But if Christ lives in you, the Spirit is life for you because you have been put right with God. . .

Romans 8 : 10


Our Ministers

We thank You Lord, for the good men and women whom You have called into full time ministry. You have called them and equipped them with the ability to learn what You require, and have studied Your Word conscientiously. Now, Lord, they bring Your message to many week by week, and people are inspired by the message they bring. Thank You for their love for those You send across their path, and for their diligence and hard work that they put into ensuring that the Church You have appointed for them to minister to is well run. Bless each one Lord, and guide them in Your loving will!


Thank You for the gathering of people who love You Lord. They come week by week to worship and honour You and to hear Your message and grow in their faith and trust in You. Bless this place where we meet Lord, and may it be a place of loving kindness and joyful learning about You and Your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. May we gather others together and help them to grow in their faith walk. Lord, bless Your church here and may those who worship amongst us grow in their relationship with You and one another. Thank You, Lord

Church Leaders

There are capable men and women who have volunteered to help where it is needed in the church. Thank You for each one Lord, who has stepped forward to teach the children and youth, or hold Bible Study, or home groups, or assist with administration. Lord, they are eager to serve where You require and have stepped forward to help. Truly they are a blessing to us, and we rejoice in their faithfulness and diligence. Bless all who lead in any way Lord. Thank You for each one.

South Africa

God, bless our land and people of South Africa. You have placed us here and told us to grow and be involved to help others where we can. There are so many who have little, Lord, and we pray for assistance for them and also for those who suffer from ill health. Lord, You see the difficulties that people face and are generous in giving loving, kind people to give help where they can. Thank You for each one with a kind heart. Bless our Leaders, and help them to live honest upright lives, making decisions that will help all people and not just benefit themselves. God, bless our land and people!

The Needy

We know of many who are facing illness or other difficulties, Lord, and we ask for Your loving kindness and healing power to rest upon those we bring before You now. May they know Your loving presence surrounding and caring for them each day. Bless all those in need, we pray!


Monday 6 th August               John 1 : 1 - 5

In the beginning!   Jesus Christ was with God at the very beginning. He created with God and was God. Through Him God made all things, nothing was made without Him. He, Jesus, was the Source of Life in all things. This Jesus became our Lord and Saviour, the One we worship. Jesus became man and lived among His creation. He showed Himself to many, teaching them of the heart of God, a loving heart, drawing them back into their place as sons and daughters of Almighty God. This Jesus, who we worship, showed us the face of God. He taught us about God’s nature, His love for all of His Creation, and His longing for a true relationship with every man, woman and child He created. What a blessing is given to us – God, our Father, Jesus, our Lord and Saviour, and Holy Spirit, our Teacher and Friend want us to be secure in our relationship with them. Praise God now and always. We worship the Living Lord!

Tuesday 7 th August               Matthew 5 : 1 - 12

The Blessings of God!   Jesus described the various conditions of man’s heart that brings blessings in so many ways. We are given the Kingdom of Heaven by recognizing our need of Jesus. We are comforted by God in times of sadness and mourning. God has promised to be with those who come humbly before Him and they will know great happiness through doing what God requires. God speaks to our hearts of the attitudes He wants us to have, attitudes that honour Him in every way. We are told to be merciful to others and to be pure in heart. In this way God’s blessings become reality to us. An obedient person will know the blessing of God Almighty. Listen to the Lord, obey Him in every way, for then we open our hearts to receive the blessings of heaven. God is generous in His blessings. Seek to serve Him to the best of your ability. You will know His wonderful blessings!

Wednesday 8 th August          Joshua 7 : 1 - 26

Obedience! When the Lord gave instructions to Joshua He was very specific. Everything they captured had to be destroyed. Yet there was disobedience and the ones who had done so were found out and punished by God. When God gives instructions we must obey them implicitly. Our all-knowing God has our lives planned and if we live a life of obedience we will know His blessing upon us. But by constantly going against God’s will and way we open up our lives to God’s anger and punishment. Yet Jesus came to save us from God’s wrath. He willingly took the punishment that should have been ours. He gave up His life in full atonement for our sins. Give thanks and praise for Jesus Christ, Son of God Almighty, who by His death ensured that those who believe in Him are guaranteed Life for all Eternity.

Thursday 9 th August             John 17 : 1 - 5

Give honour to God!   We are called to give glory and honour to God, just as Jesus did the night before He went to the Cross. Jesus worshipped His Father totally, body, soul and spirit, and this should be our attitude too. As we come before our God we should humble our hearts, readying ourselves to come into His Holy presence. We can soften our hearts by saying, under our breath, “Lord God, I worship and honour You! You are all in all to me! Before You I am nothing, but You call me Your child and I come, Father, Lord, to bring You glory!” Let the words that honour God flow from your heart and your lips. You are in the Holy Presence and wonder and awe fills your being. All Glory, Honour, Blessing, Praise, Peace, Grace and Love is offered to God Almighty and Jesus Christ, His Son, our Lord and Saviour! Amen!

Friday 10 th August             Philemon 1 - 28

Christian Brotherhood! We are blessed to be part of the Brotherhood of Christ. Every other believer is a brother or sister to us, who can help us in our daily walk as Christ’s own. Jesus gathered 12 disciples to be with Him and He loved them all as His brothers. We, too, walk with those who love Christ as we do so we also call them our brothers and sisters. We are part of God’s family, brought together through His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. As family we should treat one another with loving kindness, always ready to give help where needed. We encourage one another in life, giving help wherever it is needed. We lift one another up, praying that God will increase our faith, trust and ability to spread the Word of God far and wide. God Himself has joined us together as family to His Son, Jesus. Praise to the Lord God Almighty!

Saturday 11 th August                    Psalm 43 : 1 - 5

God, our Protector! We live among the ungodly and often find ourselves treated cruelly and without respect. Yet we do not retaliate but call upon God, our Protector for His hand of help and protection to be upon us. God hears our cries for help and comes with His light and truth to lead us out of the danger zone and back into the wonder of His presence. We need to seek the Lord in those moments when we are weak and vulnerable. Turn to the Lord! Let His strong right arm protect you and lead you away from the cruelty of evil people. The Lord is my strength and shield, and my very present help in times of trouble. Thank You Lord for the protection of Your Holy presence filling me and helping me in time of need. Praise the Name of God Almighty!

Sunday 12 th August                

Praise the Lord, O my soul! Praise His Holy Name, and rejoice in His loving kindness! We are truly blessed to be able to come into Your loving presence, Lord God, and worship at Your feet. You call us to come near, to sit in Your presence and learn from Your wisdom and loving kindness. Holy Lord, we come for You have called us to be Your own, and we are truly blessed by Your touch of love. You teach us day by day of the wonderful feats of our Father God, and the miracles and blessing that He pours out upon His people on the earth. We do not deserve His blessings, but He does not withhold anything from us. He takes care of us day by day, and yearns for us to know Him as our loving Father, and Lord. We worship and praise You, O Mighty God. We are Yours and long to be drawn close to hear Your words of love and direction for our lives. We are Yours Lord God, called by Your Son to spend our lives in honour of Your Name. Truly You are to be honoured. Blessed is the Name of Almighty God, Jesus, our Lord and Saviour and Holy Spirit. Praise the Lord, O my soul! Hallelieuia!


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