So then, we must always aim at those things that bring peace and that help to strengthen one another.

Romans 14 : 19


Our Ministers

We are grateful, Lord, for the one You have placed here to lead and instruct us in Your will and way. You encourage us through the loving care that Your minister has for the members of this congregation, and for the time spent in visiting and helping throughout the community. Bless him, Lord, as he reads and studies and prepares the message to bring to us. Guide and help him to live as You desire, and bless him and his family, we pray. You continue to teach him Your will and way, Lord, and we are grateful for the loving kindness you have placed in his heart. Bless and care for him, Lord, we pray!


Lord, You have brought us together to this place to join in worship and praise of You. We thank You for giving us the opportunity to gather together in Your Name, to hear Your message preached, and to take part in all the different activities that there are. Bless us Lord, as we gather to worship and honour You, and take part in the many activities that are offered. Thank You for this building, and for the loving care given to maintain it to bring honour to You.

Church Leaders

Thank You for the men and women who have stepped forward to serve You where You want them to be. They offer their services, and their knowledge too Lord, to help teach the children, as well as the adults through the different activities and studies that are offered. Bless all those who lead, Lord, giving of their time and effort to help new members grow in their faith. They serve too Lord, in administration to ensure that all is well run. Thank You for all those who serve as a leader in this church and community.

South Africa

God bless South Africa, we pray. We are facing difficulties all across our land, and we pray for Your help and guidance for those in control, that they may work well to restore things to normal. We pray for the doctors and healthcare services, as they help those in need. Guide the men and women in government, Lord that the right decisions be made for the good of our land and people. Bless the poor and needy, Lord, who battle to survive in difficult conditions. We pray for an end to the racial hatred that is being spoken of all across South Africa. Help us to live in peace and harmony with one another, in the towns and cities and countryside of our land.

The Needy

We know of so many who are facing serious illness, through cancer or other illness. May Your hand of healing and help rest upon each one we name before You now. Help folk to endure and trust You for their healing and their future.


Monday 25th March               Matthew 6: 5 - 15

Prayer   Jesus teaches us how to pray. It is not some incessant babble and repetition of words, but truly in honour of our God and in line with His requirements of worship. We need to have a heart that loves God to be able to bring heart-felt prayers before Him. We should ready our hearts to stand before our God and to offer Him adoration and praise and petition Him on behalf of the needs of ourselves and others. God is Almighty and we need to come with reverence before Him. We pray prayers of praise and adoration before we petition Him for our needs. How comforting to know God is listening when we come to Him in need. He hears our prayers and is gracious and loving and helpful to answer with the best way for us. Give thanks to our Lord and our God as we subject ourselves into His care. He is our Lord. He is God Almighty, who listens to the prayers of His children. PraiseGod for hearing our prayers and for blessing us with love!

Tuesday 26th March               Matthew 15: 10 - 20

What is in your heart?Jesus was teaching His disciples of what makes a person unclean. Every evil thought comes from an impure heart. Whatever you hold in your heart will come out of your mouth and your behaviour. If you hold grudges and ill-will those unkind words will be spoken. If your heart is set on accumulating wealth then what you think or do will proclaim this. The heart is the seat of good and evil. Rather set your heart on the things of God, what is pure and holy, kind and caring, loving at all times. Jesus’ heart was pure above all and we who desire to be like Him should keep our hearts pure. Be kind to all people, avoid argument, and don’t hold grudges. Do as God requires. This will please Him. Follow the example of our Lord. Give thanks to God for the life of Jesus, His Son, and Our Lord, who is the perfect example for us!

Wednesday 27th March          1 Peter 4: 1 - 6

Changed Lives!The one thing that is sure when you accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour is that you will change. It will be in many areas of your life. Your focus will change and become more attentive to the things of God and His Son, Jesus. Your manner and emotions will change as the love of God comes to reside in your heart, and the anger and irritation that was displayed previously will disappear and you will be gentle and considerate towards all people. Now you will seek God’s will and not always want your way to be the only way. Your way of living will also change and you will desire to have time set aside to read the Bible and pray, so as to grow in knowledge of God’s Word and way for your life. Change comes gradually as you faithfully seek Jesus day by day. But the changes are good and give pleasure to God Almighty. He surrounds us with His loving kindness and guides us in His will and way!

Thursday 28th March             Galatians 4: 6 - 7

Children of God!We call God our Father and to show us that we are His sons and daughters He sent the Spirit of His Son into our hearts. We are now part of God’s family, cherished by Him and guarded and guided throughout our living. God will give us blessing upon blessing as a Father does for His children. What He does for Jesus, His Son, He also does for us. We lack for nothing. He guides us and helps us along life’s pathways and teaches us the truths that He wants our hearts to embrace. The qualities of His Son, Jesus, are the qualities He wants us to take on and use for His glory. God fills us with love from above and the ability to love others as He does. He has given us abundant life and rejoices over our faithful servanthood. Enjoy the favour of God, our Father, and of Jesus, our Lord, brother to all who believe in Him. Praise the Lord, O my soul. Bless God, now and always!

Friday 29th March             1 John 5: 13 - 21

Eternal Life!For those who believe in God Almighty and His Son, Jesus Christ, eternal life has already begun. We trust in the everlasting love of God and in His presence we have the courage to ask Him for those things that are according to His will. He hears every word we bring to Him and listens to what we ask for. He gives so generously out of heaven’s storehouse. Our relationship with Him is special and precious. He is our beloved Father, who cares for us in the finest detail. His Son, Jesus, is our Lord and Saviour, who, for our sakes, gave up His life so that we may live eternally. The love of God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit, is without end. It surrounds us and supports us day by day. We live in union with our God, a union that is unbreakable, for it is for all Eternity. Such love surrounds us and protects us and enables us to endure. Give thanks to our Lord and our God, for our lives will be with them for Eternity!

Saturday 30th March              Zephaniah 3: 1 - 12

Hope in the Lord!God is with us. No matter what we have to face God sees and provides the right path. He always does what is good and right. He does not like to see the wrong that people do and longs for them to turn from their wicked ways. He always brings justice to the people. He looks to see if there are any who are humble and faithful in their attitude. God’s love is from everlasting to everlasting. He longs to care for His people, yet so many turn away from Him and pursue their folly. God is all Powerful and at a word could destroy all that is evil in our world. But He is not vindictive, but kind and loving, and we can trust Him in every way. Our hope is in the Lord and His Grace and mercy is forever sure. Bless the Lord who cares for us so wonderfully and guides us in His perfect plans. He undertakes for us every single moment of our lives. Praise and thanks to God, our Father and our Lord!

Sunday 31st March                

Praise God from whom all blessings flow! Lord, we thank You for Your loving care for us all. You guide and help us every minute of each day, and guard us from harm. Though we may not be aware of Your touch upon our lives, there are instances when we realize that we had escaped danger, and that only through Your intervention we had come through. Your watchful care over us all is amazing in every way. We may never know just what You have done to save us from difficult situations, but we just want to thank You. You are such a wonderful caring and loving Lord, watching out for our interests, and protecting us day by day from issues that we could never imagine. We praise You Lord, and thank You for Your loving kindness, and care. We look to You, our Lord and our God, and thank You for life in Your care. Blessed is Your Name, O Lord, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We worship and honour You, now and always. Glory to our God and King. We love You, Lord, Hallelujah.


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