Let your hope keep you joyful, be patient in your troubles, and pray at all times.

Romans 12 : 12


Our Ministers

We bring our ministers to You Lord, asking that You protect and guide them each day. As they seek Your word and Your will we pray for them as they study and prepare the message that You desire them to bring to the people of the congregation that they have under their care. Bless each one as they work to bring the gospel message to many, and care for those You have placed in the congregation that they lead. Lord, bless our minister and his family as they faithfully serve You in this place.


Lord, bless our church and people, we pray. We thank You for Your provision of this place, and also for all who join us week by week to worship and honour You. Thank You for all the activities that take place to provide people with loving support and to help them grow in faith and love. Bless every aspect of worship Lord, especially the young people who as so lovingly taught about Jesus and His love for little children. Thank You for the lessons we hear and learn to apply to our lives. Bless all the activities in our church, Lord!

Church Leaders

Thank You Lord, for each person You have called into leadership. They work hard Lord, to serve You to the best of their ability. Thank You for those who take care of the church premises, ensuring that all is ready for the services that take place. Thank You too Lord, for those who lead in the various areas that are offered for the people to join. We thank You especially for the men and women who lead the various Bible Study groups as well as the meetings for prayer and teaching. Bless all who are willing to serve as a leader in answer to Your call to serve in this place.

South Africa

God bless South Africa, and all her people. There are many diverse groups of people, but together they honour the laws of the land, seeking to build a strong nation. We thank You for everyone who stands in Parliament, ready to work with others for the betterment of all people. We pray especially for the doctors and nurses who provide health care to the poor and needy and those who are unwell. We pray too for the infrastructure of every town and city across our land, that all will be well managed and the municipalities able to provide support for the people. Bless our land and people Lord we pray, and may we serve You as You require. Teach us to live in peace and harmony, O Lord!

The Needy

There are many who are in need, Lord, and as we name them before You we pray for their well-being. Many are facing serious illness, or financial hardship, or other difficulties. We pray for Your grace and mercy to touch each one, and bring the comfort of Your presence in their time of trial. Thank You!


Monday 29th July               1 John 3: 17 - 18

Give – out of love!   God loves a generous giver. In this modern age there are many, many people who have more than enough. Their pantries are full; their clothes cupboards are overflowing; their fridges contain enough food to feed many, many people. They have been blessed to be able to live in comfort. Yet there are others, perhaps just around the corner, who live in different and difficult circumstances. Does their plight stir your heart? If so, give and give generously to help them in their time of need. God has given us much, share with others out of a heart of love. Decide today to look and see what you can share with those who have little. God will be pleased with your action. Ask Him who He wants you to bless, and then go out and do as He asks. Out of love for God, love others and share out of the generosity of your heart. Give thanks to the Lord for His multiple blessings and generous giving!

Tuesday 30th July                 Habakkuk 3: 17 - 19

Yet my trust is in the Lord!Although circumstances come and test our faith to the very limit, God comes and points us to this passage. As we read it and let God speak to our hearts, He stirs our faith till we can say, in truth, “Yet will I trust in the Lord, my Saviour.” We need to affirm our faith and trust in our God. He is ever faithful and comes to comfort and strengthen us as we go through trying times. He tells us, “Let not your heart be troubled, neither be afraid, for I, your Lord, am with your always!” Sometimes we need trying circumstances to drive us back into the loving arms of our Saviour. Trust in God, give your worries into His hands! He is with you always, for He is faithful to His promises. Give thanks to God Almighty, and to Jesus, our Lord, for the grace, mercy and love He pours out upon those who love Him. Praise God!

Wednesday 31st July          James 4: 1 - 10

Come near to God!In the world there are far too many people who are aggressive and angry! They find fault with everything and are ready to place blame on everyone except themselves. But this is not the way God wants us to live. He sent Jesus to give us a perfect example to follow. The next time you feel anger building up, think first “What would Jesus do?” He never retaliated against those who condemned Him. He was always measured in His response. He pointed out the right way to behave but never accused or said words to belittle or harm. God knows the spirit He has placed in our hearts, but has also given us the ability to control our outbursts. Come near to God when aggression builds up, and ask Him to help you control those negatives. God is always ready to help and teach us the right way!

Thursday 1st August             1 Peter 1: 13 - 23

Be holy!God has called us to be like His Son, Jesus! He is the exact likeness of His Father God, who is holy in every way. We are to be holy, just as God who called us is holy. Live a life of reverence for God. Give respect to others, and live your life in humble love for God and His Son, Jesus. As we study the way our Lord lived we are challenged to live pure and holy lives just as He did. By our willing obedience to our Lord and our God we show ourselves to be true followers of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus. He is our leader. He teaches us, day by day, how to live a life that is pleasing to God Almighty. Most of all He displays love in its best and fullest sense, caring for everyone regardless of their status. Jesus is holy and He calls us to be holy too. Follow our Lord and live a life of love, just as He did!

Friday 2nd August           2 Timothy 2: 10 - 13

Endurance!There may come a time in your life when your faith falters a little. You may have stopped going to church regularly. You may have given up attending Bible Study and have also stopped reading your Bible on a daily basis. This state of affairs happens so quickly, often due to circumstances that overwhelm us. Whenever you realize that you have fallen away from our Lord and only think of Him sometimes, then it is time to assess your situation and return to the Lord. God will not rebuke you. He is waiting for you to come back and seek Him. Resolve to come back to church. Begin again to read your Bible and pray. God will hear and draw you close to His faithful heart. He is waiting for you to return. He is waiting eagerly, for you are greatly loved. Come back to the Lord!!

Saturday 3rd August              Ephesians 4: 17 - 32

Change!  Do we realize how greatly we change when we accept Jesus into our hearts? He makes such a difference to our lives. We find that we crave time alone with Him, without constant interruption. Loving and following Jesus changes our hearts and minds. The old way of living is no longer pleasing. We long to live as Jesus did – a pure and holy life. As we desire to change our Lord helps us in every way. We no longer have the urge to do what we did before. We attend church. We read our Bible. We pray to God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We desire to serve our Lord by serving in His Church. We are changed. Our hearts are made new and we focus on doing what is good and right and proper, as ordained by God, our Father. We no longer hanker after the old, selfish ways, but desire to do as God requires. Praise and thanks to God for changing our hearts and giving us His focus! Be true to the life Christ has called you to!!

Sunday 4th August                

We praise You Lord, and thank You for Your watchful care of us over the last week. We look forward to the coming days in Your presence, eager to receive the blessings You pour out upon Your people. We come to worship and honour You, O Lord, and to thank You for listening to our prayers and providing the answers to our many problems. We thank You Lord for listening to us and our seeking Your Word for us. We need You Lord, each day, and as we come to You, desiring to worship and honour You, may we know Your loving touch and gentle word that speaks to our hearts. We praise You Lord, and thank You for always being near, so that when we seek You, You reveal Yourself to us. We worship and honour You, Lord, our God, and praise and thank You for Your unlimited love and kindness. Blessed is the Lord. May we honour You in all our thinking and doing, Lord. Praise the Lord, O my soul. Bless and praise Him now and always. Hallelujah!


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