My prayer is that our fellowship with you as believers will bring about a deeper understanding of every blessing which we have in our life in union with Christ.

Philemon v 6


Our Ministers

Father God, we give You thanks and praise for those You have appointed to be leaders in the church. You have called them and equipped them to serve You with wholehearted devotion. Thank You for each one Lord, who faithfully lives to fulfil Your commands. They bring loving kindness into everything that they do in Your name, and spread word of Your Son with everything that they do. Bless our leaders Lord, and guide and help them as they face decisions regarding the running of Your church. May they be helped by Your closeness and Your blessing upon their lives. Thank You for those who minister to us in Your Name!


We gather together in Your Name, O Lord, in this place that You have provided. We thank You for being with us and meeting us when we come to worship and praise You week by week. We thank You for the amenities where young folk can gather, as well as those who lead the worship. There are many activities Lord, in Your House, but all are done to bring You honour. Thank You for this place where we gather together in Your Name. Bless and Praise You, O Lord!

Church Leaders

Thank You for everyone who has stepped forward to take a leadership role when it is needed. There are many areas of ministry that require folk to lead, and those You have appointed work faithfully at their calling. Thank You for all the different activities that take place, and for those who teach others how to grow in their faith through prayer, Bible study, reading and sharing with others. You have appointed leaders, Lord, and we thank You for their diligence and faithfulness in the tasks they have taken on in Your Name!

South Africa

Lord, we pray for Your hand of blessing upon the people of our land. There are many areas where there is difficulty and hardship, and we pray for Your help and guidance for these people. We pray too for the leaders of our land, that they may be helped and guided by You to do what is right and the best answer for the people of South Africa. God, help and bless those who are facing hardship in the cold weather, that they may be able to find shelter and warmth. Bless also the police who serve to maintain people and harmony often in difficult circumstances. Lord, bless our land and people of South Africa, we pray, and maintain peace across our land!

The Needy

There are many in need this day, dear Lord, as we bring them before You now, praying for Your blessing and hand of help in their times of trial. May Your loving presence bring comfort to all those in need this day. Thank You, Lord!


Monday 23 rd July                John 17 : 1 - 26

Jesus prays continually!   This prayer of Jesus shows us just how important His relationship with His Father was. This prayer is deep and meaningful as He pleads with God on behalf of His disciples, and also for all believers that came after. He loves the world so much that He spent much time in His Father’s presence, pleading for His followers, yet to be born, to be kept safe and faithful. We are told that Jesus is still praying to our Father on our behalf, that we might be dedicated to our Lord and our God at every turn. We belong to Jesus and that belonging never fades or fails. Each day we must spend time with Him, in loving prayer, in humble supplication and holy joy for the pleasure of His company. Truly Jesus has set us an example that we should follow with faithfulness – that of constant communion with God, our Father. Praise our beloved Lord, now and always!

Tuesday  24 th July               Psalm 123 : 1 - 4

Looking for God!   God is central to our faith and we look to Him for His help and guidance in our lives. He is Lord of all and we realize that in our lack of ability we can turn to Him and He will guide us. We rely on Him, knowing that He is totally trustworthy. We look to Him to help us in our daily living, knowing that when problems and hardship occur He will be there to help us. We look to God to worship and honour Him, for He is Almighty, Creator of all things. He has all knowledge and can keep us safe on the road to Holiness as we yield ourselves totally into His care. His mercy is forever sure. We don’t have to live in distress, but come and lay our problems before Him. His quiet intuitive word of wisdom guides us through our troubled waters and into calm places. We look to You, Lord God, our Father and Protector, our Saviour and our Lord! Praise God!

Wednesday 25 th July             Psalm 94 : 1 - 23

God is Lord over all!    When we think of the state of our land we are often in despair. Every day ordinary men and women face robberies that are often very violent. We don’t feel safe in our own homes for we are constantly being watched by others with evil on their minds. How can we go on like this? We put our trust and protection in the hands of Almighty God, praying that He will watch over us each day – our going out and our coming in. We pray for His presence to be with us and His army of angels to protect us. Since the beginning of time there have been evil people who prey on the weak and innocent. God is not pleased with them. We have placed ourselves, who follow His Son, Jesus, in His loving care, trusting that He will take care of us every moment of our lives. Give thanks to God for His love, care and protection at all times. Praise God for His blessings and care for His own!

Thursday  26 th July             John 14 : 12

Believe and act!   When we believe in Jesus we are blessed in many ways. We desire to be like Him in thought, word and deed, and in fact we pray for our nature to change and become like His. Jesus tells us that we will do what He does and He goes on to say that we will do even greater things. When we study our Lord’s life and His kindness and generosity towards all people we see the very nature of God Almighty in action. We aspire to be like that and as we strive to be like our Lord He changes us day by day, filling our very being with His nature, and urging us to be kind and caring to everyone. He promises that we will do greater things. Let us desire to be like Jesus in all our living, faithful to God Almighty through the strength and power of the Holy Spirit’s presence within us. Give thanks and praise to our Lord for this promise to us. Let us work to fulfil His desire for our lives!

Friday 27 th July             1 Job 42 : 5

Know God and love Him!   To know God is to love Him. We cannot see Him with our physical eyes, but we can experience His loving touch, His guiding Spirit and His Word, Jesus Christ. Day by day we grow in our knowledge of our God, through our reading His Word, the Bible; through praying to Him and listening for His words to us; through living to the standards that He has set for us. It is a delight to know God as our loving Father, the source of knowledge, love and as our teacher. Through the Holy Spirit we are in constant contact with our Lord and our God. We grow in understanding of God’s will and way for our lives and become like His Son, Jesus through our obedience. How blessed we are to be loved by Almighty God and to know He lives in our hearts. Give thanks and praise to our Lord and our God, He is to be honoured above all!

Saturday 28 th July                      Isaiah 9 : 6

God’s Son – born for us!   God sent Jesus to earth with a wonderful plan in mind. He came to tell us just how important we are to Him. This is not just a message sent by someone, but a personal gift to us. God Himself chose us to receive this gift. He sent Jesus to meet us, to welcome us into His household as an honoured guest, and to show us how important we are to Him. Jesus comes to us and tells us that He loves us so much that He will die to ensure that we will live forever! Jesus comes and pulls at our heart strings till we respond to His love. There is no greater love than this. God loves the world so much that He sent His only beloved Son to live and die for us. Such love holds us fast to God’s side and safe forever more. Truly God is love and His love gift of Jesus to me assures me of that love – for all eternity!

Sunday 29 th July                 

All glory, praise and honour to Thee, our Lord and King. We raise You up, O Lord, to praise You and bless You. You are our Lord and mean so much to our seeking hearts. You come and touch us with Your abundant love, and we rejoice to be in Your presence. Holy Father, we thank You for this day, and for Your touch upon our lives. We know Your presence and rejoice in Your loving care. Thank you, Lord, for taking care of us every single moment of our lives. Without You we would not do well, Lord, but with You by our side we can rejoice in a life lived well, for You are at the centre of our being. Blessed Father God, thank You for all Your help and guidance day by day. Without You we would feel alone and bereft of any comfort, but Your closeness and loving touch encourage us to carry on. Blessed is Your Name, O Lord. You are Holy indeed, and blessed beyond measure. Thank You for Your Son, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, who saved us by giving up His own life on our behalf. We praise and thank You for all things, especially Your loving kindness. Blessed is Your Name. Hallelieuia!


Steps into Unceasing Prayer

We now begin to think with love. Our decisions become increasingly bathed in a loving rationality. We become, for example, more sensitive to the hurts and sufferings of others. We walk into a room and quickly know who is sad or lonely or dealing with a deep, inexpressible sorrow. In such a case we are able to slip over beside them and sit in silence, bringing comfort and understanding and healing, knowing that “deep calls to deep” (Psalm 42:7)

The fourth step comes as prayer permeates our whole personality. It becomes like our breath or our blood which moves throughout the entire body. Prayer develops a deep rhythm inside us.

Prayer – Finding the heart’s true home

Richard Foster



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