The Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, will teach you everything and make you remember all that I have told you.     John 14: 26


Our Ministers

Lord, we bring our minister to You this day, praying for Your blessing to be upon him, and for Your hand of help and leading to guide him in all that he does in Your name. You have called him into this position Lord, and through his study and time in prayer You instruct him in what You require him to bring to the people of this congregation. Thank You for the message that is prepared before You and brought to Your people with the help and instruction of the Holy Spirit. May the Word that is spoken bring joy to the members of this community, and clear direction for their lives, lived as Your faithful followers. Bless our minister and family, Lord, we pray!


Lord, we ask for Your blessing for our church and community. May we be faithful to You in attendance and service, directed by the Holy Spirit in the tasks to be done in and through the Name of our Lord. You have established us in this place, Lord, and we thank You that as we gather week by week that we are aware of Your presence and Your blessing upon all people. May we honor You through prayer, song, and Your Word, Lord that we might grow in our faith and trust in You. Bless our church and people, we pray!

Church Leaders

You have called men and women to offer their services in the church. Thank You for each one, Lord, who leads in any capacity to bring Your Word to others. Thank You for the Bible Study, Sunday School, women and men’s gatherings and other activities. Bless each leader, Lord, and may they know Your hand of guidance upon all that they do in Your Name and to Your Glory.

South Africa

God, bless this land South Africa! You have settled us in this place, and we pray that we may work hard to do the very best for our land and people. We pray for the preparations for the coming election, that the men and women who stand for office may be faithful and trustworthy in the carrying out of their duties. We pray for peaceful elections, and that whoever is election to a position of responsibility will work for the betterment of all people of our land. God, guide our politicians, we pray, that they may always work honestly and responsibly in the position that they are elected to. Bless us!

The Needy

There are many in need of Your helping, healing hand, dear Lord, as they face illness, hospitalisation or difficulty. May Your Grace and Mercy touch each one we name before You! Restore them to full health, Lord, we pray. Thank You, Lord!


Monday 15th April               1 John 2: 18 - 29

Believers!   Jesus said, “Those who are not for Me, are against Me!” This was true in the days of the early Church and is still true today. There are many who are seeking to destroy the Christian movement and are causing havoc in many places across the earth. They follow false gods and are vicious in their attempts to force people to follow their beliefs. Jesus came, as the True Son of God Almighty, to save the souls of all mankind. No matter what others do, Christ will conquer them in the end. We believe in Jesus as our Lord and Saviour, and do all we can to live close to Him and be a faithful witness to His abiding love. We speak the truth! We live the truth! We implore others to believe this truth! God Almighty, the Father, and Jesus Christ, His Son, and the Holy Spirit, is the True Triune God of all. Wewho believe, pronounce this truth. To God be the Glory!

Tuesday 16th April                 Hosea 2: 14 - 22

God calls us back!God’s love for His creation is strong and true. He will not let us go. If we stray from His side He calls us, “Return to Me! Stop following your false gods!” He will protect us on all sides. He wants to make us His own, His beloved! His promise is to be true and faithful, showing constant love and mercy. God wants us to be His forever. How do we respond to God’s call to us? Does our heart stir within us and fill us with a longing for His presence and His touch? The truth is that no one can flee from the Lord. His presence is ever near and His love for His creation is from everlasting to everlasting. We can believe His promise of loving care and protection. God tells us, “I will win you back with words of love!” How do we respond? Do we turn from our selfish ways and come back to the Lord of love? May we not hesitate but run to His outstretched arms. God is waiting, how do you respond?

Wednesday 17th April          Galatians 2: 1 - 10

God give work!God called Paul to the work of an apostle and he spent many years travelling to bring the message of Jesus Christ to others. He was effective in his teaching and preaching, for the hand of the Lord guided and helped him all the time. Those who God calls, He equips, and this is as true today as it was those thousands of years ago. If you feel a calling from God, do not resist, but accept it joyfully. He will help and guide you in your appointed task as you faithfully do it all in His Name. It may be to preach, or teach, or write, or help others, but you can be sure that God will bless the work of your hands as you willingly serve as He has directed. Give thanks to God for calling you to your specific task. He has entrusted you to bring His Word to many through what you do. Praise God for His trust in you who spread His Word!

Thursday 18th April             Psalm 51: 1 - 17

All have sinned!David’s sin brought him to his knees before God. He acknowledged his sin and sincerely repented before the Lord. We all sin – there is none that can say they never do so! Whether we perform a serious act, or a small white lie, they are both considered sin in God’s eyes and we need to come in repentance before Him. If our state of mind is set upon pleasing God in all our living we will find that purity will come easily, but we are frail human beings, prone to selfish behaviour, angry words when someone upsets us, and before we realize it we have sunk to a sinful level. Read the words of this Psalm and come before our Lord in humility and contriteness, seeking God’s forgiveness and cleansing touch. Seek His help to prevent you from slipping back into old sinful ways. Seek His joy, and in His presence confess your sins and seek forgiveness and restitution!

Friday 19th April             1 Peter 2; 17

Live as God’s own!Throughout the Bible God spells out how He wants us to live! As His own we must honour Him and obey His will and way for our lives. We must love Him above all else and give Him the worship and praise that is His due. As we live for Him we need to respect everyone and love those who love Him too. This may not be the easiest thing to do, for not everyone is pleasant, but we need to see them as Jesus does and offer the love of God to all. God has called us to be His own, to live like Jesus did, with a loving, caring attitude to all people. We need to be on good terms with others. God blesses us as we seek to live as His own in every way. Give thanks to the Lord for His loving kindness and His guiding hand upon our lives!

Saturday 20th April              Ephesians 4: 7

Gifts!The wonderful thing about God is that He gives us so much. He is generous is giving each a special gift. If we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour, and faithfully follow Him we will be used by God in some way. There are those whom He calls into full-time ministry, to bring the Word of God to many others. There are as many gifts as there are people and these gifts vary. God selects us and the gift that is suited to us specifically. Some have music, to give God glory! Others serve behind the scenes, keeping the church in a good state and prepared for service. Others have the ability to lead, or to care for those in need, or organize fund raising. No matter what gift God has given we are to use it for His Glory. God is pleased as we faithfully carry out what He has instructed us to do. Give Him thanks for the gift given to us in love. Praise God for caring for us and for the gifts given to be used for His Glory! Thanks be to God!

Sunday 21st April                

All Glory, laud and honour, to Thee, our Lord and King. We raise our praises before You, Lord, desiring to praise Your Holy Name, and to tell You that we love and honour You. You are our Lord and Saviour, our blessed Father and wonderful Holy Spirit. Triune God, Lord of All, we worship You and bring ourselves to You in love. There is none like You, O Lord most High. You are our Creator God, our blessed Saviour and wonderful Spirit of the Lord, who guides and helps us day by day. We fall to our knees before You, with hearts that are full of love that desire to honour You. Praise to our Lord, now and forever. Long may You reign in the hearts of those who love You. We seek You Lord, desiring to know Your will for our lives, and wanting to always live under the guardianship of Your love. We praise and worship our Triune God, Lord of All. Blessed is the name of our Lord and our God. Holy is He and worthy of all our praise. We lift up our hands in worship, Holy, holy, holy is the Lord. Hallelujah!

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