Those who proclaim God’s message speak to people and give them help, encouragement and comfort.

1 Corinthians 14 : 3


Our Ministers

Thank You Lord for the men and women who serve You so faithfully. You have called them to work in full time service, and have encouraged them to study and learn all they can about Your Word. You have blessed them with the Holy Spirit, who encourages them in their daily work to promote the Lord to many people. Thank You for their faithfulness in being helpful to those in need, and for the many hours they spend in reading and preparing the message to bring to the members of this congregation. Bless them Lord, as Your servants, called by You to speak Your Word to us all.


Thank You Lord, for this place You have provided, where we can gather together in Your Name, to socialize and to hear Your message spoken to us. We thank You for all the activities that take place, encouraging people to share in Bible Study, Sunday School, Women’s gatherings and other activities. We gather together Lord, to worship and honour You and to hear Your Word preached. Bless us all Lord, as we gather together in Your Name!

Church Leaders

Lord, You have called men and women to serve You in various activities in the church. Thank You that they have been willing to stand as leaders, to study and learn and then teach others. There are many areas of responsibility Lord, and we thank You that those who are serving in those areas are bringing knowledge to those they teach. Thank You for the hours of faithful service given so willingly to help others grow in their faith walk. Thank You for our leaders Lord.

South Africa

May Your hand of blessing rest upon our land and people, Lord. We ask for Your guidance for all those who stand in Government that they may be honest and diligent in all the work they do to ensure a safe and thriving country. We ask too Lord, for the cities and towns across our land to be ruled by faithful workers, doing their best for our land. Bless too Lord, the farmers and their workers. Protect them Lord, from those who would harm them and destroy land and crops. God, bless and take care of all those in government, local and national. May they all work for the betterment of conditions all across our land. God, bless South Africa!!

The Needy

Bless those in need this day, Dear Lord. They are facing illness or other difficulties. May Your hand of blessing rest upon each one we name before You now. Comfort and heal them in their hour of need, we pray!


Monday 1st July               Psalm 91: 1 - 16

God is always near!   When we go through times of trial and trouble we need to hold on to God’s promise to always be near. As we call out to God in the midst of our difficult circumstances, we can be sure that He hears our cry and is ready to help us. His peace flows into us and we know that God is near and in control. He cares for us in every situation we face. In fact He was already there before our time of trial began. We have made God our defender, our protector, our provider, and He will never let us down. Trust in the Lord and His loving kindness and readiness to help us in whatever situation we encounter. God rescues us from trials and difficulties. He already has a plan for our future. Rejoice that the God of all Creation is concerned about everyone and especially you in the situation you are in. Give thanks and praise to our God who always protects us!

Tuesday 2nd July                 Exodus 3: 1 - 21

God’s plans!God always has plans for our future. Everything has been laid out and prepared for the very best that God can give. He chose Moses as His spokesman, to go to Pharaoh and ask him to let His people go. Moses was very unsure as to whether he was the right person to do this task, but God persevered and told Moses that he would be with him as he spoke to the Egyptian Pharaoh. In this conversation with Moses, God revealed who He is, and told Moses His Name. He said, “Tell Pharaoh, ‘the One who is called I AM has sent me.’” God revealed Himself to Moses and He reveals Himself to us today as He calls and instructs us in the work He has for us to do. We are blessed that the God of all calls us to be His own, to know His loving kindness and care, and instructs and blesses us each day. We worship You, O Lord!

Wednesday 3rd July          2 Corinthians 13: 1 - 13

We stand for truth!We have learned the truths at the side of Jesus. He lived, spoke and taught the truth that He wants us to learn. We can do nothing against the truth, but only for it. The truth we learn comes from the Lord Himself. He is true in every way to God Almighty and cannot deviate from the truth. The truth is that Jesus is God’s beloved Son, sent to earth to redeem us. He speaks what God speaks and we know that God Almighty is total truth. The deeds that Jesus did were for the benefit of mankind. Whatever God did, Jesus did as well. He helped, taught, healed and saved the souls of men. He pointed them to the Road of Holiness. He died so that we might live! Jesus Christ is pure and true and we rejoice that He calls us, His followers, His own. We accept the full truth that Jesus is God’s Son, part of the Godhead – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Praise God, now and forever!

Thursday 4th July             John 12: 35 - 36

Jesus, Light of the world!Jesus is the light that shines in the midst of darkness, guiding us on right pathways. He came to banish the darkness that invades our souls, and to shine God’s glory to those who believe He is God’s beloved Son. The world was created in light, but because of sin that came and touched the lives of Adam and Eve, we who came afterwards were tainted by the darkness of sin. Jesus came, as the light of the world, to show us purity and truth. He was pure and holy, there was no darkness in Him. Those who believe and follow Him as God’s Son can live eternally in the light of God. We go forward in light to the place that has been prepared – with God and His Son. Praise God for His plan for our redemption. Jesus, the light of the world, has come to save our souls. Blessed is He, Saviour Divine!


Friday 5th July             Revelation 2: 19

God knows what we do!When we start with a task for God we may not know the enormity of what He is asking us to do. We begin in a small way and work faithfully at the task. Over time the task grows and we reach more and more people for our Lord. We keep on faithfully serving God through the task He has given us to do. As we look back over the years we realize that God’s Hand has been upon us all the time. That little task, begun in love, has grown and multiplied and the effects have gone far and wide. God is pleased with the one who serves so faithfully. He has appointed you to this task and will never take His hand of support away. Keep on keeping on. What you do in the Name of the Lord brings honour to His Holy name. Give thanks and praise that He entrusted you with this task for Him. Long may the work continue! Praise the Lord for His trust in you and your abilities!

Saturday 6th July              Isaiah 26: 3

Trust the Lord!We have to be purposeful in our attitude towards God. He is in control of all things, and we must trust that whatever He does in our lives is the best that there is. God’s plans are always perfect. He fills us with peace about his plans and helps us to move forward with enquiries and purpose. God is to be trusted. No matter what happens in life God is always in control. We look to Him for His plans to come to fulfilment. He reveals His plans to us as we seek His will and way for our lives. Our trust in Him is never misplaced, for He is faithful, true and loving at all times. As you experience God’s hand upon your life you will grow in faith and trust, for He never lets us down. He is faithful and true, loving and kind at all times. Praise and bless the Lord God Almighty. Raise Him High!

Sunday 7th July                

We come to praise and worship in Your presence Lord. You are high and holy and we revere and honour You. Blessed is Your name O Lord. Father, Son and Holy Spirit, we honour You and lift You high, so that all can see and worship before You. Your hand of blessing rests upon us Lord, and we thank You that You help and guide us day by day. Your will for our lives is perfect in every way O Lord. May we come before You to hear Your desires for our well-being. We worship and honour You, God Almighty, Father of all, Lord and Saviour and Spirit of the Living Lord. You watch over us and help and guide us as we seek to live as Your own. May our hearts be open to Your leading Lord. We honour and praise You, blessed is Your Name, O Lord most high. Praise to our Lord and our God. Hallelujah!

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