May God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ give you grace and peace.   Galatians 1 : 3


Our Ministers

Blessed Lord, we give You thanks and praise for the one who leads us here. You have chosen him to work in full time ministry, preparing the Word to bring to us week by week, You have endowed him with love and generosity of spirit, and he cares for all people as You want him to. Bless him Lord, in the long hours of study and preparation, as he seeks Your will and way to bring to the people of this congregation. Thank You for our minister and his family, dear Lord.


We ask for Your blessing for our church and people Lord. They come regularly week by week, to worship and praise together, and to hear the Word that has been prepared. We thank You for the love and care that is shown to all people, and for the meetings and gatherings that take place. Bless this place where we meet to Worship and to learn about Your Word and Your will for our lives. Thank You Lord, for our church and people.

Church Leaders

There are many men and women who step forward to help in the various tasks in the church structure. We thank You for those who teach, those who study, those who help with administration and those who lead women’s meetings. Also others who lead or attend Prayer meetings. There are many activities, Lord, where we seek to grow in knowledge of Your Word and Your will, and we thank You for the people who prepare the message to bring, and help others to grow in their faith walk. Bless all our leaders, Lord, we pray!

South Africa

We thank You Lord that the elections just held were free and fair, and without trouble or violence. We pray for the parties elected to Government that they will be true to the manifesto that they have sworn to uphold. We pray for all elected parties to work well together, so that South Africa can be governed safely and correctly, so that the people of our land benefit from the decisions that are taken. God, bless our land and people, we pray, and may we live in peace and harmony.

The Needy

We know of many who are in need this day O Lord. We pray for Your grace and favour and healing power to rest upon     those we name before You now. May they be restored to full health once more. This we pray in Your Name, O Lord!

Monday 20th May               1 Peter 2: 21 - 25

Behaviour!   As a Christ follower we have been given a standard of behaviour that we must make our own. As we study the New Testament we see how Jesus lived and how He behaved affected all the interaction with other people. He committed no sin; He never told a life; He didn’t threaten, or insult, or behave in anger. Jesus was always seeking ways to help those in need and reached out to help and heal wherever it was needed. There was never a moment that He refused to help wherever it was needed. There was never a moment that He refused to help those in need. He thought of people’s comfort and encouraged His disciples to help them too. We see the total love of Jesus for all manner of people, how He reached out to help and commands us to do likewise. Take His loving ways, His helping hands, and His faithfulness to God, and go out into the world to serve as He calls you to. Give thanks to our Lord, Jesus, our perfect example of truth and purity.

Tuesday 21st May                 Psalm 23: 1 - 6

God’s Love and Care!In the love of God I am complete and fulfilled, for He takes care of all my needs. I have a place to rest where pools of fresh water quench my thirst. He strengthens me so that I walk on new paths as He has promised. In the dark of night I am not afraid, for His presence is with me and He protects me on every side. I am never in want, neither heat, nor cold, hunger nor thirst can harm me, for You provide all I need. You set a table before me, in the presence of my enemies and You laden it with a banquet of the finest food and drink. You provide for all my needs, how can I want anything else but You. Your Grace and Favour satisfies my soul, and I long to live in Your house and presence always. Your love is with me and Your goodness guides me. Blessed is the Lord my God. Holy is He and worthy of all praise. Bless the Lord, O my soul!!

Wednesday 22nd May          Psalm 42: 1 - 11

Praise the Lord!Deep calls to deep! The Loving God calls out to our heart, “Come back to Me! Come feast at My table, share a meal with Me and enjoy the pleasure of My company!” I hear God’s call and turn away from the pleasures of this life. I seek my Lord, for in His company I find the fullness of life that has been missing for so long. I come to Him, seeking the comfort of His presence, experiencing the depth of His love for me as His child. God, my God, is unchanging in His loving kindness. He calls to me to come and sit at His feet. To listen to His wisdom and to rest in His comforting presence. God, my God, loves without change, without compromise. His love is firm and true, and challenges me to be the same. He calls me out of my sin and shame to find new life in His fulfilling love. Praise Him, my Lord and my God!

Thursday 23rd May             Psalm 86: 11 - 12

Serve with Devotion!God wants a devoted heart, one that is focussed on Him completely. Don’t let the world distract you, but be guided by the Holy Spirit of God, to serve Him with heart, soul, mind and strength. The world pulls us one way, away from the Lord’s side. Be devoted and determined to be faithful in every way to God Almighty, our true Lord. Fill your heart with praise for our God, and don’t be distracted from devotion to Him and His will. God wants us to be His and His alone – not a ditherer, with fluctuating will. We belong to the Lord. We have given Him our hearts and have sworn allegiance to Him. Don’t turn away to other gods, but remain faithful to the Lord of All. Praise God with a faithful heart and be devoted in every way to Him. There is no other god but You, O Lord. I belong to You and desire to serve You faithfully. Guide me, O Thou Great Jehovah, to serve you in every way possible. You are Lord of all!

Friday 24th May             1 Peter 3: 15 - 17

Do what is right!We are always urged to do what is right, to stay away from those folk who would lead us astray. Always have a clear conscience, so that you are able to answer any accusations with honesty. Trust in the Lord and follow His advice. He followed the leading of God, our Father, and always did what was right and honourable. Our hope is in Christ alone, that He will help and guide us according to the will of God. We have been given a conscience that lets us know when we are straying from the correct path. Listen to that still small voice and you will be sure to walk the right path. God guides us, day by day, to the time of meeting. What a glorious day that will be if we can stand before ourLord with pride and a clear conscience, for we have followed the path He had set before us. Give thanks to the Lord who guides and helps us day by day. Praise Him forever more!

Saturday 25th May              Psalm 25: 1 - 22

The Love of God is Eternal!God is always ready to hear the prayers of our hearts. When we are feeling downcast and seeking comfort, He comes to assure us of His constant love for us. He is our loving Father and we are His children. He calls us to come near and to seek Him to know Him and His deep abiding love for us. Nothing, absolutely nothing, can snatch us out of His loving care. In our uncertainty He comes to gather us close and assures us of His love for us. We are His own. He calls us out of the darkness of sin to live in the purity of His help and guidance. Beloved, God calls us, to tell us of His deep abiding love for us in all circumstances of life. He never turns away from us, but is always looking out for our well-being. God’s love for us, His own, is eternal. It will never fade or fail. It embraces us always. Bless the Lord – my loving Father and Lord!

Sunday 26th May                

We praise and worship You, dear Lord, and lift Your Name high, so that all men can see and worship You too. We thank You for watching over us this past week, and for the promise of Your watchful care for us all the time. We seek You Lord, for Your will and way to be revealed to us, so that we can walk the way You require us to do, and bring pleasure to You. We thank You for the gathering of Your people together week by week, to pray, to work, to worship, and learn. We give You thanks for those people who spend many hours preparing material that will help us grow in knowledge and understanding of the Bible and through prayer grow in our relationship with You. Bless all the members of our church, Lord, from small children to elderly folk, and all others, we worship together through a mutual love of You, and a desire to worship and praise You. Blessed is Your Name, O God! Holy, holy, holy are You. Hallelujah!

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