 11

Worship in Heaven!   When we read this chapter we are transported into the Presence of God Almighty. Our hearts swell with longing for our God and a rush of adoration flows from our heart. As we worship Almighty God, the Holy Spirit stirs in us and we are aware of the solemn moment. The touch of the Lord changes us and we desire to praise God in heaven without ceasing. We are in the Presence of the Holy Lord of all. How can we fail to worship? We cannot, for everything within us rises up in adoration of our God. Sing praise and worship the Lord. In the beauty of the heavenly places God reigns supreme. Holy, holy, holy we sing, joining with the multitude of angels in worshipping God. Blessed Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit, we worship, praise, adore and love You. Praise the name of our most high God and Lord!

Wednesday 18th July          John 1 : 1 - 18

Jesus Christ – the Word of God!   In the beginning was the Word; the Word was with God and the Word was God. Jesus came to show us the Glory of God – to teach us of His greatness, His power, His love and His grace. Jesus came as light and truth, the light that shines throughout, banishing the darkness. The light exposed the darkness of sin. Jesus came to bless us with the truth of God. He taught us about the greatness of God Almighty. Through our following Jesus as our Lord and Saviour, and living according to His will and way we become acceptable to our Father God as His sons and daughters. This brings us privileges that we previously had not known. Through Jesus we learn about God and what He requires of us! We live by His will, blessed by the Holy Spirit and guided by Him. The Word, Jesus, showed how much He loves us. He gave His life for us, so that we might be acceptable to God our Father. Praise to our Lord!

Thursday 19th July            James 4 : 13 - 15

God’s will!   We are told to live according to God’s will. Do we truly know what His will for us is? Do we seek His will before we embark on some venture? Or do we make our plans and then ask God for His approval? We really need to learn to trust God more fully. He is Almighty and has all knowledge. Rather turn to Him, spend time in His presence and let Him speak to your heart about what to do and when to do it. So often we barge ahead in some plan or other without thinking it through properly and then wonder why it didn’t go as we planned. We left God out of the planning. Don’t be in a hurry and make rash decisions and promises. Rather let God guide you on the path He has laid out for you. You will be surprised how well the plans work out with God guiding your way. Give thanks to Him that He is interested in every part of your life. Let God guide you on His path!

Friday 20th July             1 Thessalonians 2 : 12

Lifestyle! What kind of lifestyle do you have? Are you an encourager, one who wants to help others when they face challenges? Are you a comforter, who comes alongside people in need and always have a word applicable to their situation, which will bring them comfort? Are you a helper, one who is ready to provide a meal for a family in need, readily called upon to visit the sick and needy? Are you a prayer-warrior, one who is ready to pray for anyone in need and have always got their ears open to hear of people in distress and desire to help them through prayer? God is always encouraging His own to be a help in time of need. He will lay on your heart what He requires you to do, Delight in serving the Lord. Make your lifestyle one of service for Him. It will bring you joy and pleasure to our Lord and our God. Give thanks to our Lord for leading us to live as His own.

Saturday 21st July                      Jeremiah 20 : 9Proclaim God’s Message! When God calls you and gives you a task to do for Him it is a life-time task. We can’t walk away from God’s work because we want to do something new and different. God challenges us in our diligence and faithfulness! Do we plan His task as a priority in our lives? Do we work steadily at that task, wanting not only to please our God, but for His word to be spread far and wide as well. God puts fire in our souls and an enthusiasm for His work that burns deep within us and becomes just who we are in Him! We cannot forget the Lord and what He has done for us. Tell the world about God through the task God has appointed you to do. Your work blesses the Lord. We will never know how many souls we have touched until we meet our Lord one day. Keep on serving the Lord. Praise and thanks, glory and honour be to our God who encourages us in our task!

Sunday 22nd July                

We love You Lord, and we lift our voices, to worship You and to praise Your Holy name. There is none like You, O Lord, our God, who loves us so, and encourages us to live each day as Your own. You guide and help us Lord, in our daily lives, encouraging us to remain faithful to You in thought, word and deed. We know Your loving touch and Your ever present touch upon our lives. May we honour You through our living as Your own, obeying You in every way, and be kind and caring to those You bring across our path. Blessed God—Father, Son and Holy Spirit, we worship and praise Your Holy name, and come before You in prayer and supplication, because we need Your leading and Your guiding help in our everyday living. Teach us the ways of Your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, O Father God. We would bring pleasure to Your heart, through our obedience and loving care. We worship and praise You God Almighty, and lift Your Name high to be honoured and worshipped by all. Hallelieuia!


Steps into Unceasing Prayer

The second step is for this work to move into the subconscious mind. We say our prayer, and we are unaware of having said it. Breathed longings of wonder and adoration seem always underneath and in the background of everything – a little like a tune that we suddenly realize we have been humming all day long. Inward prayer bubbles forth at the oddest moments: in the midst of traffic, in the shower, in a crowded shopping mall. We begin to dream our prayer.

At this point we will begin to notice changes in our behavior. We become less agitated in traffic. We endure petty frustrations at home and office more easily. We are able to listen to others intently, quietly. We become more aware of children.

The third step occurs as prayer moves into the heart. In reality we are moving with the mind into the heart. Sentiment and reason act more in concert. Our prayer work becomes more and more tender, love and more spontaneous!

Prayer – Finding the heart’s true home

Richard Foster

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