‘In Him we live and move and have our being.’

Acts 17 : 27


Our Ministers

Lord, we bring our ministers to You this day. We pray for a good relationship with You and with the people they lead. May Your Spirit guide them each day, and enable them to fulfil the calling You have placed on their lives. Teach and instruct them Lord, as they seek You for the message to bring to the people of their congregation. We thank You for their devotion to the people they lead in this community, and we pray for their well-being and for their families too. God, bless and guide those who lead in this church. Thank You!


Lord, You draw men and women together to worship You, and we thank You for the faithful people of this community. Bless them and guide them in Your perfect way, that they may know You as their Lord and Saviour, and be willing and eager to follow You and grow in their relationship with You. You call us Your church, Lord, and we are grateful for Your leading and Your love. Bless us as we gather to worship and praise Your Name, and learn from those who have studied Your Word and are called into leadership.

Church Leaders

Thank You for the men and women who are eager to be used by You in whatever role You have placed them. We thank You that they take on responsibility in the various ministries that there are. Thank You for their eagerness and devotion to the task You have given them. Bless and guide all those who lead in whatever capacity. Help them as they study to further the knowledge they have in order to help others grow in their relationship with You, Lord.

South Africa

God, bless our land and people, we pray. We look to You for leadership in all areas of our lives. Teach those in government that they have responsibility toward the citizens of this land, and not only for their own gratification. We pray against the crime and corruption that is prevalent in many areas, and pray that good and honest people will take on leadership roles and carry out their duties with integrity. God, bless those in serving capacities - like police, civic leaders, firemen, council officials and others. You have called them to live honourable lives. May they follow Your example and be dedicated to serve honourably. God, bless our land and people, we pray!

The Needy

There are many in need Lord, not only with health issues, but with other problems. We bring them before You now, pleading for Your Grace and Mercy for each one. Bless and heal those we name now, Lord. Thank You!


Monday 24th September               Matthew 7 : 7 - 12

Ask!   What is on your heart at this moment? Do you need help in a difficult situation? Do you have a big decision to make and are not sure what to do? Do you have health issues and need help? No matter what your need is you can take it to the Lord in prayer! God tells us ‘Ask and you will receive!’ Ask God specifically what you require. It may be health issues, or problems in your marriage. It may be lack of employment, or troubles in relationships. No matter what you are facing God already knows. He is waiting for you to come before Him and ask for His help. He will show you the right way. It may not be what you would like to hear, but He always gives the right advice. Ask God in your time of need. Give thanks that He is always listening and is pleased when you come seeking His help. Give thanks for our kind God of all!

Tuesday 25th September              Matthew 9 : 35 - 38

Harvest Fields!   Jesus went all over Israel, preaching the Good News and healing many. He had compassion for people, never turning anyone away who came seeking His help. We can compare the crowds then to instances today where people gather in places like refugee camps. The need of the people is great but is seems as those who seek to help are few. Jesus was aware of this and told His disciples to pray for people to assist in gathering in the harvest. As the Good News is brought to people many are changed and accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. We, as Jesus disciples, are given this charge, ‘Go, therefore, to all people, everywhere, and tell them the Good News. Make them My disciples!’ Lives are changed when Jesus is accepted as Lord. We must never stop speaking of Jesus, for there are many who still have not met Him. Spread the Good News!

Wednesday 26th September          Luke 12 : 35 - 40

Are you ready?We believe that Jesus, Son of God, will come again! Are we ready to meet Him, or are we concerned with the things of life and not fully prepared to meet our Lord. Are we dressed and ready to meet Him no matter when He comes, or are we not concerning ourselves about it. God wants us to ready and not miss out on the wonderful blessing that Jesus will bring. Have you done all you can to be in a right relationship with the Lord? Are you faithful in prayer, worship and attending church? Do you spend time in prayer each day, seeking the Lord and his will and way for your life? Be prepared! You don’t want to miss out on the blessing that you will receive if you are prepared and ready for His coming. Look at your life and assess whether you are faithful to our Lord in every way and thus ready for His coming. Praise Him. Come soon, O Jesus, come soon!

Thursday 27th September        1 Peter 2 : 9 - 10  

God’s chosen people!As Christians we have been chosen by God to be His forever, through our faith and trust in Jesus, Christ His Son. In our lives we are called to tell others of the wonderful acts of God Almighty, whose love for all people is shown and worked out through the human race. God has called us out of our mundane existence to be His people – to tell others of His greatness and His majesty. We have met with Jesus Christ, God’s Son, and have accepted Him as our Lord and Saviour. Through Jesus we have learnt of the wonderful love of God for all people and how He wants us to spread the Word of His love to people everywhere. We are privileged to receive the love of God and are called to share that love with others. Give praise to God and His beloved Son that He loved His creation so much. God, in His grace and mercy has accepted us as His own sons and daughters.

Friday 28th September             John 4 : 1 - 4

Never alone! What comfort it is to have the promise of Jesus that He is preparing a place where we will be with Him eternally. Besides this He will come back to take us with Himself to that place. We know Jesus! We love Jesus! We can trust Him that what He promises will come to be when this time of our lives comes to an end. Jesus speaks of the way that leads to Heaven. We cannot say we don’t know this for we have been taught that faithfulness to our Lord will bring its reward. That is the truth. As we live as Christ’s own, we are assured that our loving relationship will continue beyond this life on earth. We have the promise of life in heaven with God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. That will be a time of worship, praise and adoration. We wait for Your coming again, Lord Jesus. Praise Your Holy Name!

Saturday 29th September               Habakkuk 2 : 14

God’s Glory! When we look at the earth that God has created we are in awe of what He has done. The earth has much land and water, and sustains life for many species of animals. Man, created in God’s image has been given authority over this creation of the Lord. In taking care of what God has given man, gives God the Glory that is His due. He has promised that we will have full knowledge of the Glory of the Lord. We praise the Lord with all that is within us. We lift up His Name to honour Him. We worship God as the Almighty Creator of Heaven and Earth; our Father and or Saviour! There is no other we desire to serve. He is the One to whom we give allegiance. Blessed is the name of our God. Holy is He and worthy of the praise of all of His Creation. Praise, honour, glory and power be unto our God. May He be praised forever more! Hallelieuia!

Sunday 30th September                                      We love You Lord, and raise our voices in praise and adoration of Your Majesty. You are our Father, our blessed Lord Jesus Christ, and our ever present Holy Spirit. Thank You for Your watchful care over all of mankind. You know us so well, O Father God, and take care of us all with the utmost care. We praise You and bless You for Your constant presence close by, and for the knowledge that we can turn to You at any time and know that You hear the call of our hearts. Blessed Lord, we honour You, with our prayers of thanksgiving. We cannot exist without Your loving presence close by. We turn to You now, offering ourselves anew in service to You. You call us out of our complacency into a glorious relationship with You and Your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. We worship and honour You, our God. Blessed is Your Name, and You are Holy indeed. You call us to be Your own, and we respond with all that is in us. We are Yours, O Lord, now and forever more. Praise Your Holy Name. Hallelieuia!

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