We know that in all things God works for good with those who love Him, those whom He has called according to His purpose. Romans 8: 28


Our Ministers

We come with praise in our hearts for You, O Lord. You have appointed men and women across our land to preach Your Word. Thank You for helping and guiding them as they desire to bring Your Word to others. You love all people Lord, and encourage our ministers to preach Your Word, and show Your love to all. Thank You for each person who desires to serve You through speaking Your Word. You call them, train them and encourage them to speak of Your love for all mankind. Thank You for those who work fulltime for You.


Thank You Lord, for this place where we can gather together to worship and honour You. We hear Your Word preached here Lord, and we are encouraged to take part in the Prayer Meetings as well as the Study groups. Thank You for all those who spend time studying and reading to prepare a message to bring to Your people. Thank You for this place that You have provided for us to gather to worship You and to hear the message that has been prepared.

Church Leaders

Thank You for everyone who has stepped forward in readiness to serve You. There are many activities that take place, and we are encouraged by the diligence and faithfulness of people who organize those activities. There are also those who lead Bible Study, or Home Groups, or teach others. Thank You for those who teach young people, or organize different activities. You have called them to serve You Lord, and they have stepped out in answer to Your call. Bless each one who leads in the Church, Lord. Thank You!

South Africa

God, bless our land and people, we pray. We thank You for the elections that have taken place and for the peaceful outcome. We pray for each person elected to Parliament that they may serve with loyalty and faithfulness. Bless our people, Lord, all across our land, that they may be faithful in thought, word and deed in service for the people of South Africa. Bless those who stand in the local administration that they may serve the people of our land with honour, dignity and hard work. May our people prosper, Lord, and give You the honour due to You through Your loving care of us all. God, bless South Africa and all her people, we pray!

The Needy

There are many who are in need of Your loving touch, Lord, as we name them now before You we pray for Your blessing and help for each one. Guide them Lord. Help and heal them in their hour of need, Lord, we pray!


Monday 10th June               Acts 2 : 24

The miracle of life!   God is Almighty, able to do whatever He wishes. He sent His Son, Jesus, to show us the way back into a loving relationship with Him. Jesus had to die to achieve this for all of mankind. Death seems so final and the death of Jesus was mourned by all who knew and loved Him. But, praise God, our Father has the power over life and death. He had pre-ordained the happening to Jesus, His Son. God raised Him from death, setting Him free from its power, because it was impossible that death should hold Him prisoner. He rose! He lives again in Heaven above, living and waiting for all who love and follow Him to join Him when their time on earth is finished. Death has no sting. The grave has no victory. Our place in heaven is assured. On that glorious day we will join our Lord in Heaven for all Eternity. Praise and thanks to God Almighty for the place where we will join Jesus for ever!

Tuesday 11th June                 Habakkuk 3 : 19

God gives me strength!God is my strength and my shield, a very present help in times of trouble. He helps and guides me along the paths of life, carrying me to prevent me stubbing my feet upon rocks, supporting me when the road is long and my strength grows faint. He is my constant companion, ever faithful, ever sure, steadying me when I grow weary. He gives me rest near still waters, allowing me time to be restored before continuing the journey once more. God is ever faithful and true, caring for His own in every way. He walks beside us to encourage us. He is behind us to catch us if we stumble and fall. The road is long but the Lord is with us every step of the way. Praise to our Lord and our God, who watches over us with wonderful loving kindness. We rejoice in His constant loving care each day of our lives.

Wednesday 12th June          Philippians 4 : 19

God supplies all!God is a generous God. He gives abundantly. We want for nothing, for He will supply all our needs. Do you need love? God is love and He loves you more than life. He gave His Son, Jesus to die, so that you can live eternally. Do you need hope? God is a provider of hope. He is to be trusted in every way. He rejoices when you come to Him seeking His help in what seems a hopeless situation. Do you need food and drink? God will provide. He sent the ravens to sustain His Son in the desert. He will surely provide for all your needs. God has all that man requires for life and health. He has the wealth of the world and willingly shares it with those who come seeking His help. Turn to the Lord. Ask Him for whatever you need. He will supply it, abundantly. God gave us Jesus, didn’t He? Surely He will care for us!

Thursday 13th June             2 Thessalonians 1 : 11

God makes us worthy!So often we don’t feel worthy of the work that God has given us to do. We do our best but sometimes we look at our work and wonder if we could do better. Does what we do please the Lord? Does it bring Him honour? Does it help others grow in their faith in our Lord and Saviour? We must not dwell on the negatives but put our whole trust in our Lord. He has called us to a specific task and He will equip us with whatever is required to do that task. He has entrusted us with that task – to bring Him honour in all our living. Paul writes, “May He fulfil by His power all your desire for goodness, and complete your work of Faith.” Go forward, doing what God has set for your life and He will reward you. You are worthy of the task He has prepared for you. You, and you alone can do it. Trust that God knows your worth. Praise and thanks to our loving Lord and Saviour.

Friday 14th June             Ephesians 3 : 12

Into God’s Presence!When we come in prayer before our God a feeling of longing for His presence often comes over us. We want to sit at His feet and feel His hand rest upon our shoulder. We desire to kneel before Him in a worshipful attitude, bringing Him the love of our hearts to honour Him. We long for the peace that flows from His Being and to know that we are loved by the Lord of all. As we come before Him with this longing in our hearts He is willing to welcome us into His loving presence. Our God is closer than breathing. He welcomes us into His presence, encouraging us to linger there, to know His touch of love, to feel His encouragement. Our time in His presence is special and builds up our faith. He directs our ways. He shows us how to live as His own. Time spend before our God is special and precious. Come to the Lord with confidence and love. He is waiting for us!

Saturday 15th June              Isaiah 25 : 6 - 9

A banquet waits for us!There is a wonderful promise of a banquet for all the nations of the world. God will prepare it and invites us all to join Him at that table! He will remove death forever. He will wipe away our tears and remove the sorrow that has been filling our hearts. There will be no more disgrace for the people who love the Lord our God. We can trust Him. He has rescued us. He has saved us from our sin. Through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, God’s Son, a new life has been given to us. At the end of our life on earth we will join our Lord in heavenly places – promised that we will live forever in His presence. There will be no more death or suffering. We will be with our Lord forever. This is the promise of our Lord. We can trust Him for He always keeps His promises. We will join our Lord at His banquet feast – to live joyfully in His presence for ever!!

Sunday 16th June                

We worship and praise You, O Lord, for You have shown us undeserved love. You call us to draw near to learn from You and then You send us out to help others in their times of difficulty or strife. May we be loving, kind and helpful to all people, Lord, even as You were when You walked amongst mankind. Teach us Your ways, O Lord. Change our natures to be just like Yours – to be generous in thought, word and deed to all people. You show love to everyone, Lord, and we pray that we can do likewise. There are many suffering souls across our land, and we pray for them now, that You will touch and comfort them in their time of need. We honour You, O Lord, our God, and seek to fulfil Your will in our lives. Thank You for loving us, for helping and guiding us each day. May we come seeking You, O Lord, so as to be obedient in every area of our lives. We love You! We worship and honour You, blessed Lord. Hallelujah!


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