The Spirit’s presence is shown in some way in each person for the good of all.   1 Corinthians 12: 7


Our Ministers

Lord, bless those who minister Your Word in our church, and reach out to us all to assist us in our faith walk. Guide and help them as they study Your Word and prepare the message to bring to Your people in the weekly services. You have called them and equipped them to serve You and to help people grow in their faith and trust in Your Almighty Grace and Love. Watch over them and care for them, Lord, we pray! We place our ministers in Your loving care, Lord!


Lord, we gather together as Your people in this place. Bless all the activities that are offered, where people can serve You in the area You have called them to. Thank You for this place and the congregation that gather here. We offer You praise and worship Lord, and go out each day as Your disciples to live as You have called us to. Bless all members of this church, Lord that we may witness to Christ’s love in our lives.

Church Leaders

Bless each person who stands as a leader in the church. Lord, they have offered their services where there is a need and You use them to help others in their faith journey. May each one bring You honour through their faithfulness and diligence in the work they do in Your name. There are many areas of responsibility that require faithful service, and we thank You for each one who desires to serve where You have placed them.

South Africa

Bless our land South Africa, and all the people, Lord, we pray. There are many in leadership positions, who work hard to ensure smooth running of the towns and cities across our land. Guide and help them in their duties, Lord, as they serve in the place You have given them. Bless our people Lord, and draw them near to hear Your will, and for them to go out in obedience. Thank You for helping and guiding our ways, O Lord!

The Needy

We bring our loved ones to You today, O Lord, praying that Your touch of love will help them in their time of need. We pray for Your help and healing power to rest upon all those we name before You. Thank You Lord, for Your loving care.

 Monday 5th August              Zephaniah 2: 1 - 3

Call to change!   The Lord sees all! He calls for the nation to turn from their wicked ways, repent and turn back to God. This call is relevant for our land today. There is violence, aggression, theft and murders everywhere across our country. We cry out in our suffering and grief, calling on God to save us from the evil doings of evil men. Day and night we pray for our beloved land. O Lord, save us! We are called to humble ourselves before the Lord. Turn from wicked ways, confess your sins and come back humbly before the Lord. He knows the wickedness of the people. He knows how the poor and needy cry out in their suffering. He calls us to come back to Him and do what is right. Pray to God Almighty for His love and mercy to touch the people of our land, and that they be willing for change, and come to serve and honour Him. Pray for God to bless our nation and that people everywhere will honour Him. Praise God, our Lord, now and always!

Tuesday 6th August                 Psalm 119: 57 - 60

God is enough!God is all we want or need. He supplies everything we need for life, and He desires to build a worthwhile relationship with us. He calls us His children and delights when we follow His instructions. If we have the Lord as our Saviour we have enough. He promises to be with us always and sends His Holy Spirit to be our help and our guide. God calls us to hear His words of loving concern – calling us to turn from wayward living and come back to be His own. Through Jesus Christ, God’s beloved Son, our Lord and Saviour, we are made whole and acceptable to God Almighty. Let God’s love flow into your heart. Live as His own. Do His will and rejoice that He has chosen you to belong to Him. God is enough for all we need. He loves and cherishes us always. Revere and honour our living Lord. He is all we need or want. God s enough!

Wednesday 7th August          1 Peter 2: 11 - 17

Godly behaviour!God wants us to grow in the likeness of His Son, Jesus. This is to be like Him in the way we act, live, behave and speak. Peter writes about how to believe; not giving in to bodily passions; living a life of good deeds; live honouring the Lord; respect everyone. We need to live honestly, giving a good days work and being friendly and respectful to all people. Do not give in to anger, but be even tempered and considerate in your treatment of others. Be like our Lord, willing to help all who come in need. Live a life of good deeds; work hard and obey the Lord in all things. Don’t gossip and slander others, but pray for them, asking God to help them to grow to know Him as their Lord and Saviour. Give praise to God always and live in His will and way. Bless God Almighty, our Father, and Jesus, our Lord, and the blessed Holy Spirit.

Thursday 8th August             Jeremiah 21: 8

We have a choice!God gave the people of Israel a choice – to choose the way that leads to life, or, the way that leads to death. This message is true for us today just as it was those thousands of years ago. Choose life! Come to the Lord and accept His offer of Eternal Life. If you refuse Him you will be condemned for always. Jesus, Son of God, lived for us and died for us, so that we have the opportunity of being with Him forever. But we must make the right choice. If we choose Jesus but follow worldly ways we turn our back on Eternal Life. If we choose Jesus and follow Him faithfully, serving as God instructs, then the promise of Eternal life is guaranteed for us. Choose wisely. Choose life eternal. Give thanks to God and His Son for giving us the choice of Life for Eternity. Choose wisely! Choose Life!

Friday 9th August           James 2: 22

Faith and actions!We cannot have faith without actions. Faith urges us to put it into action. If we trust God through faith in Him we will do whatever actions He requires of us. If you wish to serve our Lord then it is easy to step out and begin to serve in the area God impresses on your mind. What begins as a thought is nurtured by God till it becomes a burning desire in our hearts. Then we ask God to help us put what He has birthed in us into practice. We may begin slowly, stuttering along the way, but by our continuous action we will soon become proficient and capable. This work will give honour to God and become a time of great faith and trust in our Lord. He called us, we responded and stepped out in faith and trust to serve God as He desires us to do. By our faith in Him and our obeying His will we honour God. Go forward in faith and perform the task He has given you to do!

Saturday 10th August              Jeremiah 29: 11 - 13

Seek Him!Often, when praying, we are overcome with intense longing for God, His presence, His touch of love and His word of instruction. We cry out to Him, longing to hear from Him and His Word of instruction and knowledge. In our longing we read the above passage and we can know that God not only hears our cry but answers us. He says, “You will seek Me with all your heart!” God gives us the exact words we need to hear. We take them into our hearts and the truth of God’s love rests there. Praise God that He hears the cry of our heart and comes to us in that sacred moment. We praise and bless our loving Lord. We lift Him high so that all can see and know Him as our Lord God Almighty, our Saviour and Holy Spirit. Bless and praise the Lord.

Sunday 11th August                

Bless the Lord, O my soul. Thank You Lord, for Your loving care throughout the days of our lives. We face troubles and hardship, and turn to You in our time of need, and You come and comfort and strengthen us once more. Not one day can go past without our thinking of You and Your great love for all of mankind. We need You Lord, to comfort and counsel us in our time of need. Touch our hearts Lord, as we reach out to You for the comfort of Your presence and Your guiding word. Lord, we are your own, yet we so often go for long times without thinking of You or seeking Your wise counsel. Help us Lord, to worship and honour You each day, and rely on Your guiding hand upon our lives. We need You Lord, for You are our God, and we are called by Your Name, bless us, we pray, as we come to worship and honour You. Praise the Lord, and honour Him, now and always.

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