Those who proclaim God’s message speak to people, and give them help, encouragement and comfort.

1 Corinthians 14 : 3


Our Ministers

Blessed Lord, we come into Your presence, to worship before You and to praise and honour Your Holy Name. We thank You for the men and women who bring Your message to this church and community, and ask that You strengthen them as they seek to serve You in faithfulness and hard work. You have called each one and blessed them to be a blessing to us all in this place. May they follow You and Your instructions, as they live to serve You here. We pray for Your Holy Spirit to guide and help them as they sit before You to prepare the message to bring to Your people. Bless each one who ministers as Your faithful servant.


You have gathered Your people together in this place, Lord God, and called them to be Your own. Through Your grace this church has been established as the place where Your people can gather together in Your Name. As we praise and worship together, we pray that You will look with favour on us, and bless us in all that we do to serve and honour You. Thank You for the services that are held here, and the people who are blessed to be together to worship in song and the Word that is given. Bless us, Lord, as Your community here.

Church Leaders

There are those who wish to serve You Lord, and have stepped forward in answer to a call for help in a particular area. You stirred in their hearts Lord, and have equipped each one to be able to perform some special task. Thank You that they are willing to help in some area of mission, or teaching, or evangelism. They do so much Lord, to tell and show others of Your loving kindness and care for every person. Bless our leaders, Lord, and strengthen them in their service for You in this place. Thank You for each one, Lord!

South Africa

Thank You Lord that our country South Africa is mostly Christian. We thank You for every community in small towns or large cities that has been established since settlement took place across our land. May Christian churches be supported and maintained through the people that love You and desire to serve You wherever they may be. Bless all the members of our Government, Lord, and help them to govern well to support all people across our land. We pray for those who are planning to go on holiday during the Festive season. Keep them safe on our roads, we pray. Bless our land and all her people, Lord, we pray!

The Needy

There are many in need this day, Lord, and we pray for Your grace, mercy and helping hand for their lives. May they know Your love as they face illness or hardship. Lord, bless all those who are in need we pray. Thank You!

 Monday 26th November               Revelation 3 : 7 - 8

An open door!God has opened a door of ministry for you and I, and no one can close it. He has given us each work to do, work that will honour Him and bring many into the fold. Do not falter at the task He has given. Accept it with joy, for God has chosen it specifically for you with the talent He has given. Follow His teaching, day by day, faithfully seeking His will for your life. God is always near, helping and encouraging us in our service for Him. He puts His message on our hearts and tells us to grow and spread that Word to as many as we meet. Don’t be a closet Christian, but have open doors to your heart and home, welcoming people everywhere and encouraging them in their life-walk as Christ’s faithful follower. Christ has called you to be His own. Take joy in the work you do in His Name. Your faithfulness gives Him much pleasure. Praise and thanks to God for His grace, love and for His Son, Jesus, our Lord!

Tuesday 27th November               Psalm 51 : 10 - 12

A new heart!Create in me a new heart, O Lord, and put a new and loyal spirit in me. Fill my heart to overflowing with love for You, my God, for Jesus Christ, my Saviour, and the blessed Holy Spirit. Guide me day by day in Your perfect will and teach me to walk in Your ways. May Your presence be with me, guiding me on paths of righteousness and protecting me from stubbing my feet, against the bitter stones of life. Fill me with joy at Your loving touch and Your presence surrounding me and filling me with holiness in Your place of worship. I sing to You, O Lord my God, of my love for You, my desire to please You, of the work of my hands for You. I live for You alone, blessed Father! As Your child may I live faithfully in Your will doing whatever task You have appointed to me. I bless and praise You, O my God, You are my holy Father. Praise Your Name!

Wednesday 28th November         Ecclesiastes 12 : 13 - 14

Have reverence for God!Life is not a bowl of cherries. We all have good days, but also bad days when what happens challenges us and our beliefs. No matter what we do, let it be done in reverence to the God of all! He made us, with all our emotions and abilities and we need to do all we can to honour Him. God sees us – every moment of the day, whether we are joyful or sad, feeling very well, or in the midst of pain and suffering. This is our lot in life, to face each day with confidence, trusting that God will protect us from harm and guide our footsteps on right paths. Beware of doing what is not right, for we cannot hide anything from our God. He judges all of life, to ensure that we live within His rules. God is our God, High and Holy, worthy of all our love and praise. Blessed is God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Praise God!

Thursday 29th November             Mark 4 : 14

Sow the seed of God’s message!We are called to be sowers of the seed. God places the message of His love in our hearts and then commands us to sow it amongst all the people we meet, and interact with. As the message grows in our hearts our ability to spread the Word grows and multiplies. There are as many ways of bringing the Word to others as there are people who are willing to do so. The main message is, “God loves you and wants you to belong to His Son, Jesus Christ.” As people show interest in what you are telling them encourage them to join a local church where they can find encouragement and teaching to help them grow in their new found faith. God uses all who love Him to sow the seed of Christ’s love. We have been called and gifted in some way so that we can be effective in ministry. Give thanks to our Lord for the privilege of sowing God’s message to others. Praise God for His loving support!

Friday 30th November             Mark 4 : 21 - 25

Don’t judge others!It is very easy to make a judgement on another person’s behaviour. We think, “Why is that being done, or said? I wouldn’t have done it that way!” We have to learn not to judge other’s behaviour. We have standards that God has set for us, but they might not be the same for other people. Make allowance for others, they are not you! We don’t know the circumstances that they live under or what their upbringing was. We each have to come to our Lord and our God and we will be judged by the standard we judge others. Jesus did not come to judge us, but to show us a better way of living. Ask God to take away any judgemental attitude in your life and take on the way that Jesus came to show us. Give thanks to God for His Grace and Mercy in dealing with us. He is very fair in His judgement. Praise and thanks to God for this valuable lesson!

Saturday 1st December              1 Timothy 3 : 1 - 7

Leaders!Leaders have a certain quality about them that people recognize and look up to. Leaders in the Church have been chosen by God to serve Him. We recognize the high standards that these men and women live up to. God has selected them to serve in positions of authority and we should do all we can to support them in the work they do in the local church. Some of the characteristics are shown by faithful attendance, and eagerness to help wherever they can, regular presence in the church activities, and a solid prayer life. Those who desire to help or lead in some activity in the church, must show themselves capable and dedicated in that regard. The church needs strong men and women to take charge of various ministries. God chooses them and places them where they can serve Him with faithfulness and diligence. We thank You for the men and women in leadership in our church, Lord!

Sunday 2nd December                

Blessed is Your Name, O Lord our God, and we come to worship and praise You. You are our loving Lord, and we desire no other. Gather us close to Your heart, O Lord, and teach us Your will and way. We have learnt to know You and want to worship You in Spirit and in Truth. Help us to live as Your own, being faithful to You in thought, word and deed, and so bring pleasure to You. Teach us Your will and way Lord, so that we can teach others just as You taught us. We live to serve You, Lord, and have answered Your call to be faithful to You in all things. Guide and help us in our Prayer Life, Lord, so that we can draw nearer to You and know what it is You desire us to do. We look to You, Lord, as our Saviour and our God! Praise Your Holy name! Blessed is the Lord God Almighty, and His loving Son, Jesus Christ, our Saviour. Blessed, too, is the Holy Spirit, who comes to live in our hearts and reveal Jesus to us. Thanks be to God Almighty. Blessed is Your name, O Lord. Hallelieuia!

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