So then, we must always aim at those things that bring peace and that help to strengthen one another.

Romans 14 : 19


Our Ministers

We thank You Lord, for those You have chosen to minister to Your people in this place. You have chosen well, for the one You have given us works diligently to bring us the Word You have given him to bring to this congregation. Thank You for our minister and his family. We ask for Your blessing and guidance for all that they do in Your Name. They care for the folk of this community, bringing the message that You have laid on their hearts. They serve You well, Lord, in all that they do, taking care of all membersof this flock. Thank You for their faithfulness, O Lord!


Lord, You gather men, women and children together in this community. They are called by Your Name, and work diligently and conscientiously to serve You to the best of their ability. You have called many to be the church in this place, spreading Your Word and work of love to many. Bless these people, known as the family of God, who through their loving care and concern for one another obey Your call to take care of and support one another, in Your Name!

Church Leaders

Bless those men and women who have stepped forward to serve where You have called them to. They work diligently at their task, bringing many others into a loving relationship with You and one another. There are many areas of service in the church Lord, and these leaders work long and hard to do the best they can to promote Your Name to others. Bless all those who lead in any activity in the Church Body.

South Africa

Thank You for our land, South Africa and all her people. We pray for the upcoming elections Lord, that they may be free and fair, and that no disruption or violence takes place. May we work together Lord, to make this a safe place to live, so that we can live in harmony with one another. Lord, this land belongs to You, and we pray for Your hand of help rest upon all those who desire the best for us. Watch over us Lord, and enable us to live together, working for the best for our neighbours. God, bless all our politicians, and enable them to work together for the best for our land and people!

The Needy

The sick are always with us Lord. We pray for everyone who is facing hardship this day, either through illness, or hardship, or other difficulty. As we name them now, we pray for Your hand of blessing be with each one, restoring them to full health, to live joyfully as Your own.


Monday 22nd April                Psalm 91: 1 - 16

God is our Protector!   There are times in life when we are fully aware of God’s presence. Sometimes we are not aware of the reason for His closeness, but there are other times when we go through hardship and come through the experience unharmed. We give thanks to God for His hand of protection upon our lives. As we walk close to our Lord we find that He is active in every part of our living. His protection and guidance is ever before us. In times of trouble we suddenly are filled with His peace and we give thanks. On other occasions we become aware that something is amiss and we stop and consider what we are doing only later to find out that there had been a major incident that we would have been in. Truly God watches out for our best interest. We praise and thank Him for His loving care and daily protection. We trust in our Almighty God, who defends and protects us every day! Thank You, Lord!

Tuesday 23rd April                 1 Corinthians 11: 23 - 29

The Lord’s Supper!It is a blessing to share round the table of the Lord, and partake of the Communion Service. We are given instructions of how to come to the table. We must examine ourselves first and repent of anything we have done wrong. We also need to call to mind those sins of omission. What could we have done, yet failed to do? After this we can come with a clear conscience to our Lord’s table and partake of the bread and the wine. These symbols of Christ’s Body and Blood, given up for us, reminds us of His sacrifice for us. Without His life given for us we would be lost eternally, but, because of His sacrifice we are assured of life in Eternity with Him after our earthly life is finished. We give thanks to our Lord and our God for His Body broken for us and His Blood shed for us. Thank the Lord for the service of communion for all who revere, love and honour our Lord, Jesus Christ!

Wednesday 24th April          John 14: 12 - 14

Don’t be afraid to ask!Jesus told us that whatsoever we ask in His Name, He will do. This is an enormous promise that covers a multitude of asking. We all have needs of one kind or another, but how many of us take those needs to our Lord, and ask for His help? We face problems in our daily lives, and long to solve them on our own. Why don’t we take them to our Lord and ask for His advice? Is it because we are too proud to ask for help? Or have we the fear that God won’t answer us, or tell us to do something that we think is beyond our capability? Humble yourself before the Lord! He is far more capable than we can ever be. Ask, in Jesus’ Name, and you will be pleasantly surprised. He said, “If you ask for anything in My Name, I will do it.” Can you trust your problems to the Lord of all? He is waiting for you to ask! Come today!

Thursday 25th April             2 Peter 2: 1 - 22

Stay true! Once we have accepted Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour we must remain faithful to Him. There are warnings in this passage for those who turn away from following our Lord, and go back to foul and wicked ways. God will not accept the people who act in this way. They turn their backs on all they learnt and experienced of Jesus’ great love, and have taken up wicked ways once more. “It would have been much better for them never to have known the way of righteousness than to know it and then turn away from the sacred commands.” People like this are lost souls and will never reach heaven, for they have rejected the teaching of our Lord, Jesus Christ, preferring the ways of the world than the sanctity of following Him. Pray for these lost souls, they are foolishly turning from the truth. We all know people who refuse to listen to the Good News! Pray for them to change and become followers of our Lord, Jesus Christ!

Friday 26th April             1 Peter 5; 1 - 7

Serve the Lord!When God first stirs in your heart a desire to do His will is born in you. At that time many are unsure what direction God will take them, but they know that they want to follow the Risen Christ. As you grow in your faith walk God will increasingly guide you in the direction He wants you to go. When you are sure what Christ is asking of you it is time to dedicate yourself fully to doing the work He has shown you. He will always be by your side and will urge you day by day to honour Him through your willingness and desire to serve Him to the best of your ability. Whatever you do, do it as to the Lord, with honour, dedication and faithfulness. A faithful servant pleases the Lord! God has chosen you for this specific task and you will bless Him and others through your willingness. Praise the Lord for His help and guidance day by day!

Saturday 27th April              John 4: 13 - 14

Life-giving water!Jesus wants all who accept Him as Lord to receive new life. This is empowered by the Spirit of God and is in each one a fountain of living water that refreshes and renews in an ongoing way. Through the presence of the Holy Spirit we are in constant connection and communion with Jesus, our Lord and Saviour. He refreshes and renews us day by day, guiding us along paths of holiness. We live and grow in the loving care of our Lord and the Spirit within guides and helps us along life’s way. Through the presence of the Spirit we are able to witness to the love of God for all people, and to encourage others to grow in their faith and trust in our Lord. The Holy Spirit fills our hearts with love, and we are able to witness to our Great God in many ways. We are thankful for the life-giving water given by Jesus to all who seek His love and grace. Praise God all the time!

Sunday 28th April                

We praise and thank You Lord, for the time of remembrance that we have gone through. We walked with You on the road to the Cross, bearing our own crosses of sin and suffering. You Lord Jesus, died on our behalf, and then You rose again on the third day, and now are in Heaven with our Father, our God. Blessed Jesus, Lord of our lives, we worship and honour You, and desire to live as Your own, loving others with the love that You have for all mankind. We raise You high, O Lord, and worship at Your feet. May we carry Your Cross high in honour of You, to remind us of the great sacrifice You made for us all. We belong to You, O Lord, and desire to follow You all the days of our lives, to the day of meeting when we can join You in Heaven. Bless us Lord, as we raise our hearts and hands in worship of You. Blessed is the Lord. Holy is He and worthy of all our praise. Praise the Name of our Lord and our God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We worship, praise and honour You, now and forever more. Hallelujah!

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