But those who proclaim God’s message speak to people and give them help, encouragement and comfort.

1 Corinthians 14 : 3


Our Ministers

We thank You, Lord, for the faithfulness of those who lead this church and community. You have called them, blessed them, taught them and placed them here to care for Your people. Thank You for their faithfulness in service to others, and for the diligence in preparing the message to bring to us week by week. They encourage us Lord, through their teaching and their loving care for the community. Bless them Lord, and guide them according to Your will and way each day. Bless their families too, Lord, we pray!


You have given us this place, Lord, where we gather together to worship You and to hear Your message preached. We also join together in prayer, to honour You and to hear Your word to us given through the blessing of the Holy Spirit. May we be eager to learn more so as to be able to go into the world and tell others about Your great love for them. Bless our church and people, we pray, and may we be a shining light for You in the world. Thank You, Lord, for Your Grace, Mercy and Love for all people.

Church Leaders

Thank You Lord for the faithful men and women who have offered their services, desiring to work to encourage others to grow to know You. There are many areas where we need people to step up and lead. You call them Lord, and place them here in the local church to serve You in some area of mission. May they bear fruit Lord, as they serve and teach others about You, and share the loving kindness of Jesus Christ with all whom they meet. Bless all those in service in the church, we pray. Thank You for each one, Lord!

South Africa

Lord God, we pray for blessing for our land and people here in South Africa. We pray for those in leadership roles, that they may be faithful to Your call upon their lives, and constantly consult You in what to do in service for our land. There are many who are very poor and in great need. We ask that those in government be able to help these people, and to supply them with a place of shelter, and food. Grant wisdom and knowledge to those who lead in towns and cities across South Africa that they may serve with honour, always giving of their best in service to the community. We thank You for the rain that has soaked the land after a dry winter. May our farmers be able to plant and then harvest the crops that are needed to feed our people. Bless us, Lord, we pray!

The Needy

Bless all those who are in need, Lord. Many are facing illness and a time in hospital. May they know Your helping, healing hand upon them as they face surgery or rehabilitation after serious illness. God, bless, help and heal all who are in need this day, we pray. Thank You for Your grace and love!

 Monday 22nd October               Revelation 7 : 11 - 12

Worship the Lord!As we desire to worship our God we read here of worship in heaven. Angels, elders and the four living creatures prostrated themselves before God Almighty and worshipped Him. They used words of praise, glory, wisdom, thanksgiving, honour, power, and might to bring God the Glory that is His due. As we come to God, wanting to praise His greatness we often find that we can’t find the words to describe His glory. Our hearts overflow with longing for Him. We praise Him and offer our lives in adoration of His Majesty and Might. Blessed is the Lord God Almighty, Holy and Highly honoured, and so is Jesus, our Lord and Saviour, and Holy Spirit! God in three persons is Almighty, worthy of everything that we can bring to praise Him. Only God is worthy of the praise of every creature. Bless the Lord my soul! Praise His Holy name, forever and ever!!

Tuesday 23rd October               Genesis 16 : 1 - 15

God sees all!The story of Hagar fleeing to the desert and meeting God is well-known. She called Him, “The God who sees!” for He appeared to her and told her about the future for the son she was to have. We might think that God does not notice or care about all that happens to us today, but that is not true. God sees all! He knows what each of us is facing, and He comes near to tell us of the future He has planned for us. God wants the very best for our lives, and we must live trusting in His Almighty Grace and Mercy. Without God we are nothing! He guides us day by day. Often we are not aware of His presence, but we can be sure that our loving Father God watches over us and sees all that is happening. Give yourself into the loving hands of God Almighty, asking Him to guide you each day that you mightbe in His perfect will. Give thanks to the “God who sees.”

Wednesday 24th October          Jeremiah 29 : 13

Seek the Lord!When we read this verse we can almost hear the longing in God’s voice for us to come and seek Him. This verse was written to the Jewish nation thousands of years ago, but it speaks to our hearts today. “Come and seek the Lord! You will surely find Him because you will seek Him with all your heart.” The longing for God’s presence and touch of love can only be fulfilled by Him. His love for you is full and complete. He waits every day for you to come and meet with Him, for He has much to impart to your seeking heart. God does not hide from us. He is already waiting for us to come to Him in prayer, seeking Him. He is a God of loving kindness, wanting for His sons and daughters to come back to Him – to seek His counsel – to worship and praise Him. God is waiting for you! Come to the Lord in praise and adoration of our God!!

Thursday 25th October             1 John 4 : 13

We need to be sure!How sure are you that you live in union with God? Have you absolute belief that God loves you and that you are His beloved child? This is critical to our lives, for we have to be sure of our faith and trust in our God! To know that you are loved by God, saved by Jesus Christ through accepting Him as your Lord, and be filled by the Holy Spirit gives us the assurance we need. It is the blessed Triune God who comes to live in our hearts, and to guide us along the paths of life. To have this knowledge brings us the comfort of knowing that we will one day see our Lord in all His Heavenly Glory. Read this verse again and again, accepting that God Almighty has chosen you to be His beloved son or daughter. Follow His will for your life by allowing the Holy Spirit to guide and teach you. In union with God we find the fulfilment of life– lived in His loving care. Praise our loving God!

Friday 26th October             Esther 4 : 12 - 14

Is this your time?Esther was challenged to serve her people, but was wary of speaking to the king. Her uncle spoke wise words to her, “Who knows – maybe it was for a time like this that you were made queen!” She then gained courage and planned just how to approach the king. Her plans succeeded and the Jewish people were saved from extermination. We today have to face issues and problems. Do we stand around and say, “there’s nothing I can do”, or do we turn to the Lord and say, “Here am I – send me!” God gives us the strength and ability to do what often seems impossible. We need to be ready when He calls us. He has placed us in this time and place for His work to be done through our obedience. Yield to the Lord and do as He requests. You were born for such a time as this. Serve the Lord with gladness. Be bold and courageous!

Saturday 27th October              Psalm 91 : 1 - 16

God is our Protector!When we read the words of this Psalm we are aware of the love of the Lord. When David penned these words he turned to the Lord in his circumstance and placed himself wholly in God’s care. He trusted God to watch over him, to care for him, and protect him against all danger and harm. We can claim these promises from God for our lives, and those of our loved ones. God goes before us into all the moments of our lives. He loves us, cherishes us, protects us and tells us not to worry but to put our trust in Him. In times of trouble and danger call out to the Lord our God, for His intervention in the issue we face. He does hear us! He will rescue us! He will send his angels to surround usand deliver us from all danger. Give thanks to our loving Father God, who protects us at all times. Blessed isHis Name! We worship, honour and thank our God Almighty!

Sunday 28th October                

We come, Lord, to praise Your Name, and to thank You for the multitude of blessings that You pour out upon us. Your loving care knows no end, Lord, and we thank and praise You for Your care and concern for every single one of Your own. We look to You Lord, for Your presence with us each day. You guide and help us and we are grateful for Your help. Grant us listening ears, Lord, and eager hearts, to hear what You are saying to us. May we serve You with faithfulness, wanting to give You the very best of ourselves, in honour of Your great love for all mankind. Blessed God—Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit, we rejoice over Your presence with us, and your watchful care. You guide us Lord, along paths that lead to the holy place of meeting. We are eager to meet You, face to face, blessed Lord, and we wait patiently for Your guiding hand upon our lives. Blessed is Your Name, O Lord. You are Holy, indeed, and we worship You. Hallelieuia to our God and our King. May You reign forever and ever. Hallelieuia!

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