Jesus answered, “What is humanly impossible is possible for God.” Luke 18 : 27


Our Ministers

You have blessed us, Lord, through the one You have placed here to minister to this community. You called him to serve You amongst these people, and to lovingly care for them and teach them of Your great love. We thank You for his faithfulness, and diligence in carrying out the duties You have given to him. He works hard Lord, to care for all the people, and to teach and instruct them in Your will and way. Thank you for his prayer filled life that encourages us all to follow and do likewise. We pray for his well-being and for his family too. May they know Your hand of blessing upon all that they do in Your Name. Thank You for Your faithful servants!


We gather, Lord, in Your Name, to worship and praise You as one community dedicated to following You and teaching others to do so as well. You have given us this place where we can gather together, not only for the services held, but also to come together for prayer and Bible Study and other meetings. You have called us to this community to serve You and join in fellowship with others who love You too. Bless our church and community, Lord, we pray!

Church Leaders

There are many who have stepped forward to serve as leaders in the various missions in the church. We thank You for their eagerness and ability in whatever they do. You have called them to their responsible positions and they are eager to serve You wherever You have placed them. Thank You for all that they do to ensure the smooth running of Your church and the various areas that they have taken on. Bless all who lead in any way, Lord, and guide them in their duties.

South Africa

God, bless South Africa and all her people, we pray. There are many issues that disturb us Lord, especially the crime and violence that is happening all across our land. We pray against it Lord, asking that Your hand of protection be upon all the innocent people. We also ask for rain to come to the Western Cape, so that the dangerous fires can be extinguished, and life can get back to normal. We thank You for all that is good in our land, and we praise and thank You for watching over us and taking great care of us.

The Needy

Lord, bless and take care of all those in need this day. There are many who are facing illness and we pray for Your helping, healing hand to be upon them and restore them to full health once more. Bless and care for Your children, Lord, we pray!


Monday 12th November               1 John 1 : 1 - 10

The Light of God! God is Light! Not just light to be able to see, but the light of knowledge, understanding and love. He comes and joins us to Himself in fellowship and love. His light shines on all our activities and shows us how good or how wrong they are. God’s light shines through our hearts as we care for one another; as we work faithfully at the task He has set us. Our actions either bring Him joy or sadness. If we live within His will there is joy. If we constantly ignore His call and live a life with no consideration for Him He is filled with sadness. We need to live in the light in fellowship with Jesus, being loyal and obedient to Him. Yet God is a forgiving God too and constantly calls for his Creation to come back to Him and live in loving fellowship with Him. God’s light shines upon our lives. Give thanks and praise for His abiding loving care. Shine Your light on me, Lord!

Tuesday 13th November             Ephesians 2 : 11 - 22

Christ holds us together!Christ is our cornerstone. The apostles and prophets built the sacred Temple dedicated to God Almighty. We too are builders of the Temple in honour of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. He has called us to be a holy people, a royal priesthood, set aside to worship our God. We are drawn into a loving relationship with Jesus and are no longer far away from God, but joined with Jesus as brothers and sisters, children of the Most High God. We come together to join in praise and worship of our God and His blessed Son through the infilling of the Holy Spirit in our lives. As we faithfully serve our Lord and our God we are building a Temple worthy of the Lord’s presence. Draw near to the Lord of all who love Him. He is waiting to meet you in this place of worship. Hallowed be Thy Name, O God!

Wednesday 14th November          John 3 : 17

Not Judge – but Saviour!Have you ever been in the position that your thoughts are fixed on something you have done that possibly should not have done? You come to the Lord in contrite spirit seeking His forgiveness and desiring to be restored into a right relationship with Him once more. The wonder of our Lord and our God is that He doesn’t look at us with angry, unforgiving eyes, but looks at us, His sons and daughters, with absolute love – telling us, “You are loved and forgiven. Go and sin no more!” Our Lord came to save us, more often from our own behaviour than for something else. He is gentle, kind, loving and forgiving, not judgemental, angry and punishing. God’s love is constant and true and if we are coming to Him in repentance we are assured of His constant loving kindness towards us. In Jesus we do not have a judge but a Saviour. Praise and thanks to our loving Lord and God!

Thursday 15th November             1 Peter 4 : 1 - 6

God’s will!There is one thing that we must do that is of greater importance than anything else. Seek the will of God! Make this a priority in your life, seeking the truth God wants to impart to your heart. It is no use saying, “I don’t know the will of God for me!”, for God has spoken His will many, many times. Read the Word of God to gain understanding. Obey God in whatever He instructs you. Be loyal, faithful, diligent and devoted in your service for Him, and do whatever He has instructed you to do. God is kind and generous, loving and loyal and He wants us all to be like this. He has a personalagenda for each person. Seek His will and obey it as best you can. Doing so brings us into a loving relationship with God—Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Rejoice that the will of God is for the good of all His Creation, including you. Praise God in every way!

Friday 16th November             John 17 : 3

Relationship!Do you know the Lord? Don’t answer quickly but dwell on the question! How well do you know Him? Do you understand what a relationship with Him means both to Him and yourself? Are you just getting to know our Lord, or are you drawing closer to Him, day by day? We cannot know the Lord if we don’t spend time in His presence. How much time do you spend with Jesus each day? Half-an-hour, five mins, or less, or more? Do you seek His presence through prayer and studying the Word? Do you take time to be quiet before Him, listening for what He wants to say to you? It is important to build our relationship with our Lord. We cannot be a ‘sometimes’ Christian, or be half-hearted about Jesus. He want us to be more than luke-warm in our faith. Be true to the Lord in all things, building up the relationship between Him and yourself. It is most important for your future. Eternity for us depends on our relationship with God and His Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour!

Saturday 17th November              Psalm 91 : 1 - 16

God watches over us!We, who trust in the Lord and His loving care are assured that He is watching over us every minute of every day. He knows our going out and our coming in and every moment that we travel from here to there. His angels protect us all the time, watching out for danger that would confront us! We have no idea just how many times we have been saved from disaster through God’s intervention. Do we place ourselves in His care before we leave our home? Do we ask for His protection before we set out on a long journey? Do we ask Him to be our companion when we have to drive to unknown areas? Make it a habit to ask God to be with us all day long and enable us to share His love with others through loving kindness and witness. God will guard us from evil and harm for we are important to Him. Give thanks for the loving care of our Lord and our God. We are continually in His loving care. Thank You Lord for watching over us. Praise You for all blessings!

Sunday 18th November                

We praise and worship You, O Lord our God. We come to You to rest in Your presence, and allow Your Holy Spirit to flow over us and fill our hearts with strange longings for You. You are our Lord and our God, and we come to You as little children, seeking our loving Father and our blessed Saviour. Not one day can go past without our seeking You over some issue or other, wanting Your help to resolve things for the best outworking. You know what we need Lord, and we offer ourselves in humble supplication before You. We worship and honour You, O Lord God, Blessed Triune God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Come and comfort us O Lord, and restore us to the relationship we long for. We belong to You, O Father, and seek to serve You as You desire. Thank You for Your Son, our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, who called us out of the darkness into Your glorious light. Holy God – Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit, we worship and honour You now and always. We love You Lord. Blessed is Your name. Hallelieuia!



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