To show that you are His sons and daughters, God sent the Spirit of His Son into our hearts, the Spirit who cries out, “Father, my Father.”   Galatians 4 : 6


Our Ministers

We give You thanks and praise, dear Lord, for the one You have given to take care of this flock. You chose him, Lord, and appointed him as shepherd to this flock, and he cares for us all day by day. You help and guide him in the tasks required, and he is diligent and faithful in serving You in taking care of Your church in this community. Bless, help and guide him by Your Spirit, Lord, and encourage him when the days go long and the task seems great. Thank You for our shepherd, Lord, who serves You with love and faithfulness. Bless him and his family, Lord, we pray!


As we gather together in Your Name, O Lord, we pray for Your guidance and help for us as Your church in this place. Many are the people who come to hear Your Word spoken to them, and are encouraged to study Your Word, the Bible, and spend time in Your presence through prayer and meditation. You have established Your church here – to be called the Body of Christ. May we faithfully serve You, and bring Your love to many people who join here to worship and praise You and sing songs and hymns in Your honour!

Church Leaders

Bless those who have responded to the call to serve You in some way in the church, Lord. They have taken on responsibility and work diligently at the task to bring Your Word and Your Love to others. As they lead in some activity may they know Your blessing upon what they do in Your Name. O Lord, strengthen and guide them as they teach others about You, and encourage them to grow in their faith and trust in You. Bless You Lord, for giving us men and women with the skills and capability to lead others to grow in their faith and trust in You.

South Africa

We pray for our land and people in South Africa, Lord. There is much that causes us concern, Lord, for the crime and violence that takes place in so many places across our land. We pray against this Lord, and ask for Your protection for the innocent men and women who are affected by those who seek to harm others. We pray Lord, against the strikes and the violence that is associated with this activity. Restore us Lord, in every part of our land, to be faithful to You and to honour the laws that are in place. Bless all those who work to build up our land and people. Thank You, Lord!

The Needy

God, bless the sick and needy folk. We bring them to You now, asking for Your hand of help and healing for those who face such dire circumstances. May Your Grace and Love encircle each one, and support and heal them in their time of need. Bless Your children Lord, we pray!


Monday 30 th July               Psalm 91 : 1 – 16 (14)

God’s Protection!   God’s promise to save and protect those who love Him as their Lord gives us assurance day by day. As we set off on a journey we ask God to be with us all the time and protect us from harm. We trust in His abiding love and care for those who seek Him and love Him. We can go out confidently each day knowing that His love surrounds us and guides us on safe paths. God knows all and will watch out for us when we set out on a journey, whether to the local shops, or on a long holiday trip. How faithful is our God, He never lets us go from out of His loving care. He hears our prayers when we ask Him to keep us safe on the roads. We praise God for His watch over us and rejoice in His closeness as we travel. Praise to our Lord and our God who cares for us in every way. We place ourselves in His arms this day. Thanks be to our Lord!!

Tuesday   31 st July               Psalm 139 : 1 – 6 (5)

God Protects us!   This Psalm spells out for us the total love of God Almighty for His Creation. He does not lump us all together for a single blessing, but knows us each individually, with all our diverse needs and wants. His presence encloses us, around us in every way, protecting us in every second of our lives. His great love is beyond our understanding, but as we accept that love we are changed to be a better person. We learn to share God’s love with others, totally unselfishly, giving of ourselves as God guides us. God’s protection of us is complete. He knows how He wants us to live our lives and by His loving care He gently guides us day by day. What a wonderful blessing to be loved by the Most High God of all Creation. We are privileged to call Him Abba, Father, expressing our love for Him in return. Blessed is the Lord God Almighty, our loving Lord!

Wednesday 1 st August             Philippians 4 : 13

Strengthened by Christ!    We have days when we feel down-hearted, when it all seems just too much to handle. Even the smallest thing seems like a mountain and we battle to get through the day. Yet, as we come to our Lord in our weakness, seeking His loving touch, we are reminded of this verse, “I have the strength to face all conditions by the power that Christ gives me.” As we sit in the presence of the Lord thinking of His great love and eagerness to help His loving followers, we find that the cloud of despair begins to lift and we start to praise and thank God for His presence and His touch. As we yield all to Him His will takes away our dis-ease, and fills us instead with His great love. Thus we are able to rise from our time with Him, regenerated, invigorated, and ready to face the day. Thank the Lord for his restorative love and kindness. Praise and thanks to God!

Thursday 2 nd August             Ephesians 5 : 8 - 10

What pleases the Lord?   We need to live in the Light. Who, or what is the light? It is the Christ – the Lord Jesus Christ, the Light of the world. As followers of Jesus we must live like people who live in the light. We must be examples to others, bringing every kind of goodness, righteousness and truth. These things come from the light. By living in the light we become like our Lord and live lives that are pleasing to Him. Let the love of Jesus banish the darkness and let the light in. Have nothing to do with the worthless things that people do – things that belong to the darkness. Let your light shine before men, bringing truth and purity wherever you go. Living as light brings pleasure to our Lord and Saviour. Shine with the light of Christ in your lives, banishing the darkness of evil living. Jesus is our living light. Shine, Jesus, shine, let the whole world see Your glory!

Friday 3 rd August             1 John 4 : 7 - 21

The love of God!   We are blessed to know that the love of God is always with us. We grow in knowledge of God, His Son and His Spirit, and through them we come to know that we are loved to the uttermost. We live in union with God and God lives in union with us. Love is made perfect in us so that we might have courage on the day of Judgement. In the presence of our God and our Lord love rises up in our hearts and we desire to worship them. Our God is holy, indeed, and worthy of all the love we have in our hearts for Him. Praise the Lord my soul. Worship God with every part of our being. He is our Creator God. He made us and fills us with love, in order that we might love Him in return and love our brothers and sisters also. God is a God of loving kindness towards us all. Praise Him with loving hearts and souls. He is the Lord of all!

Saturday 4 th August                      1 Thessalonians 2 : 4

Called by God!   God wants us to be faithful in whatever service we do in His Name. He wants us to speak the Good News with authority and love. He has entrusted the Word to us and judged us worthy to pronounce it. He has called us to serve Him through study, speech and writing of the Word, so that others can grow in knowledge. God guides us and is pleased when we follow His instructions. Whether we speak the Word, or write the Word, or pray over the Word we are following God’s instructions to tell the whole world about the love of God and His Son Jesus Christ. We have found out for ourselves how kind Jesus is and are following Him as our Lord and Saviour. It is important that we obey God’s instructions to us. Live as God directs, bringing Him honour through all that we do in His Name. Praise God, our blessed Lord, and give Him thanks for His Grace and Love!

Sunday 5 th August               

We come to You this day, O Lord, to praise You and ask for Your blessing. We worship and honour You and desire to know You in a deeper way. Teach us Lord, of Your great love for Your creation, and how You help and guide us all in Your will for our lives. You have created us and called us to come to know You. You are our Father and our Lord, and we bring You honour through our worship and our prayers. We live as Your own, Lord, and thank You for calling us out of darkness into Your glorious light. You bless us far more than we deserve, yet we cannot live without You for even one day, for You are our life force. You sustain us and help us to live honourable lives, giving You the glory that is Your due. Blessed God—Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit, thank You for Your guiding hand upon our lives and for the encouragement that You give to each one who seeks You. You rejoice when men and women come and join with others to sing Your praise and worship before You. Blessed is Your Name, O Lord most High. Glory to God in the Highest, we love and praise You, Lord. Hallelieuia!


The Prayer of the Heart

The Prayer of the Heart is the prayer of intimacy. It is the prayer of love and tenderness of a child to Father God. Like the mother hen, who gathers her chicks under her wings, we, through the Prayer of the Heart, allow God to gather us to Himself – to hold us, to coddle us, to love us. (Luke 13:34)

The Prayer of the Heart is abba prayer. The great apostle Paul tells us that God has sent the Spirit of His Son into our hearts, crying, “Abba! Father!” (Gal 4:6) It is the abba experiences of Jesus that form the touchstone for the Prayer of the Heart.

Prayer – Finding the heart’s true home

Richard Foster

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