For in union with Christ you have become rich in all things, including all speech and all knowledge. 1 Corinthians 1 : 5



Our Ministers

Thank the Lord for the men and women who have answered His call to work full time in His church. Each one has obeyed the Lord, and has spent time in study and devotions seeking the path to follow. They spend many hours each week reading, praying and preparing the message to bring to the members of the church. We thank You, Lord, for their diligence and faithfulness. We pray for Your hand of blessing to be upon all that they do in Your Name. Take care of them and their families, Lord, we pray.


We thank You Lord, for this gathering of Your people, and the worship and preaching that takes place. We give You thanks for the prayers that are offered, and the many souls who attend regularly because of their love for You. Build Your church Lord, in the hearts of the men, women and children who come here week by week, seeking to learn more about You, and to know the touch of love through other believers. Grow Your church Lord, and draw many to know this place as home.

Church Leaders

There are many men and women who faithfully serve You Lord, and You have chosen the ones You desire to be leaders amongst us. Thank You for their faithfulness to You and to the task You have placed in their care. We praise and thank You Lord, for those who teach the young people of our church, the women who lead meetings, the men who teach Bible Study, and for the many other teachings and tasks that take place in our church. Bless all those who stand as leaders Lord, willing to do what You have instructed them.

South Africa

Lord, we bring our land and people to You, praying that You will be our guide and help in all our living. We pray for our government and the people who serve both Nationally and Locally. Guide them Lord, in Your perfect will that they may serve to the best for the people of our land. We pray for those areas of our land where there has been no rain, that You will send life giving rain. We pray too for the folk who have lost so much due to the fires that have swept across the land. God, bless our land and people, and keep us safe that we might serve You as You require. Bless us Lord, we pray!

The Needy

There are many in need this day, O Lord, and we name our loved ones before You now, praying for Your helping, healing hand to rest upon each one. Bless those in need.

 Monday 28th January               Psalm 95 : 1 - 7

Come, Praise the Lord! When we come before our Lord and our God we desire to worship and praise Him. He is Mighty, wonderful in all His deeds and we experience His loving kindness every day. From the moment we wake in the morning God is with us. Is our first thought of praise for Him? He has given us a new day, one where we can spend time before Him; tell Him of any problems we have and ask for His help and guidance through the day. As we spend time seeking Him, praising Him and desiring to know His will for us this day, so we rejoice in the everlasting arms of love that surrounds us. Love for Him rises in our hearts and we desire to sing praise to honour Him. God, our Father, Jesus, our Lord and Holy Spirit are worthy of all the loving adoration that we can bring. Praise the Lord, O my soul! Bless His Holy Name! We honour You, O Lord, and lift You high so the world can see Your greatness and worship You with us!

Tuesday 29th January               1 Samuel 2 : 1 - 11

Answered Prayer!Hannah gave thanks to God Almighty for the blessing of a son, who she dedicated to the Lord. She acknowledged the greatness of God and how He rules over all, blessing and helping those who are faithful to Him. As we acknowledge that hand of God upon our lives, giving Him thanks for all the blessings He gives us, so we receive yet more. God is gracious and generous, watching over us all and as we acknowledge Him and give thanks for the many blessings He bestows, so we grow in our relationship with Him. We are truly blessed by the plans He puts into place for our lives. We praise Him as our Lord and our God and give thanks for His loving care. Each day we come before Him to thank Him for His bounteous gifts. We live as His own and rejoice to be called His children. Give thanks to the Lord our God. He is faithful and true and blesses us endlessly!

Wednesday 30th January          2 Peter 1 : 5 - 8

Increase your faith!God wants our faith to grow. We cannot remain the same as the first day we come to believe and trust in God, Jesus and Holy Spirit. As we spend time in God’s presence with a very real desire to know Him more fully, so He will help us to grow in many areas. We need goodness; knowledge; self-control; endurance; godliness; Christian affection and love. God will grow these qualities in us as we endure in our faith in Him. They are of great importance to our growth, for we do not want to remain as little children in our faith. By trusting in our Lord and taking on the daily practise of time spent in His presence, reading His Word and praying, so we grow in those other qualities. Give thanks to God that as we seek to grow in faith He is gracious in granting us so much more. Praise God that He reveals His nature to our seeking hearts!

Thursday 31st January             Proverbs 17 : 22

Be cheerful!One who is a child of God and a follower of Jesus Christ finds it easy to be cheerful, loving and kind. Christ’s nature becomes our own as we seek to grow in faith and trust in God Almighty. We may have moments of sorrow but the peace of the Lord is given to us when we seek it, and that peace lifts our sorrow and enables us to cope once more. Jesus was always positive in His attitude to life and He influenced everyone who He helped. His nature was calm and His manner was serene. His relationship with God, our Father, was strong and He had faith and absolute trust in His Father’s help and guidance. If we can love like Jesus did we bring honour to God our Father. Be cheerful, trusting God to guide your day and protect you in every way. Be cheerful and bring honour to God. Give thanks to Father, Son and Holy Spirit as they help us to be cheerful every day!

Friday 1st February             1 Thessalonians 2 : 10

Witnesses!All around there are people who see the way we behave and speak. They are the witnesses that Paul speaks about. We must always be aware that how we behave is open and viewed by many people. Are we honourable in every way? Do we do things right without fault? Do we live the kind of life that brings honour to our Lord? Our speech needs to be gentle, loving and pure, and we should live without anger, spite or aggressiveness. God calls us to look at the way Jesus lived and imitate Him. If we live at peace with all people then we have no fear of whoever witnesses us. We will bring honour to God through behaving as He has instructed us. Be kind, gentle and loving at all times and live a life that pleases God. We belong to Jesus, our Lord and Saviour. Follow His example always!

Saturday 2nd February              John 7 : 24

True Standards!It is so easy to judge! We apply our standards to the judgement, but so often we don’t know the truth and so give false judgement. We each have varying standards by which we judge life. People who know nothing about our God and His Son judge very differently to those who follow Jesus Christ. He, as the Son of God, lived by the standards God set. We read of some of those standards in the 10 commandments. But life is changeable and every person is different from others. If we all lived by the standards that Jesus followed then the world would be a better place. But this is not so! People who insist on things being done their way and are intolerant of others standards and behaviour live contrary to the way God desire. Seek God’s will and way and you will be living the true standards that He has laid out for mankind. Trust in God’s true standards!

Sunday 3rd February                

We come into Your presence, Lord, to worship You and to bring honour to Your Name. You have taken care of us day by day and we give You thanks and praise for Your loving care. We go into each day knowing that You have gone before us and prepared the way, knowing just what we have to face. Your loving care surrounds us, no matter where we are, or whoever we are with. May we witness to Your loving care by telling others about You and how You came to save their souls too. Bless all those who work to promote Your love, willing to spend time and effort to ensure that others hear about You. Lord, we love You and offer ourselves in Your service. Guide and help us along that path where You have prepared work for us. We are Your own, dear Lord, and offer ourselves for Your service. Bless the Lord o my soul. Thank Him for the love and faithfulness that He pours out in such generous portions. Thank You Lord!

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