The Word was the source of life, and this life brought light to humanity. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has never put it out.   John 1 : 4 - 5


Our Ministers

Praise and thanks to You, O Lord our God, for training men and women to work as ministers in our churches. We thank You for our minister and his faithfulness and diligence in serving You to the best of his ability. We thank You too for the hours of study and preparation of the message to bring to this congregation. You bless him Lord, in so many ways and enable him to minister to those in need who come for help. Thank You for watching over him, and strengthening him in service in Your loving care. Bless his family, too, we pray!


We come together week by week, Lord, to worship You and to hear the message that has been prepared. Thank You for this place where we can gather, Lord, for the church services, as well as the many other meetings that are held to support and encourage folk in their faith walk. Enable us Lord, to provide a place where people can gather in Your Name, to worship, praise and honour You. Thank You, Lord!

Church Leaders

There are many folk who are willing to step forward and offer their service whenever it is needed. There are positions of authority, where folk serve You, Lord, and the church, to the best of their ability. They offer their services for Sunday School teaching, for leading home groups, for men’s fellowship meetings, leading prayer meetings, doing administration or other duties. Thank You for each one who steps forward when there is a call for help in some area of the life of the church. Bless each person who stands up when there is a call to serve!!

South Africa

Lord, bless our land and people, we pray. There are many people who are in need all across our land, and we pray that You will touch people’s heart that they volunteer their services to help in some way. You call us to love one another, and that involves helping and supporting people when they are in need. Show us who and where Lord, and encourage us to step forward and give generously out of the bounty that You provide. Bless those who are homeless and in dire need of support. May we be ready to help wherever we are needed. God, bless South Africa and her people!

The Needy

Lord, there are so many who are facing illness or other difficulty. We pray for Your Grace and Mercy for each one we name now. Bless and heal them with Your loving care, Lord. Support, help and heal these we bring before You, Lord. Thank You for Your Grace and Favour!


Monday 29th April               Exodus 20 : 24b

God’s blessings!   In Exodus God promises the Israelites that He will bless every place that is set aside to worship Him. Once God makes a promise it stands for all time. Every placewhere God is worshipped is blessed by Him. We gather together in places that have been set aside for worship of our loving God. We honour Him through the dedication of this place of worship and we gather together in His Name. Day by day, week by week, God’s Word is studied, learnt and preached. People gather in the Name of our Lord to worship and honour Him and to learn from the message that has been prepared by the one who ministers to the gathering of God’s people. Give thanks to the Lord for the blessings given to our place of worship. We honour our Lord and our God. Praise His Holy name!

Tuesday 30th April                 1 Peter 1: 14 - 21

Be holy as God is holy!We should always be obedient to God for He is our Father. He is holy and just and we are called to be holy, just as He is. Spend your life in reverence for Him, for the very great sacrifice He made so that your soul can be saved. It was a costly sacrifice in that the life of God’s Son was shed for our sake, so that we can be rescued from our selfish and self-centred lives. When we accept Christ, God‘s Son, as our Lord and Saviour, we are assured of a different life to the one we previously lived. Our hearts are changed and our focus is no longer in the sinful pleasures of the world, but on the sacrifice of our loving Lord, Christ Himself. We are called to be holy, and day by day, as we grow closer to the Lord’s side we take on His loving and caring nature, becoming more holy, even as He is holy. Praise to our Lord and Saviour that we are changed from glory to glory!

Wednesday 1st May          James 2: 14 - 24

Faith and Actions!Faith is made perfect through our actions. Abraham obeyed God implicitly by offering his son as a sacrifice. He put his faith into action. It is the same today. If we have faith and trust in our God we will move forward to do as He has instructed us, having faith that He will guide and help us to a satisfactory conclusion. We can only do this by having absolute faith and trust in God Almighty. Through our willingness to serve God He enables His will to be fulfilled in many ways. Spend time in His presence, seeking His will and way for your life and go forth in obedience. You will succeed, for God’s hand of blessing is upon you and His loving care surrounds you. Your faith is powered by your actions for our Lord. Rejoice and be glad for you have found favour in God’s sight by your obedience. Faith has been put into action!!

Thursday 2nd May             2 Peter 1: 5 - 8

Qualities of faith!When we look at the qualities that Peter spoke of we realize that they are qualities that were present in Christ’s life. Peter mentions goodness, knowledge, self-control, endurance, godliness, Christian affection and love! These need to be nourished and grow in our lives as followers of Jesus. Our attitude should be the same as His. He has sent His Spirit to live in us and to develop these qualities that give Him honour. We need to ask God to build up these qualities day by day so that we can truly represent Christ in every moment of our lives. God has called us to be His own – to grow in likeness of Jesus, His Son, and to give honour to our God through our loving behaviour. Our faith and trust is in our Lord and as we faithfully follow Him and His teaching we will grow more like Him. Give thanks to God Almighty for the honour of being called Christian – a follower of Christ, our Lord!

Friday 3rd May             Matthew 14 : 13 - 21

God is generous!When we read of the feeding of the great crowd we cannot imagine how it was possible. It was the grace of God and His generosity that multiplied the small amount of food to be enough to feed thousands of men, women and children. People may scoff at the miracle, but even today we have experienced this. Food has been prepared for 40 people at a prayer meeting, but close to 60 arrived. They were all fed and there was food left over. We give thanks to the Lord our God who, when we are about His business, performs miracles in our midst. We give thanks to our gracious, loving and providing God. He is generous in every way, helping us in difficult or impossible situations. We give praise to God Almighty, and Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. Blessed are we as receivers of God’s generosity and provision. Praise God, now and always!

Saturday 4th May              1 Corinthians 13: 1 - 13

God knows me!When we read this passage it strikes deep into our hearts. God’s description of love is the most complete we will ever read. In our humanity our understanding of love is not complete. So often we equate love as being what pleases us; what brings us comfort; what enables us to show kindness to others. But the love of God is far more than our physical experience of love. God has our best interests at heart. He knows us so well, what pleases us, what disappoints us, what challenges us, what makes us unhappy! He knows our hearts and how a thoughtless word spoken can break our hearts. But His understanding of our emotions enables Him to come alongside us and bring us comfort in the situation. God’s love for all of His creation is perfect in every way. It is unchanging. God knows me! God loves me! Praise His Holy name!

Sunday 5th May                

Praise the Lord, O my soul! Bless His Holy Name. We come, Lord, to worship and praise You this day. You have brought us through the last week, and now, safely in Your care, You prepare us for the week that lies ahead. We don’t know the challenges we might have to face, but we are sure that You are watching over us all, and are caring for us always. We praise You Lord, and thank You for the time we have been given to spend in Your presence and to join in worship of Your holiness. Blessed are You, O Lord most high, and so too is Your Son, our Lord Jesus. We thank You for the stirring of Your Holy Spirit in our hearts that draws us to our knees to honour You and bow in prayer before You. Thank You for Your loving care throughout this last week, and we pray that You will guide and help us in the days that lie ahead. We honour You, O Lord, our God, and thank You that as Father, Son and Holy Spirit You watch over us and guide our footsteps throughout life. Praise the Name of our Holy God! Thank You for Your loving care. Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all His benefits. Hallelujah!

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