Listen! This is the hour to receive God’s favour; today is the day to be saved! 2 Corinthians 6 : 2


Our Ministers

Lord, You have chosen the right person to lead this church, and have blessed him and anointed him to serve You faithfully amongst this congregation. We pray for Your blessing and favour upon all that he does in Your service, that he may faithfully serve You, and bring Your message to the people of this congregation. Bless our minister and his family, Lord, we pray and guide him in Your prefect will and way. Thank You for Your help and guidance day by day.


Thank You Lord, for each member of this congregation and community, who attend so regularly and give their support for the many activities that take place. You have established this community, and enabled us to grow in knowledge and wisdom as we hear Your Word preached and the lesson taught in Your Name. Enable us to grow and serve You with willing hearts Lord, for we desire that all men learn about Jesus, Your Son, who lived and died for our salvation. Blessall the activities that take place here, Lord. Thank You!

Church Leaders

Thank You Lord, for the men and women who have stepped forward in answer to Your call to serve You wherever You desire. They take leadership roles in the church and assist others to grow in their faith and trust in Your abiding love. Bless all the activities that take place, Lord, as we share with one another of the grace and mercy that You show toward us. Thank You for each person who has accepted a position of leadership and who worksconscientiously to do the best they can in Your service.

South Africa

God, bless our land and people we pray. There are so many areas facing difficulties because of the heat and increased fire hazard. We pray for protection in those areas and that rain may fall where it is so badly needed. We pray too for all who are facing difficulty and danger through the weather and severe storms. Lord, bless our land and people, and may we live together in harmony, giving thanks for all the blessings that You give us. Bless those leaders in government, national and local, Lord, we pray!

The Needy

We know of so many people who are in need of Your loving care, Lord, they face illness, or other serious issues and we name them before You now, praying that in Your Grace and Love that You will touch them and inspire and help each one we name. Thank You Lord!


Monday 4th February               Acts 2 : 1 - 12

Coming of the Holy Spirit!The ministry of Jesus Christ began in His disciples on the Day of Pentecost. The disciples were gathered together, praying and seeking the Lord, when there came the Wind of the Spirit, which touched every person there and filled them with the Spirit of God. They were blessed by the Holy Fire, and immediately began speaking in other languages, telling of the greatness of God Almighty and His Son, Jesus Christ. The message spoken through the disciples touched the hearts and minds of many people and they believed too. The greatness of God was spoken of and the Holy Spirit moved amongst the crowd and changed men’s hearts. The Holy Spirit is still at work, bringing God’s message of love to many, many people, filling them with love for the Lord and calling them to follow Christ for all time. The blessing of the Holy Spirit comes upon us! Rejoice in this wonderful blessing from GodAlmighty and His Son.

Tuesday 5th February            Deuteronomy 14 : 22 - 23

Honour the Lord!We have to learn how to honour the Lord. The Israelites learnt this by taking their tithes to the place of worship. We do the same today by our giving. The practise of paying tithes to God was set up to remind people of God’s provision for them. They were to bring the first fruits in gratitude to God for His provision. God is generous in every way and we need to remember what He has done for us. Do not give grudgingly but give in thankfulness to our God. Go before Him and ask what He requires you to give to your church (Temple). It is to be a gift from what you receive. Today we choose to give money – a 10th of our income to the church for the furthermost spreading of the Gospel. We give honour to God by giving generously, not grudgingly, in thanks for all that God does for us. Give thanks to the Lord!

Wednesday 6th February          John 4 : 23 - 24

The time is here!The time when people will worship the Father by the power of the Holy Spirit is already here. God wants true worship. He wants us to come to Him with hearts full of love and adoration for Him, hearts that will bring Him Glory. The worship we bring is full adoration of our Almighty God, for we have discovered just how much He cares for us. He invites us to draw near and experience His loving kindness. He wants us to draw near to His Son, Jesus, and learn of His great love through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. God is Spirit and only by the Power of His Spirit can we worship Him as He really is. We come with hearts full of love for God, guided by the Spirit and offer ourselves in total worship of our Lord and our God. Blessed be the Lord of all. Holy is He and worthy of the love and adoration that we bring. We love You, Lord!

Thursday 7th February             1 John 3 : 1 - 10

God’s children!   We are children of God, brothers and sister to Jesus Christ, His Son. Because of our relationship to our Lord we take on His righteousness. We let go of sin for we desire to please God. Christ is pure and holy and calls us to be like Him. Christ has showed us how to live as children of the Most High God through behaviour that brings credit to our God. We follow Jesus, taking on the characteristics of His loving nature, and through His help we become more loving, caring, and helpful. Our compassion for those in need becomes like His and we long to please Him. We no longer have any desire to go against God’s plans but offer ourselves to Him for His will and way to be fulfilled in our own lives. What a privilege to be called children of God Almighty. Praise God from whom all blessings flow. He is Lord, indeed!

Friday 8th February             Mark 4 : 21 - 25

What rules do you live by?We need to live an open, honest life, one that we are proud of and having no concern what others see, for we are living in an honourable way. We hear the truth taught and hopefully take heed of what is expected of us. We need to live as God requires, not following our own fallible ways. Do not judge others by your standards but follow that that God has established for all of us. We need to seek the truth that God wants us to live by, not one that is proclaimed by the world. God sent us the perfect example, who spoke the truth and lived an exemplary life. We can do no better than follow His example. He has given us rules to live by. Love one another, He tells us. Do not judge less you be judged. Worship the Lord and give Him honour. Thank God for the rules He has given us to live by!

Saturday 9th February              Ezekiel 33 : 10 - 13

Rely on God!So often we rely on our own intuition and not on God’s leading. We may think we are loving as God requires, but if we do not consult Him and take note of what He tells us then all we are doing is following our own desires. God wants us to be good in all our behaviour and tells us strongly that if we think that our past goodness is enough and fail to do as God requires He will no longer remember any of the good we have done. We must be careful not to backslide and fall into wrongful ways. We need to rely on the good advice of God. He wants us to be whole and free from sin. He doesn’t like seeing people sin, for they bring their own judgement on themselves. Consider your behaviour! Live as God requires and bring joy to His loving heart. God is a good God and wants the best for us all. Give thanks for the Grace of God and rely on Him!!

Sunday 10th February                

All glory, praise and honour to Thee, our Lord and King. We come beloved Lord, to praise You, to worship You and to tell You that we love You and follow Your commands. Day by day we learn more about Your loving kindness through Your touch upon our lives, and Your help through all the difficulties that we face, we honour You Lord, and praise Your beloved Name. You are Holy, indeed, and we rejoice that we can come into Your presence and praise and worship You. You call us to be Your own, and as we meet with You, day by day, our love and respect for You grows and grows. We are so grateful for Your loving kindness and Your help and guidance in our daily lives. We praise You, Almighty God. We worship You, blessed Jesus. We thank You for Your touch upon our lives, Holy Spirit. Praise the Lord, O my soul!Praise His Holy name, now and forever more! Blessed is our Lord and our God! Hallelujah!

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