Put yourselves to the test and judge yourselves, to find out whether you are living in faith. Surely you know that Christ Jesus is in you?   2 Corinthians 13: 5


Our Ministers

Thank You, Lord, for the one You have appointed here to lead the church. You have blessed him and have helped him study and learn so that he is able to bring an effective message to the people of this church and community. Bless him as he goes about helping those who are in need of instruction or counselling. Bless him too Lord, in the administration tasks that are required for the smooth running of Your church. Keep him strong and able to cope with all that needs to be done. Bless his family too, we pray.


Thank You Lord for our church and community. You have established us in this place and we come week by week to hear Your message preached and to share in many activities with the members of our church. May we grow in those attributes that Jesus always showed – with love, care and compassion for one another. We have open doors, Lord, to welcome anyone who seeks to join us in worship and prayer. Bless this church and community, Lord, we pray!

Church Leaders

We thank You Lord, for everyone who has accepted the position as a leader in the church. There are many activities that require someone to lead and conduct them, and we thank You for every man or woman that You have chosen to lead in that position. Bless those who teach in Sunday School, helping the young children get a firm foundation of the Bible and the love of our Lord. Bless too those who lead worship, or door duty, or assisting with setting up the church for Sunday Services.

South Africa

We love our land, South Africa, dear Lord. We pray for Your rain to fall in those areas where drought still grips the land. We pray for Your hand of help and mercy for all who are struggling because of lack of water – the towns, and the farms, where no crops have been planted. We pray too for our government, that they may work in harmony with one another, to enable the different municipalities to work efficiently and be able to provide the people with the basic needs. We pray for a stable economy, and that all the theft of monies apportioned for work in the towns and cities across our land be stopped and the culprits punished. Be with us Lord, as we pray for South Africa.


Monday 11th March               Luke 17: 20 - 30

The Kingdom within!There is much talk about the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ – but no one knows the day or time when He will come in His Glory. It is said that the Kingdom of God will come in such a way as to surprise all on earth. Many will be following their own will and way and will be surprised when the Lord comes in His Glory. But no one will be able to say, “There it is, or here it is” The kingdom of God is within those who believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. Many go about as though it makes no difference how they behave.They live as though tomorrow will never come. They scorn those who love and serve Jesus Christ. They carry on not caring about others but looking towards their own lives and how they desire to live. But take note! The Day of the Lord will come and the believers will be taken up to heaven and the rest will be destroyed. God will not be mocked. His plans will come to fruition. Take heed!

Tuesday   12th March               Jeremiah 17: 10

How do we live!Are we aware that God treats us according to the way we live? God looks on at our behaviour and searches the recesses of our hearts and minds to find out the deepest thoughts we have. What deeds arise from our thoughts? Do we disregard God’s instructions of living a holy life? Do we turn our back on the goodness of our Lord and live according to our own low morals? We need to bring our hearts and minds in line with God’s requirements. We need to be upright and honest in our living and treating others well and being kind and generous in our actions. We must not allow our minds to be enticed to unsavoury practises, but keep ourselves pure and honest at all times. Bring honour to our Lord and our God by living as He desires. A son or daughter of God Almighty is a person of honour. Give praise to God for His help and encouragement to live as His own.

Wednesday 13th March             1 Peter 4: 12 - 19

We bear Christ’s Name! In today’s age there are many who look down on Christians and seek to destroy us all. They follow other gods, not God Almighty and His Son, Jesus. Christians all over the world are persecuted, ridiculed and condemned. Peter tells us that we should not be surprised at this for satan is trying everything in his power to destroy those who believe in Jesus Christ. Stand firm as Christ’s followers, for He is present with you supporting and encouraging you in this fight. Stay true to the Lord. Don’t allow the devil to coax you away from Jesus’ side. Stand firm, for God will honour those who remain true to Jesus. Be proud of your faith and trust in Jesus, Lord of all. Follow Him faithfully and do not allow scoffers to sway you from your true intentions. You bear Christ’s Name – be proud to do so!

Thursday 14th March             1 John 3 : 1 - 7

Be like Jesus!   Through the love of God we are called His children, born to be like His Son, Jesus. We were introduced to Jesus as our Lord and Saviour, and through our acceptance of Him and becoming His followers we grow in our knowledge of Him, His nature and His love. Through His love for us our love changes and becomes focussed on Him. We long to be like Him, to take on His nature and His love, and to follow Him closely. Day by day we grow more like Him. We become faithful to God and more loving toward people we interact with. We turn our backs on previous sinful practises, desiring to be pure and honourable before our God. Righteousness grows in us and purity becomes our way. Jesus is our example and daily we grow more like Him, taking on the purity and goodness of His soul to ourselves. Praise God that we grow more like His Son each day!

Friday 15th March             Hebrews 12: 12 - 29

Don’t give up!   There are times when we become down-hearted and ready to give up. Things don’t seem to be going very well and there are days when God seems very, very far away. Yet we are told, “Lift your tired hands and strengthen your trembling knees. Keep on walking on straight paths! Try to be a peace with everyone and try to live a holy life because no one will see the Lord without it.” Draw close to the Lord. Seek Him in prayer, praise and worship. Lean on His strong arm. He doesn’t want you to give up. Keep on keeping on. What you are doing for the Lord is of great worth. Although no one seems to acknowledge your work the Lord does and writes of your achievements in God’s Book of Life. It is worth it. Do what God has given you as a task and keep on till He tells you enough! You honour the Lord by your faithful sowing. He will remember this. Let God encourage you when you get weary. His presence brings delight and support to carry on. Don’t give up!

Saturday 16th March              Psalm 63: 1 - 8

Longing for God!   There comes a time when in prayer that a deep longing for the presence of God comes over us. We are in prayer to our Father and our God and we desire a deeper connection. As David spoke out to God, so do we “O God, You are my God and I long for You. My whole being desires You, like a dry, worn-out and waterless desert longs for refreshing water. My soul cries out to You, ‘When can I see You, my Lord and my God? When can I come into Your presence and worship at Your feet? You are good and kind – a loving Father who stretches out His arms to embrace His children. Gather me close, O Lord my God, that I may know the security of Your loving arms. I revere and honour You. Blessed is the Lord Almighty. Praise God now and always. He rules in Heaven above. Bless His holy Name!

Sunday 17th March                

Praise to the Lord, the Almighty, the King of heaven and earth. Praise to His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, for His abiding love and help and guidance in all our living. Praise too the Holy Spirit of God, who reaches into the recesses of our hearts and changes us forever more. Blessed God, Father of all and Jesus, our Lord, we give You praise and thanks for Your loving care for each one of us. You call us to be Your own. You reveal Yourself to us, and encourage us to grow in knowledge of Your greatness and abiding love for all of mankind. To this end You sent Jesus to earth to reveal to man just how loving and kind a God You are. Help us to know Your love, wisdom and faithfulness as we seek to live as You desire us to. Lord Almighty we honour and worship You, rejoicing that You have called us to be You own. You watch over us and guide us day by day. Thank You for Your loving care. Blessed is the Lord our God and our Saviour, Jesus Christ. Hallelujah!

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