What I know now is only partial; then it will be complete --as complete as God’s knowledge of me. 1 Corinthians 13 : 12


Our Ministers

Lord, You have blessed us in this congregation through the one You have placed here as our leader and pastor. You have called him to serve You with loving kindness and with the authority that You have given. Thank You for the years of study, and many long hours of service in Your Name. We pray for Your touch of help and guidance to be with him as he strives to fulfil Your commandment to “go, everywhere, and bring My Word to My people” Thank You for the many hours of service given so readily.


Bless us Lord, as we gather together in Your Name, to worship You, and to hear Your message preached. We thank You for this place where we gather, and for the people who are part of this community. We ask for Your blessing upon each person who comes to hear Your Word preached, and who lingers to get to know fellow Christians here. Bless Your church Lord, wherever people gather in Your Name, to worship and honor You. May we spread the Word far and wide Lord, to tell the world about our Lord, Jesus Christ!

Church Leaders

Lord, we give You thanks and praise for every person who has offered their services in the church. You have stirred their hearts and they have obeyed Your call. Thank You for all the areas where they lead and teach others about Your Word, and invite people to study and learn from Your Word. Bless these men and women who take responsibility for a particular area of service. May they bring joy to Your heart, O Lord, through their faithfulness and willing devotion to the work You have given them to do. Bless all our leaders, Lord!

South Africa

We pray for our land and people Lord. There are many areas across South Africa where the land is barren and crops unable to be planted due to no rain. Send Your rain, Lord, all across our land, so that the farmers can tend the fields and plant crops that can be used to feed our people. We pray for the farmers who are struggling. We pray too for the people in the towns and villages all across our land, that they may turn to You in their hour of need, pleading for Your grace to help them in their difficult situations. Guide our leaders and politicians too Lord, and may they be honest and upright in all that they do in governing our land and people. God, bless South Africa, we pray!

The Needy

Lord, bless all those in need this day. They are facing difficult situations, illness and even dread diseases. We pray for Your help and Your healing grace for each one we bring before You now. Thank You Lord.

Monday 1 th March               Jeremiah 33: 3

Call to Me and I will answer!We come before our Lord with deep longing in our hearts; for the touch of His presence; for a word of love and wisdom from His lips. In an attitude of prayer and adoration we seek His touch and His Word to us. These words stir in us, “Call to Me and I will answer you!” Our God is waiting for our coming. He is eager to meet with us and converse with us. How wonderful to receive a message from the lips of our God. Praise God from whom all blessings flow. God is love and comes to meet us and shower His love upon us. He wants to show us His Glory. He wants us to be in communication with Him. Tell Him the desires of your heart. Worship Him. Praise Him. Tell Him of your love. He reaches out and enfolds us in His perfect love and in His presence we feel safe and secure. Praise God, our loving Father and Lord. Blessed is His Name. God is a God of Love!

Tuesday   19th March               John 17: 20

Jesus prays for us!It is comforting to know that Jesus is praying for us all. This means all who have believed in Him; all who do believe in Him, and all who will believe in Him. He is spending Eternity praying for us. We, who pray for others, and see the positive results of our prayers, are strengthened to know that we are covered in prayer too, through our Lord Jesus Christ praying continually for us. We have no doubt that we receive blessings as we go out and about in Jesus’ Name to pray for others, to spread word of Christ to man. We too are privileged to be able to pray for others. This might be for a need in their lives – or just for a blessing. We must pray, as Jesus prays, for our family and friends and for us to be able to draw others to the feet of our Lord. Thank You Jesus, for your loving prayer for all. Praise Your Holy name!

Wednesday 20th March          Isaiah 51: 15 - 16

The Power of the Lord!When we encounter a violent storm we realize the Power of God. He who makes the storm also brings calm to the raging seas. He stretches out the grasslands and sets the stars in the sky. Our God is Almighty. His Power is beyond imagining. Yet He is also gentle and kind. He comforts the widow in her sorrow. He strengthens the farmer to plant again after destruction by a tornado. He is in control of the heavens and the earth. His Power is beyond our understanding. He is loving, kind and caring to His own. He harnesses His power so that we don’t get hurt. He teaches us day by day and protects us always. We honour and revere You, God Almighty, Creator of all. You are our beloved Lord. We honour You. Come, Lord God, and inhabit our praises. Blessed is the Lord God Almighty. Praise His Holy name. We bow before You Lord. We worship You!

Thursday 21st March             John 13: 21 - 22

Betrayal!We wonder just what made Judas betray Jesus. He was one of Jesus’ beloved disciples and had seen and heard the miracles that were happening. He was of the inner circle, sharing meals with our Lord and doing what the other disciples did. How mistaken he was in his thinking. He succumbed to the Jewish authorities and their demands. Although Judas had no reason to betray our Lord he agreed with the ones who wanted Jesus removed. Judas agreed to betray our Lord, yet he very soon regretted his decision and in that state took his own life. Still Jesus loved him to the very end and did not expose him to the others. Are we able to stay true to our Lord in thought, word and deed? We pray that it may be so. We honour our Lord in faithfulness and follow Him without question. We have felt His love. Praise our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, Son of God Almighty.

Friday 22nd March             Isaiah 57: 14 - 21

God’s Promises can be trusted!God calls His people to return to Him. He sees what is happening all over the earth, how sin and greed has drawn them away from His side. Yet He promises to lead them back into His care and will help and heal them. He was angry because of their sin and greed. They did not come back to Him but continued to live contrary to God’s requirements. God could have abandoned His people totally but He did not. He offers healing and peace to them. He wants to comfort those who mourn. God does not chastise them but calls to them to return to Him. He offers peace to all, both near and far. He desires to restore their confidence. Those who have forsaken the Lord must turn to Him once more. He will not reject you. He is waiting to accept you back into His loving care. Our God is a loving, ever forgiving God who calls out to His own, “Come back to My loving care!

Saturday 23rd March              1 Timothy 6: 11 - 16

Obey your orders!God has called us to live a life faithful to our Lord, Jesus Christ. We are to run in the race of faith, staying faithful to our vows to live a life wholly dedicated to our Lord. We are commanded to keep our hope in God who has called us to be His own through our faith and trust in His Son, Jesus. We are to serve our Lord with good intentions, striving to bring the Good News to many through our good living. We need to live a life that honours our Lord through good deeds, kindness and goodness. As we study God’s Word and grow in knowledge and understanding of His truths, so we live lives that bring Him honour. We rejoice to be called children of the most high God, brothers and sisters to His Son, Jesus. We are truly blessed to know and serve God Almighty and Jesus through the work of the Holy Spirit.

Sunday 24th March                

Bless the Lord, O my soul. Worship His Holy Name! We thank You Lord, for Your loving kindness and constant care of us, Your children. You called us to be Your own, and as we responded You filled us with Your Spirit and guided us along the path that leads to the heavenly abode. In Your care Lord, we thrive and flourish, and You guide our every moment. Bless us Lord, as we work to fulfil that particular task You have given us to do. May our work bring pleasure to Your heart O God, as we offer our hand and hearts to You in honour of Your Majesty. Blessed Lord God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, we worship You, Not one day goes past without us coming to seek Your presence and Your help and guidance for our daily toil. May Your hand of blessing be upon us Lord, leading us along the path that leads to the heavenly abode. We are Your own, Lord, and we offer our hearts anew to You. Blessed is the Lord God Almighty. Holy is He and worthy of all our praise. We worship You O God. We love You dear Jesus. We thank You for Your help and guidance, blessed Holy Spirit. Blessed is our Lord on High. Hallelujah!


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