So let us come near to God with a sincere heart and a sure faith….   Hebrews 10 : 22


Our Ministers

Lord God, we stand in awe of You and want to thank You for the one You have sent to teach us more about Your Son, and the life You want us to live. You chose him to be Your servant in this place – to study, pray and meditate on Your Word – to grow in knowledge and understanding of Your Grace, Mercy and Love. You also have taught him to love all manner of people, and to give generously of his time and talents to the people of this church and community. We give You thanks and praise, O Lord, for our minister and his family. You have blessed us, Lord, through his service!


It is joy Lord, to come together on a Sunday morning to this place You have set aside and blessed to be a place of worship. We gather to sing songs of praise and adoration, and to hear the message that the preacher brings. Our lives are enriched Lord, through this place where we worship and honour Your Holy name. Thank You for this group of people who love You and come regularly to hear the message about Christ and His love for all mankind. We pray for Your blessing for our church and Your people, Lord. Thank You!

Church Leaders

Thank You, Lord, for each man and woman who has taken responsibility for some area of service in our church. Thank You for their faithful service, so eagerly given in honour of Your name. They lead teaching for the young people, or lead an adult Bible Study. They run women’s meetings, or arrange outing or church picnics. There are those who take care of administration, or lead Prayer Meetings. Each one Lord, has been called by You to serve in the local church in some area of responsibility. Thank You for their loyal and willing service.

South Africa

We come, Lord God, on behalf of our land and people of South Africa. We know there is much wrong in many areas of governance, and private living, and we ask that You guide and help the people involved in wrong doing to see the error of their way and turn and put the wrong doing behind them and work to the betterment of our people and our land. We pray for our Government, and that each member of parliament may be honourable and hard working. We pray too for the work that the police do – to protect the people of our land. God, bless South Africa and all her people!

The Needy

We know loved ones who are facing illness or other difficulties, Lord, and we name them now before You, asking You to touch them with Your healing love, and restore them to full health. Bless and heal each one we bring to You now, Lord, including all our beloved family members. Thank You!


Monday 19th November               Isaiah 25 : 9

Put your trust in God!God is faithful and can be trusted. Have you put your trust in Him and asked Him to lead you each day? Do you begin the day in His care, asking Him to guide you in all that has to be done? Do you know how faithfully He takes care of you, day by day? God can be trusted for every moment of our day and for every action that takes place. He watches over us and guides us, our going out and our coming in. His plan for our lives is perfect in every way and if we walk with Him each day He will ensure our safety. God watches what we do and rejoices when we obey his instructions. As we live exalting His Name and doing what He requires God is pleased with us. We are called His people and His plans for our lives will come to fruition. Give thanks for the God of all, the Lord Almighty, our beloved Father and Lord! He cares for us with an everlasting love and guides our footsteps along the path of life. Give thanks for God is good to us!

Tuesday 20th November               Ezekiel 11 : 19 - 20

A new heart!God promises to give us a new heart and a new mind, and that we will faithfully serve Him and obey all His commands. He calls us to be His people, faithful to Him in every way. We have to give up our selfish and stubborn ways and allow God to soften our heart and renew our will to be obedient to Him in all our living. What was done in the past is now behind us and we have new beginnings. God is giving us a new way of living. He has promised to be with us every day and will guide and guard our going out and coming in. He calls us to be single-minded and faithful and loyal to His Son, Jesus Christ, and His promise to be with us always is firm and true. Let us be prepared for the change that God desires from us. Leave the past behind and step forward as a new person in God’s care. He has renewed our hearts to be filled with love for Himself and for all people, as He has commanded us. “Love one another, as I have loved you!”

Wednesday 21st November          Isaiah 45 : 5 - 6

There is only One God!As we read these verses from Isaiah God Himself tells us that there is no other God besides Himself. He is the Creator of all. He is the One who calls us to His side, to get to know Him in a deep and personal relationship. We worship Him, our High and Holy God, and come to seek Him and His loving kindness. He created us and called us to be his own. No matter where we go to seek another god, we will not find one greater than God Almighty. He has made us in His image. He watches over us and cares for us day by day. He encourages us to build a loving relationship with Him through serving Him faithfully and doing His will for our lives. There is no one greater that God, our Creator and Lord. Praise God, ye people of the earth. He is our Lord, our Father, and there is no other like Him. Praise God, now and always, He is worthy of praise!

Thursday 22nd November             Jeremiah 16 : 19

Return to the Lord!We may have drifted away from the Lord and been involved in worldly ways, but now is the time to turn back to Him. Seek Him and you will find Him for He has been watching out for you. Come before Him, returning from the place where you have been and worship Him in Spirit and in Truth once more. God is always waiting for His children to come back to the place of worship at His feet. He is waiting to welcome those who have strayed from His side. He is forever just like the father who sought out his son who had left home. God is waiting for you right now. Turn again towards the Lord. Leave your former life and come back to the Lord’s embrace. He will welcome you and invite you into His presence. There you can worship Him once more. Come back to the Lord. He is waiting for your return with open arms. You are special and precious to Him.

Friday 23rd November             Mark 4 : 21 - 25

Don’t judge others!It is very easy to make a judgement on another person’s behaviour. We think, “Why is that being done, or said? I wouldn’t have done it that way!” We have to learn not to judge other’s behaviour. We have standards that God has set for us, but they might not be the same for other people. Make allowance for others, they are not you! We don’t know the circumstances that they live under or what there upbringing was. We each have to come to our Lord and our God and we will be judged by the standard we judge others. Jesus did not come to judge us, but to show us a better way of living. Ask God to take away any judgemental attitude in your life and take on the way that Jesus came to show us. Give thanks to God for His Grace and Mercy in dealing with us. He is very fair in His judgement. Praise and thanks to God for this valuable lesson!

Saturday 24th November              1 Timothy 3 : 1 - 7

Leaders!Leaders have a certain quality about them that people recognize and look up to. Leaders in the Church have been chosen by God to serve Him. We recognize the high standards that these men and women live up to. God has selected them to serve in positions of authority and we should do all we can to support them in the work they do in the local church. Some of the characteristics are shown by faithful attendance, and eagerness to help wherever they can, regular presence in the church activities, and a solid prayer life. Those who desire to help or lead some activity in the church must show themselves capable and dedicated in that regard. The church needs strong men and women to take charge of various ministries. God chooses them and places them where they can serve Him with faithfulness and diligence. We thank You for the men and women in leadership in our church, Lord!

Sunday 25th November                

We come, Lord, with joy in our hearts, to worship and honour Your Holy name. You are our Lord and our God and we desire no other. Praise the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all His benefits. He is worthy of all my honour and praise. He is Lord of all, holy and revered by all who love Him. Thanks be to You, O Lord, for coming to live in the hearts of those who love You, and help them to live lives that bring You glory. You called us out of a sinful life, to live with You in glory. You call us Lord, to love people as You do, to help wherever there is a need, and to serve willingly at all times, at whatever task is required. How we love You Lord, and having answered Your call to be Your servant are waiting eagerly to hear just what it is that You want us to do for You today. May we go out in peace and love to spread Your message far and wide and to reach out helping hands to those in need. We belong to You, Father God, blessed Jesus and Holy Spirit, and live each day as Your own. Praise the Name of our High and Holy God of all. We worship and praise Your Name, O God. Hallelieuia!

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