So then, we must always aim at those things that bring peace and that help to strengthen one another.

Romans 14 : 19


Our Ministers

Bless those who lead our church in this community, Lord. You have appointed them to watch over us and help us to grow in knowledge and understanding of Your great love for all mankind. Thank You for calling them to serve here, and for the loving care that they extend to us all. Bless them as they study and prepare the sermons and the teachings to bring to the members of this community. Watch over them, Lord, and help them as they stand as Christ’s ambassador in this place. Bless all who minister to others in Your Name!


Bless our church, all its members, and all the activities that take place here. You have established us Lord, and have encouraged us to grow in knowledge and wisdom as we listen to the sermons and teachings, and take part in what is offered. Thank You Lord for the members of our church, and their faithfulness in meeting week by week, and helping wherever they can. May we always offer a warm, inviting welcome to whoever attends our meetings and gathers to worship and listen to the message that is brought to us.

Church Leaders

Thank You for the men and women who have offered their services in the church, willing to help in the various areas. We thank You for those who teach Lord, who instruct the young children about Your great love. For those who lead Bible Study, or men’s meeting times, or Sunday School, or collections for those in need. Lord, there are many activities, and we thank you for each person who steps forward, willing to help in whatever way necessary. Bless all those who offer their services, Lord. Thank You for each one!

South Africa

Bless our land and people, Lord, we pray. We are facing difficult times, where crime and violence is present in so many areas of our land. We pray for Your hand of loving care be upon us all, and that You will guide the leaders of our land to make the right decisions in government, both national and local. We pray for the people of the land when they make the choice of the person to vote for. Lord, we pray for Your hand of blessing be upon the politicians that will stand for election. May our land be kept safe through Your loving care. We pray for our land and people, Lord, giving thanks that You have kept watch over us all the time. Thank You, Lord!

The Needy

Bless all those in need this day, dear Lord. Many are facing serious illness or difficulty. We pray for each one, asking that Your helping, healing touch rest upon those we name before You now. Surround them with Your loving care, we pray.

Monday 8th April               Zephaniah 3: 12 – 13

Trust in the Lord!   Our faithful God is waiting for us to turn to Him, to seek His face, to worship Him and to listen to His wise words. As we seek His help for our lives He rejoices that we come to Him as repentant and humble people, desiring to be accepted by Him and blessed by His presence and His loving kindness. Come to the Lord! Come often to rest in His presence and to worship Him and praise His Holy name. Bow before Him and offer yourself to Him for His delight and purpose for your life. By this you bring yourself, body, soul and spirit, to be His alone, ready to do whatever God decrees for your life. He promises riches that will satisfy, the richness of His love and the love of His Son Jesus. Come to the Lord in humility and meekness and He will raise you up in glory. Worship the Lord will all your heart and trust in His abiding love. Give thanks and praise to God Almighty!

Tuesday 9th April               1 Thessalonians 2; 12 - 13

God guides and helps us!God is at work in our lives every day. He hears every prayer we bring to Him. He sees us, when emotion and love for Him breaks forth and tears flow readily. He sees into our hearts and rejoices over the love we have for Him, His Son, Jesus, and for the Holy Spirit. He sees too how that love for Him flows out from our hearts and extends towards our neighbours and others. God is pleased with our honest emotions and our readiness to allow Him to work in our hearts and draw us nearer to Him. Each time we hear His message, through whatever means, our hearts are touched. Love is always His message for us, His children, and He wants us to act from the base of His love in our hearts. This is how He guides and helps us, by His loving kindness and His desire for all people to know they are important to Him. Give thanks to our loving Lord. Praise His Holy Name. We raise Him up – to worship Him!

Wednesday 10th April          John 5: 23

Honour the Lord!There are many people across the world who honour God as the Creator of all things. Yet there are many who decry God and use His Name to blaspheme. There are others who follow foreign gods, or inanimate objects and call them god. But there is only One God, the Father Almighty and His Son, Jesus Christ, the second person of the Trinity, plus the Holy Spirit. If we honour God we should honour Jesus in the same way. Stay true to God Almighty! Give thanks that Jesus came to the world to show mankind the way back into a loving relationship with God, our Father. We, who believe that Jesus Christ is truly the Son of God, are blessed in our belief and worship of Him. Jesus came to save us from our ignorance and selfish ways. As we live to serve God through our faith and trust in Jesus Christ, we will be living to honour our Triune God. Give thanksto our Lord and our God, our Redeemer and Saviour Lord!

Thursday 11th April             Exodus 14: 13 - 29

Our miracle working God!God always takes care of His people. His plan to rescue them from the Egyptians was put into place. He gathered the multitude of Jews together at the edge of the Red Sea. Though they were frightened, Moses said to them, “The Lord will fight for you and there is no need for you to do anything!” Moses held out his stick over the water and the Red Sea parted and the Jews were able to pass over on dry land. In Jesus’ time many miracles took place. There was healing from dread diseases, from life-threatening illness, life restored after death, feeding of 5000+ men and women with 5 loaves and 2 fish. God’s ability to help, healand do miracles has not lessened today. He is working in the lives of men and women and restoring them to full heath. He is working amongst those who believe in Him as well as changing the hearts of unbelievers to believe and trust in His Son. Bless the Lord, O my soul. He is Almighty and worthy of praise!

Friday 12th April             Ephesians 2: 19 - 22

God’s family!We are all part of God’s family. Whether Jew, or Greek, or British, or South African, if you love our Lord you have become part of the family of God. No one is excluded. God desires that the whole human race come to belief in Jesus as His Son, and join together as one family. God fills all believers with His Spirit, so they are no longer strangers. The love of God reaches out to touch all people and as they respond to God love grows in their hearts and they are able to love all manner of people. What joy is found in the company of fellow believers. We give thanks to our Lord and our God for giving us the honour of belonging to His family. We are all brothers and sisters to Christ, blessed in every way. We stand together as the family of God Almighty. Praise God for His blessings and His love, poured out in abundance. We worship and praise our Lord and our God!

Saturday 13th April              Philippians 1: 6

God is faithful!God has a task for each one of Christ’s followers. He calls them, He equips them, and He is within them every day as they work to fulfil that task. No matter what God has given you to do, He has given you the talent to complete that task. He will open doors that previously were closed and ensure the completion of that task that honours Him. No matter how small or large the task He has given you to do He will do the planning and execution of the task. You will be amazed how things fall into place, so that His Word can reach others. God has blessed you with the task that is right for you and you give Him honour by working steadily at that task. Give thanks to our God and our Lord who guides us in the task that fulfils His desire for His love to reach others through our faithfulness. Thank You Lord!!

Sunday 14th April                

Bless and praise the Lord most high. He is Holy and worthy to be praised. God Almighty, we raise You up, and pray that the world may see You and worship You in honour of Your Name. We look to You Lord, to praise You. We come into Your presence with bended knee, for we revere and honour You. Father God, blessed Jesus, and Holy Spirit, we worship You. Guide our living, Lord, that we may live as You desire, following the ways of Jesus, our Lord and Saviour, by being kind and caring towards others. You call us to live as Your own, dear Lord, and as we come into Your presence, we worship and praise Your Holy Name. We belong to You, Lord God, and desire to live pleasing You in every way. May we live honourable lives, Lord, offering You all that we do. We love You Lord, and thank You for caring for us and guiding us day by day. May Your Name be honoured above all others. Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord God Almighty. Blessed is our Lord, Jesus Christ, together with the Holy Spirit. Praise God, now and always, Hallelujah!


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