So keep watch over yourselves and over all the flock which the Holy Spirit has placed in your care. Acts 20 : 28



Our Ministers

We thank You Lord for the ongoing ministry of the Word and for the people You have called to be in charge of this church and community. Bless the work that they do, seeking to bring love and hope to many, and to encourage the members of this community to grow in their relationship with our Lord, Jesus Christ. You go before them Lord, and prepare the hearts of many to receive the message that they bring. Bless and keep them safe in Your loving care and guide them day by day in the tasks You have appointed them to do. Bless their families too, we pray!


Lord, You have blessed this church and people, and as we gather together to worship and praise Your Holy Name, we are awed by Your presence and Your love. You have established this church as a place where people can gather together to support one another and to learn from the one You have placed in charge here. We thank You for the growth in the hearts of those who come together to listen and learn more about Jesus Christ. Bless this church and people, Lord, we pray!

Church Leaders

Thank You Lord, for each man and woman who has stepped forward and offered their services in the church. There are many activities that take place, and they ensure that the programmes that have been acquired are properly presented. Bless each one, Lord, who is leading in any way, giving You the honour and wanting others to grow in their relationship with You. May Your hand of help and guidance be with each one, Lord, we pray!

South Africa

Lord God, we are aware of the many different challenges that are facing our land and our leadership. We pray against those forces that would destroy and corrupt! We pray against the violence and the instigation of theft, robbery, or murder. Lord, we pray for peace and harmony among all people of South Africa, and that those who would seek to harm for the sake of their own agenda be stopped. Lord, bless our land, take care and protect the farming community, and we pray that those who seek power for their own selves be halted. We pray for those in leadership positions to be aware of their responsibilities, and work for the good of the people of our land. God, bless South Africa, we pray, in Jesus’ Name!

The Needy

There are many who are facing hardship Lord, through difficulties or ill-health. We name them before You now praying that they may know Your close presence and be comforted and assured of Your loving care. Bless and heal these loved ones, we pray!


Monday 10th September               Revelation 4 : 1 - 11

Worship God!   When we read this chapter of Revelation it is though we are standing in the presence of the Almighty – not just as an onlooker, but a participant in the worship of our Lord and our God. There is such a sense of awe and wonder to be in God’s presence, to worship Him as Father, and Jesus Christ as Saviour of our souls. We fall to our knees and bow humbly before our God, worshipping with our whole being. He is Almighty! He is the Lord of Heaven and Earth, the Creator of all things. Blessed is the God of all. Father, we love You. Jesus we honour You. Our lives take a new meaning through our time in Your presence. We are filled with love for our God and rise from our time of worship with a new reverence. Blessed is our God and His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. Praise and glory, honour and worship be unto our Lord, now and forever more!


Tuesday 11th September               1 Timothy 2 : 1 - 7

God’s saving grace!   God wants everyone to be saved. That is why He sent Jesus to be our Saviour! He was born to be our Lord and He came to teach us of the goodness and greatness of our God. Jesus is the go-between, the bridge between man’s life and God, in heaven. Jesus came to teach us about God’s Grace, Mercy and kindness towards us, and how He want us all to be saved. We need to meet Jesus and accept Him as our Lord and Saviour. He will show us the path that leads to eternity, and encourages us to walk with Him. Let your faith and trust be in the Son of God, our living, loving Lord of all. Jesus is the one who leads us and shows us the loving heart of God, our Father. Listen to the Lord of all. He brings good news, that god and man are reconciled through His life! Give thanks to God for His loving Grace!


Wednesday 12th September          Philippians 1 : 20

Bring honour to Christ! Paul writes, “My deep desire and hope is that I shall never fail in my duty!” Do we feel like this? Is our deepest desire to be faithful to our Lord in all our living? Do we turn away from those worldly things that tempt us from the Lord’s side? The world with all its temptations and woes tempts us deeply and it takes great purpose to stay faithful and true to our Lord. We have an easy life in this modern age and it is commendable when someone displays faithfulness to Jesus Christ! If this is your greatest desire, God will hour you and help you to accomplish this. Give thanks to the Lord, for He helps us in our daily desire to live as His own. He is faithful as you are faithful. Praise and thanks to the Lord our God and His faithful followers throughout the years!


Thursday 13th September            Jeremiah 29 : 11 - 13

God cares!   When troubles surround us and we can see no way forward we have to remember that God is always near and caring for us. His words in Jeremiah speak directly to us. He knows our needs. He knows our troubles. His plans are already in place for prosperity in our future and not disaster. The time of trial is not permanent, it will pass and in God’s care and His plans we will move forward into the future He has planned for us. God is good and always wants the best for us. Seek the Lord in your quiet time, wait upon Him and listen to the words He writes on your heart. God is ever faithful and wants the best for His sons and daughters. Take your trials and troubles to Him, lay them down and move into the wonderful future He has planned for you. Praise God for His loving care!


Friday 14th September                        1 John 2 : 7 - 17

Spread the Word! The message of God and His Son Jesus must be passed on, and we, who are Christ followers are called to do whatever we can to get the Word out to others. John spoke about writing the message, others speak it and yet many more show it by their holy lives. God uses many means to bring word of His Son to people. We are His message, by our love and by our faithfulness to our Lord and our God. Go uses us in the way that suits our personality and belief. Many may think that God cannot use them but that is not true. God can use every man and woman born to speak of His greatness and His glory. Go di Almighty and He calls us to do His bidding. Speak of the love of God and His impact upon our lives. Give thanks to the loving Father of mankind. Worship Him and spread the Word about His greatness, praise God!!

Saturday 15th September                  Psalm 139 : 1 - 16  

God knows! When we go through difficult times – God knows! When we have problems to overcome – God knows! When we come before Him to sit in His presence He is aware of all our needs before one word is spoken. His knowledge of my life is complete. He knows my thoughts before even one is formed. He knows the deeds I plan, before any are executed. God’s knowledge is full and complete. I stand in awe of our mighty God, who knows all, but deals with everything with loving care. His plans are being fulfilled in our lives, before even 1 minute has taken place. They are for our prosperity, not harm. God’s love undergirds everything His does. He calls to us in the quiet of the night! He guides our feet on safe paths. He tells me to come and meet with Him regularly and lovingly. Rejoice in the love of our Lord our God. Give praise to His might and power. He is Lord Almighty – Father of all mankind!!


Sunday 16th September                                       

We praise and worship You, O Lord, our God. You have kept us safe in Your loving care over the past weeks, and have guided us in all our living. Your closeness assures us of Your watchful care, and how You take care of us in all circumstances. Bless and praise Your Name, O Lord. We thank You for Your constant love, Your guidance and help for us each day, and You teaching us to grow in likeness of Your Son, Jesus Christ. He is our Lord, and we desire to know His love in our hearts, so that we can love other folk just as He does. We praise You Father God, blessed Jesus and Holy Spirit for the work You do in our lives. For Your help and guidance! For Your teaching and loving care! For Your touch of love in our hearts and lives! You are Lord of all, blessed and honoured. Praise Your Name. Blessed is the Lord Most High. Glory and honour, praise and love is offered to You O God. Praise the Name of our Lord and our God. Hallelieuia!

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